Rap Critic: Lil Uzi Vert – XO TOUR Llif3

Rap Critic reviews Lil Uzi Vert’s XO TOUR Llif3, a song title that I thought everyone requesting it to me in the comments section was spelling wrong, but nope, that’s… that’s really how it’s spelled…


Xavier Gomez says:

But hold on I’m no uzi defender but couldn’t the conflicting lyrics be intentional showing how the actions and feelings of people don’t always match up and how this reckless behavior is cyclic in relation to his depression. Just sayin…

Ethan Murray says:

He has depression that’s why he takes Xanax

Sami El-Imam says:

He can’t die because he’s made a significant mark on the world that will ripple through time. In the words of Chance and Kanye “Waves don’t die”

BoogieMonkie says:

This the type of guy who only listens to Kendrick or j cole

Serious Show says:

Brittany got mad
barely her man
not really, its close

Lionsaregod says:

Did you kill Ned? We demand answers!

i like toast says:

I think he put in the lyrics of him bragging to show that he distracts himself from all these harmful things and emotions or maybe in over liking it I don’t know lol

Hannibal Gray says:

You troll for too long that’s why you have so many (too many) dislikes

Leo Oswald says:

This song is about a breakup

mikias belay says:

you can’t get mad he’s a rapper he’s talking about what’s really going on but once again he’s a rapper he gotta put a little flex in it

Suprotim Karmakar says:

i dnt like mumble rap…but i do like dis song…its catchy…(only da chorus dey shud stick to singing not rapping)

Max Reardon says:

He says this song has no emotion or depth when it is literally about being addicted to xanex

Viciadus Maximus says:

my men you have a new subscriber

Ekalb Nitram says:

I’m a huge fan of uzi and pretty much all of these ‘new gen’ rappers, but I actually agree with you on this one; it felt like he left a good opportunity on the table with this one, so close to being an actually decent track lyrically – who knows why he didn’t just go the whole way with it… lol

GabenFilms says:

I think you missed the entire point of the track once you started ripping into uzi: Uzi flexing was almost like a backstory segment when Uzi reminisces of the times he had before falling into a broken relationship. He then realizes that love (Or LUV to stay canon to what we are referring to lol) isn’t all that people make it out to be once you are hugging and kissing several bodies and falling into something broken. Hence the tile.

MagicMorris says:

Hes talkin ’bout his ex, “push me to the edge” is something people say when they want drugs or some shit i think.

Pie Consumer says:

I think that the title means XO(as in kiss) To Ur(your) life.

Fredolf Schmidt says:

“All my friends are dead” means, that he’s surrounded by demons
So demons are kinda his only “real” friends

Crab Kek says:

I didn’t really care about the song to begin with so don’t think I’m biased but switching to the regular topics might show how he’s made these similar songs so many times and it’s hard to talk about these thing so he just devolves to the usual

Robert Brown says:

Review Logic’s Black Spiderman song from his Everybody album….

Logic is biracial

Goku Vegito says:

Fuck you you fucking cunt

kanyecollier says:

The ONLY thing mumble/gurgle rap has that is good is decent beats and that’s it.

Vasco Carvalho says:

This is bad but Bodak Yellos is 5/5…

55jemmz says:

Music would be boring as FUCK if every second and every lyric of every song was consistent with the title and the hook and they shoved one central theme down your throat for 5 minutes. This shit ain’t a poetry slam its rap music. It’s art. It’s melody. It’s emotion. This dude honestly annoying as shit.

U wot M9 says:

I think it at least deserves 3/5

Confessor Cromwell says:

This guy is a cunt

ynohtna nosmas says:

I feel like Lil Uzi is saying he killed all his friends and will kill her too so…

Jake Leach says:

Do one on kaan. He is pure fire. He is awesome and will blow you away.

Robert Bratley says:

So I am probably going to give this song way more credit than it deserves, but I think it might actually be a kind of cohesive story of Lil Uzi Vert (LUV) living terribly and coping with it by numbing the pain with drugs, money, and a carefree and dangerous lifestyle. He begins by talking about the pain and sadness he feels, the disconnect from his friends and from his GF, hell, maybe even the anger, but soon he starts to get caught up in bragging, then by the end, it is mostly all bragging. What if that represents him actually feeling pain and anger but, when it comes time for him to express it, he starts coping the way he, a young black man with way more money than he knows what to do with, reverts back to the societal expectations which have been placed upon him. He is stuck in this pattern where he feels pain and loneliness but in the end, he is just dragged into the same cycle because that’s all he knows, that’s all society taught him, and that is the only way he feels accepted. I know it is probably just a rapper accused of not having any depth in their lyrics reacting by adding a little depth but then going right back to the same meaningless bragging, however, I feel a lot of rap is kind of fascinated with the culture around hip-hop rather than the older issues like gang violence and drug dealing. I think we had the brag raps in the 2000’s but now all these new rappers aren’t really following that pattern. Sure, they still brag and all that but it almost feels like they’re checking boxes, like they know they aren’t original and are embracing that. I think we definitely see it in really amazing lyricists like Kendrick and Childish but maybe, through a sort of meta style, these new rappers are telling a story through how they structure the song rather than just the lyrics as is tradition. I think with postmodernism infecting so many genres and attempting to subvert our expectations, it would be foolish to think it won’t affect rap and I, for one, would really like to see rap become more than just smart wordplay and nice beats, I think it could truly become a deep and serious art form as it has been used that way before. I am not saying this song is it and like I admitted, I am probably giving LUV too much credit, however, I think it is interesting to think about and could be interesting to see.

RiotousHail 7599 says:

If he wrote the song to be dark and sad entirely it would have been great but it’s still a good song but it like you said could have been much better

Simón Sarmiento says:

Now i do that i want and this song is the only 2 songs i listen form uzi heheh

PH3NOM3NAL says:

Please do rich chigga – glow like dat

Jaime Medina says:

Yo its not all about the lyrics

SusanTheMan says:

Do lil xan bettayed

Eliel Pedro says:

The thing i like about the song is when uzi says xanny ease the pain its like thr first time when in mainstream that someone has admitted that they use xannies to cope with problems most just say yea im cool im poppin xannies cause its normal nowadays plus u can hear the pain in his voice when sayin it

Matthew Fischer says:

All he does is hate on every rapper

JuJu Beanz says:

I’m not a fan of vert but one could argue the intermittent dumb lyrics are distractions from his pain, which he then loops back to

Alexander Hessum Søjdis 6C Munkebjergskolen says:

Do Jocelyn Flores

David Chernyak says:

This man’s attitude and joke delivery reminds me of every atheist middle schooler

Hersh Gupta says:

Jocelyn Flores xxxtentacion. thoughts?

Just_Me says:

I loved the review, you’re the best YouTuber but you forgot to talk about this part:

“She say I’m insane, yeah
I might blow my brain out
Xanny help the pain yeah
Please, Xanny make it go away
I’m committed not addicted, but it keeps controlling me
all the pain, that I can’t feel
I swear that is slowing me.”

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