Rap Critic Tries to Review Lil Wayne’s No Ceilings 2 Album (taken from the Worst of 2015 list)

He doesn’t make it too far…



Mago Gosora says:

This is one of the best “did that really happen?” lyrics of all time. It’s just unbelievable something like it exists and it just makes you laugh every time you hear it.

Mexican Monkey D12 says:

Why in the flying fuck did they fucking put Marvin Gaye in the song title and lyrics. Just why god

Michael Boyd says:

As a bisexual I can confirm that I have no two ceilings, whatever the fuck that means.

Kirsty Peacock says:

a wise choice me thinks.

while bi does infact mean two, bisexual does not. just because you use the word “bisexual” does not make you edgy. i guess its more a confession of his sexual preferences than anything.

Steven Cepeda says:

Nigga got me hype.

MitziiztiM says:

+Yung Pac The definition of “unnatural” (from my knowledge) would be “something that does not come from nature.” Now, I haven’t seen any evidence has been found in nature, so I cannot prove that it is “natural”, but whether it is or is not natural, it doesn’t matter. Just because something is unnatural that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. Things like the, houses, buildings, clothes and the Internet are unnatural, you have been in or used all three of those things so you’re being a massive fucking hypocrite. Do you even know what a weaboo is? I never said or did anything that would have indicated that I was one, and no, just because somebody likes anime that does not make them a weaboo, so you’re just making yourself look like a “dumb idiot” not me. Please, do me a favour and go piss of you immature piece of shit, we don’t need anymore cunts like you on YouTube or in this world so do everyone a favour and just fuck off. Crawl under a rock, join the rest of your kind and never crawl out.

Jack Ging says:

Can you make your top 10 best rap songs of 2015?

Micheal Hutchcraft says:

man this guys blows eminem

jubbie bean says:

bisexual actually means 2 because when your bisexual you like 2 genders

Tamerlein Music says:

Two! Dos! Bisexual?

Kwame Gaines says:

Nah…cute, but this is just a cut from the last video.

Design Staff says:

this was actually a pretty impressive mixtape, not because of many of the original songs with appearances by other rappers; but because of Wayne’s covers. The cover songs were super creative and enjoyable. You should have tried them lol

William Clarke says:

it was that bad lil wayne rapped on eminem my name is with autotune

gum ball says:

What’s exactly the point splitting the top 9 into 9 videos?? Cheeky

William Smith says:

that song was bad but no ceilings 2 had its good points too

Ethan Tone says:

Just taking an excerpt from the latest episode I see,Rap Critic,you sneaky man,YOU!!!! 😉

Matt White says:

+rapcritic top tracks on the project
1. back to back
2. where ya at
3. destroyed ft euro
4. duck ft jae millz, gudda guess, shannel
5. millyrokk ft lucci Lou and Turk
6. get ya gat ft lucci Lou and hoddybaby

laliohtc says:


Pharaoh Horus says:

lmfaoooo , every time I watch this video I laugh.

Oscar Rodriguez says:

Rap critic “tries” lol

kenterminatedbygoogle says:

Isn’t being bisexual count as two since a person is into two things??

Cesar Rodriguez says:

You a no life a idiot lol all grown and still don’t have a life lmao

Johnny NoGooD says:

haha u and sam l jackson are keeping those hats alive bro

ERRoN KiNG says:

its nostalgic to the old cash money intros they use to do.

Hozay says:

Yo if u haven’t already u hav to listen to FWA that shit was amazing it would be so dope if u reviewed it

K1ngZachBurns 1 says:

you fucked up that tape was fire

Reginald Jr says:

#rap citric is a bitch

Jack Mehoff says:

It’s funny cuz rap critic is clearly afraid to review a good lil Wayne song he didn’t even get to his verse in this song which was actually pretty good, the tape as a whole wasn’t great but Wayne spit some nice verses through out stop blindly hating Wayne

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