Rap Critic: “Stressed Out” by twenty one pilots

Charts and radio stations be damned! RC reviews a “rock” song.



Alejandro Bohorquez Peniche says:

Your videos are legendary. I am so stoked that you don’t look down on hip-hop or modern music as being an inferior method of story-telling (be it actual narratives, political commentary or emotional exposes) to older mediums like films or books.
I relate to the sentiments in this song a lot, I’m 19 and just starting out in the workforce and this shit is SCARY – to the point where it’s easier to sorta sit back and procrastinate. It’s really comforting to know that everyone feels that way! Keep it up.

Garrett Scroggs says:

This is way closer to hip hop than rock, so I don’t know why this couldn’t be on the rap charts.

Sam Quinn says:

You should review some of the song off of vessel!
Ode to Sleep or Kitchen sink maybe?

Guntech0367 says:

I can’t focus on his voice while the music is playing I wanna kill myself ffs

Jennifer McNaughton says:

the ryhme part is frickin genius. I thought he was bad at ryming for a while

Samuel Kempson says:

We happily disown twenty one pilots and pass them over to the rap community

Anugerah Ardiansyah says:

holy shit this review makes me depressed

Lynette TheMadScientist says:

It’s typical teenage “boo hoo the world isn’t fair and now I have responsibilities”. What most young adults don’t seem to realize is that being a responsible person and having fun aren’t mutually exclusive. You can do both. Stop whining.

Its_just_nathan says:

I feel like the reason that wasn’t on the rap charts is bc on the first song on the album Stressed Out is on Heavydirtysoul, says, “This is not rap, this is not hip-hop

Logan Strom says:

This muthafuck thinks Stressed Out is better than Jumpman. I really don’t understand his opinions at all.

Native Pride says:

Better than the one kid with the ” apple commercial” or “leed seener”
Yeemos where you at?

Ryan Kelly says:

His neck is degusting

C - Kek says:

I love drumming their songs on drum practice! I always thought this was rap but I wasn’t sure but nice review bit late but that doesn’t matter.

Ham Sammich says:

They were good till heathens…that song was absolute shit

jax rammus says:

People are slaves. And if you do what you want the slaves will try to condemn you. Look at how people treat people who like watching anime, they get mad hate from the slaves to conform to slavery

Joke Ghyssaert says:

I was getting anxiety attacks when i saw this because twenty one pilots has a very deep meaning that needs more time than a 10 minute video. But i very much appreciate tour review. Thanks

Em1Gaxx says:

I laik dis

crashedwin says:

thank you.

Soul Fist says:

ive managed to extend my adolescence into my early 20s and plan on keeping it for as long as i can

Rue says:

I just watched Kyle – iSpy review of yours and you did not have much to say and review because the lyrics dont make no sense and they are not written to make sense, but with this song, it’s great. you got a lot to say because there are actual lyrics to review. I’d love if you did more rap songs with more lyrical meaning, like this one.

MartianMallows says:

I hate Twenty One Pilots

Cookie Bin 21 says:

Twenty one pilots is not a rock band

Horrible-Artist699 says:

These guys actually have nice flows and pump out better rapping than most mainstream rappers. Funny.

Kings Swashstar says:

You should do nf remember this

Ryan RDA says:

It’s like you think you’re so boosted that you’re above the stupid shit, but in actuality you’re just another hater sippin on your Haterade.

Isaac Fuchs says:

Fucking deep bro

Lender 1 says:


Meme Ur self says:

Twenty one pilots is a alternative band not a rock band

Natanel says:

Very nice

OlympicFilms says:

hit up watsky

Horrible-Artist699 says:

Wish you had made a Post Malone joke at the beginning when you said no rap fan could handle rock.

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