Rap Critic: The Top 10 Worst Eminem Songs (are mostly from Encore) (feat. Mues!)

Not to say Relapse wasn’t stupid too, but it just wasn’t AS stupid.

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trevor baisley says:

Stop making these vids you guys are fucking retards

Sir Shaba says:

m band…

Someone says:

(are mostly from Encore)

Asap Syphilis says:

2k likes 2k dislikes…

killah blue says:

relapse is the best album from eminem


*mockingbird* welp damn. Didn’t wanna hurt someone but *cocks shotgun*

Banana Anus says:

Goddamn that white dudes voice pisses me off.

HHN says:

You’re stupider than stupid if you think My Band is a bad song

Chase Godwin says:

these are all great i would play all these at my birthday my graduation my wedding and my funeral because yes and id bumb the fuck out this these are awesome lol

Kiheam Armagost says:

wasn’t eminem always high during this album, also he clearly says in most of his songs that he doesn’t give a f*ck

88Hyo says:

I know these are you guys opinions, you’re just wrong.

Hessa Mathers says:

Mockingbird LMAO you literally lost it

Young 4-3 says:

1 better be kim

Vendex united says:

Just lose it is okay, but isn’t his worst

SauerkrautSandwich93 says:

“Encore” is to Eminem as “St. Anger” is to Metallica.

Daniel Cooper says:

I’ll never understand how grown people could defend called Big Weenie or a song called Fack that has a line about shoving a gerbil in your ass through a tube, that’s weird, creepy talk where I’m from. You would get roasted at the schools I went to for rapping other one of those songs. I’m a Eminem fan but I’m not excusing those songs because of his drug use. Can’t stand Eminem stan comments, this is why so many rap fans hate Eminem. I absolutely love Mockingbird.

earlyman sweatshirt says:

i forgot my nameeeeeeeeeeeee

Bubbly Pears says:

11:42 lemongrab?

Critica 77y says:

Mockingbird at number 5? I might be more forgiving if it was #10, but #5?

jollissalyn lane says:

You suck hore nigga shit ballics

Josh Wyatt says:

Who are they to critique someone like Eminem

Kiheam Armagost says:

I also liked big weenie

Alex Santoyo says:

They guy were totaly stupids since included Rainman, Mockingbird, Just lose it, puke even MAY BAND, my band really is horrible? C’mon! The half of list is pretty decent and great!

Jeffrey Cross says:

5:26 2017 rap

Conor Ellis says:

i loved mockingbird

Mimi says:

Mockingbird? Seriously? I was expecting We Made You even though I don’t hate it I can accept it isn’t objectively good. Encore wasn’t that bad an album in my opinion although I will admit he did lose some of his original charm. But the time you reach Mockingbird, the album is made in my opinion. And Just Lose It isn’t that bad either, it’s an immature sort of humour but still funny. I think there were tracks from other albums that deserved to be on this list but you guys just tore into Encore :/

Fishman 321- Clash Royale says:

Your fucking retarded if you think mockingbird is bad. Its my favorite song

Jessie teh Cat says:

I cringed more at the white guy then at the songs

forgotten king says:

fack is a joke, based off the story on southpark when they tried to get rid of the teacher for being gay by having him shove a gerbil in his ass through a tube

Jack Arnold says:

Mockingbird doesn’t belong here plus apparently it’s worse than puke and evil deeds wtf

lt.fuckface says:

He just writes what is on is mind.

The most Underrated says:

This YouTuber is a nostalgia critic wannabe

forgotten king says:

you guys know he was on drugs right lol. like heavily sedated on sleep medication and what not. this is not for the you, its for drug addicts.. when one is on drugs, nothing is supposed to make any sort of sense. these are the random thoughts of drug addicts

Saurav Parmar says:

Lol this video got more dislikes than likes
I can understand that,the white dude was terrible

Jakob Kuylenstierna says:

Mockingbird has no place here

terma fostr says:

whoever liked this video must of had there screen upside down

King Kunta says:

“We Made You” is garbage too.


Only agree with big weenie wtf you guys are fucking stupid and if you dont trust me check your like to dislike ratio

Callum Johnson says:

Christ, Stans destroyed this video.

Cronk Speaks says:

Mockingbird bro are you serious this list lost all legitimacy

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