Rap Critic: NF – Intro

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Aaron Tan says:

I like nf songs but people compare him to greats now just nonono… He has the voice and flow but he doesnt have good vocab at all

The Truest says:

I agree with you wholeheartedly about this NF guy. However, I do feel like you might be selectively critical of this guy. I literally feel EXACTLY the same way about NF (due to your videos, Ive never listened to him outside of here) as I feel about naS. But I doubt you would be this critical of naS despite him doing exactly what NF does. Thus I request you do “One Mic” by naS

Carl Wilder says:

it’s write ”til I CANT MOVE.”

Joshua Husher says:

Considering intro is better than anything TuPac, Biggie and Nas put out you trying to be a critic is showing how jealous and stupid you are

Dylan Surprenant says:

Why is it these other rappers rap Gucci gang with Gucci gang and hes like see this is where rap is great because not only is he Gucci but hes loyal to his gang not the fact that hes rhyming Gucci gang with Gucci gang

KAiSKAjO says:

*_NF inspired me and keeps inpiring me to write music and rap every single day!_*

Sir Derpington says:

oh it’s em lite again.

Max Rooks says:

NF isn’t a “rap fans” rapper. Neither are guys like Logic and Gambino to a certain extent. They just do things different. Most of NFs fans are high schoolers and some college kids who connect with him on an emotional level. And the 2 songs you’ve heard are his most braggy songs and some of his weakest lyrically

Anakin Starkiller says:

Screw you

Paul Tapper says:

Well ur not the one who just went double platinum did u

The Snake says:

Listed to intro 3,no name or let you down

Trevor Zerowazhere says:

Message man by twenty one pilots?

Callum Smith says:

Review seems Biased and he stops the song too often to nit-pick and try to make a joke out of 1 small line.

XxXWolfSniperXxX Wolf says:

U read like a robot while reading his lyrics

Nate Deschesne says:

At least he’s better than Eminem,logic,and drake……….

Jareth Schwind says:

Do “know” by NF

Isaih Figueroa says:

The thing he needs to realize is that he doesn’t rhyme it is how he is.

KrazyXx says:

4:19 I’m pretty sure he means til he gets more of the lyrics done.

joshua aked says:

look at his life story give him a brake

Shallot says:

stick to reviewing gangsta rap. The people who listen to good music don’t want you. Stay in your lane

Kill_to_Revive says:

Do how could you leave us then you’ll get everything

ll Interlude ll says:

This guy is a CUNT. You don’t have to rhyme every sentence to make it rap or sound good

A Turtle says:

Most of this video is just you saying ‘it doesn’t rhyme! Shhdheodbwofjwodjeod’. A rap doesn’t have to rhyme every second to be good.

James Mullins says:

I love when someone breaks apart a song and they don’t know the lyrics are. You named so many bars that you got wrong man…come on and listen to the words and make sure they are right before you break it down.

Harpdog155 says:

You have to rhyme every sentence? Last time I checked you didn’t.

Rasti says:


Nathalie Michelle says:

Please just stop reacting to NF. You bashing him and not knowing anything about him is not quality content. It’s not even okay content. Just stop please. You don’t know what art is.

Aaron Chapman says:

I can see how this appeals to Christian’s who are tired of the same ol same ol contemporary christian music but still dont live up to the hype that people give him

Legendary KoreanBBQ says:

NF has 3 good songs. Everything else by him is just trash

Joshua Jacob says:

You just purposely hating on him dude.

AlwaysAmazing MusicVideoMakerGal says:

You cant just judge him by 2 of his older songs bc he has better songs that you deserve to hear. Sure u can say those two songs are bad but that dorsnt mean hes a bad rapper. He has better songs with deeper meanings.

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