Rap Critic: NF – Real (And My Problem with Christian Rap)

This week, we look at Christian rapper NF and his single, “Real”. Plus, at the beginning, I talk about my problem with Christian Rap in general. Will this emcee impress me and stand out, or is he just another Eminem imitator? (An “Eminemitator, if you will…)

(…I’m sorry I said that…)


Jakob Pearson says:



Suk on dat

CrescendoRaps says:

Never stop making videos these are great

itachi zoro says:

I belive nf watched this video and made his song outcast after this.
i know its your opinion but you cant judge a artist after you just saw one line of his drawing you need to see his whole picture.its like you never heard of eminem and you hear kill you for the first time and youre like ok he kills his wife and he is raping his own mother wtf is wrong with this white wanna be G.but if you know his past an his story you will understand it.
Same goes for nf his mother died from a drug overdose and he was physically abused as a child plus his father was a alcoholic beacause of this pain he became a christan (btw im not religous) and he dosentcuss in his records because he wants to do it in his own way so he uses some bars that arent that hard like the one with the dentist.in my opinion he is the realest in the game right now because he speaks his mind in every track and everything is about him and his feelings.

apoc pon says:

man, after coming back to this video a year later, the comments sure were filled with heated NF fans.

Gage Davis says:

Bro I thought this review was pretty trash also!

Omphemetse Lewatle says:

they do you should check lecrae,Andy,bizzle them dudes tell the struggle

Aaron Troyer says:

u stupid idiot u think u all that but u don’t know good real rap

ActuallyIan says:

All the NF stans in the comments lmaooo

Jimmy Steiger says:

Talk about not fit 4 the topic of conversation… Your like those fashion police that sit there n criticize what others are wearing “but then when the camera pans to you & what ur wearing” it’s like WTF…

Emily Depew says:

Jeez lol ur such a hater i feel like u cldnt make it as a rap artist so u just said f it ima try to make myself famous by hating lmao u suck and cut out some of the best of the song wtf man try diff songs

BooqBeatz says:

“I love god but you don’t love god? What’s wrong with you?” Those are the exact words that come out of peoples mouths and twitter fingers.

N P says:

Trip lee has plenty of songs about his struggles.

Austin Bower says:

NF is Fake- He speaks about things he’s never been through. I’m bothered this cat writes music about prison. I did six years in the State Penitentiary. In my point of view which is valid his music is fake. OutCast is fake. And his music isn’t about God or Jesus he’s a Mormon he goes door to door selling Jesus and then he brings you in and deceives you rapping about secular music. This dude is Fake and used Jesus to get Famous. If I did that I would feel morally wrong. FakeMusic-


Ur a retard the people on the plane meant that people were in the plane of life waiting foe their destination (Death) the empty plane symbolizes him trying to take control of his life and change the destination (When he was messing with the wires in front of the plane) he doesnt want his life to be like everyone else’s and it isn’t the brace on his neck means that he hasn’t stuck his neck up yet but he took it off and did stick up his neck later now as you see him changing his life

Carlos Eduardo says:

This guy looks like a rapper that never made it so he keeps listening to peoples music and making hate comments saying that they aren’t good. Shut up where are u in life

Samuel Appiah says:

Wow NF Fans are such B1tches lmao

Jamie Weaver says:

This guy isn’t even trying to make a critical review. It’s like he had some sort of prejudice against NF before he even saw the video. He also cut way too much out of the song and only played the “weaker” lines because they were easy to critique. The least he could do was explain the metaphors and try to understand the meaning of the song… but nOPE we get “wHaT dOeS bRaCe On HiS nEcK mEaN????”

Morton's Fork says:

The amount of salt and anger in these comments is honestly amazing. 99% of them either just insult Rap Critic or for some reason think that NF having other good songs means that this song is better. I have no idea if this is his worst song, but that doesn’t make it any less bad. This was not a critique of NF as an artist, he clearly says that judging by this song he doesn’t see the hype.

Yo H says:

Um I think to be a good critic 1 don’t be biased 2 understand a simple concept of figurative language and word play. You sounded like you like Eminem and if you listen to it you would probably be asking why he wants to walk your brain in 313. ( The line is “If you don’t remember me Ill take your brain around the block and jog your fucking memory”.)

Gregory Cox says:

wow, your actually insane. how could you not be in love with this dude? he is the sickest rapper that has ever existed.

Kam J says:

Indwelling sin by lecrae
Christian rap who talks about his struggle

Raptor7 says:

Lol. You need to remake this.

Yasmin Ramirez says:

What bothers me most, is that you don’t know how to be a critic

Adrian Zambrano says:

God this dude is a brick

ashton fossat says:

Christian rap is cringey this is not watch mansion or intro 3

Gregory Cox says:

listen to “how could you leave us”. its deeeeep

BrokenSilence32 says:


I think you meant, “Quite literally preaching to the converted.” Unless the audience of that track was entirely choir singers.

Isaac Munzni says:

Man you suck

Devan Hopson says:

I like your videos and all, but your taking his words way too literal. Review Perception by NF. He’s really grown since Therapy Session. Prove that your not hating and review a song that is actually spiritually inspired

Tyler Shaina says:

NF is very inconsistent tbh, and this is a good example. He feels sometimes VERY safe, especially that new signs of his that just charted. I revisited this and his other stuff to see if I missed something and while I did, I still am not totally enthusiastic about this dude. I WANT to, his best stuff is amazing, but for every “Therapy Session”, but then there is this. Rap Critic gave it a 0 because it’s the one thing worse than an awful song: A superflous one

Nudli Kolompéros says:

Don’t talk if you don’t know what you’re talking about…

InsanePoop123 says:

Bruh..NF is not a Christian rapper. He is a rapper, who happens to be Christian. There is a difference. This dude can put a message across better than any other rap artist and without cursing, being provocative, or nothing like that. NF is the greatest in the game right now

don't judge says:

you checked the wrong song. check songs like remember this or oh lord

Damien Mesta says:

You are actually RETARDED. I wouldn’t expect an idiot like you to understand this song.

Gibby SwagMoney says:

This is the most ridiculous comment section I’ve seen in a long time.

TrueSwiftStrike says:

This review was low key crap

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