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►RAP GONE WRONG: Lil Xan Edition. Lil Xan (Diego Leanos) is a 21 year old Soundcloud rapper, becoming a star after his hit song & video “Betrayed”. Today I explore why I feel he is such a bad component of the rap community, and why his music absolutely does NOT deserve your time.

► “Total Xanarchy” Rating: 0.5/5


►Killer thumbnail designs by Infinity on Hannah: http://bit.ly/InfinityOnHannah

►Opening riff “Swimming Pools” covered by Rob Scallon: https://youtu.be/Wm-H2d_5FSg

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►Hear it for yourself: https://open.spotify.com/album/2wmmYoAC48iNSTdU5Iwg6H?si=TwCVeLWfQbKF3OQQepmOZg


LetsTalkFilm says:

Talk about 69 next

SuperVro says:

Lil xan songs sound like they probably took more than a day to write, don’t give him to much credit, you said 20 minutes or less. I say more than a day because even those extremely simple lyrics were probably a task for him to come up with. In all seriousness tho, lil xan needs to chill out on the drugs, dude always looks like he has 1 foot in the grave and the other one is inching its way in.

I have no name says:

I loved this album

Nicki Collis says:

I love your nirvana shirt dude. I use like lil xan till he said 2pac music is boring, so when you say 2pac music is boring and being disrespectful to a legend like 2pac, sorry! You’re irrelevant!

ARTV says:

One thing I forgot to mention, what do you think of rappers like Lil Xan pushing this trend of “short-hop” in rap forward? I’m coining that term for rappers who make really short songs, but have LOTS of them to try and gain the streaming system so they hit higher on the charts.

ThePrinceOf Pigeons says:

What level will Lil Xan evolve into Big Xan?

Nomiz says:

I liked moonlight, so i tried listening to the album and it’s complete trash

Very repetitive as you said and he sounds like he’s about to fall asleep in every song

Alehandro Fuego says:

Love this stuff man ! But I better not catch you downing ski mask. He’s super dope, that flow tho, those funny adlibs and wordplay !

John Locke says:

Talk about SYRE from Jaden Smith, please!!!!

Leo Kostas says:

What a roast, this is the greatest video I have seen all week, thanks man

bergcycles1 says:

TY for this man….I hear NO talent whatsoever in this entire album

Bart Pomerantz says:

funniest shit about this clown. his lyric “she gay an still into me”….ya bro casue u look like a bitch and gay females like other bitches. Dudes too stupid hes trollin himself

Yung Lord says:

lil xan is the only rapper that i’m eskimo bros with

AyAyRawn Yea says:

What makes colorblind bad in your guys opinion

mateel 707 silva says:

He won’t last long

taffybeans says:

I think of this stuff as like anti-art and anti-music. Like to the point where you don’t know if they’re being serious or ironic anymore. Or if they were at all.

Rae Briggs says:

He’s so pitiful that I feel sorry for him.

Dr. Death Defy says:


justayoutuberviewer24 unkuwn says:

Rofl! A 21 year old calls the cops on a 17 year old & he says 2pac is whack…what a pussy

contradiction entertainment says:

5 times sir you deserve a medal of Honor and a purple heart and a award man I can’t even sit through one song what you went through was true hell but you survived

bust2007 says:

lil xanax need rehab worse then Lindsay Lohan’s

sakke surströmming says:

I don’t really care about the lyrics with artists like him, the beats is what I’m there for.

iii says:

Lil Xan is boring

ZacWattusHD says:

For me, I struggle getting through this album. The best things I can say about it is – Betrayed, the synth, the melodies of the verse are pretty catchy, couldn’t care for the lyrics, they’re horrible. And with Wake Up, it’s the same thing, I’m a sucker for a deep, low bass. Other than that, barely listened to the album and I don’t know if I will.

Thats So Not Chill says:

I’m sorry but if you’re producer and want to be successful you got to drop your tag look at metro boomin but he had the dankest tag!! Bobby Johnson is dank only reason people like Lil xan

brandon b says:

Can we please go back to early 2000’s and bring back skill like Eminem, 50, Dre?

Ali Walker says:

Wow this was like a Content Cop I liked it a lot

Brendan Foster says:

Not all Soundcloud rappers are shot. Lil skies is catchy and also pretty good. Ski mask can fuck with flows and crazy beats heavy, and chance started on there, and who doesn’t love chance

Mike C says:

That kid is such a looser his 15 min of fame is going to fade quick then he will have nothing probably commit suicide when the depression kicks in when he realizes he is nothing!

U Weak says:

Talk about xxxtentacion next


He is good stop hating him for not liking Tupac and for his music. There is legit worse artists than him

Kapz says:

Dont worry Cole got something on friday 🙂

Joseph Sciancalepore says:

lil xan is God

Fuck Of says:

Lil xan trash he shouldnt be famous

natalie says:

Who he hell is this? And why does he have that shitty album cover?

Keely says:

I used to listen to his stuff a while back, he has some earlier songs/short songs that are pretty chill to just have on in the background, and when betrayed started blowing up I was quite excited, but when the album was released it was a huge let down. I agree that there is little to no lyrical content, and is compiled by mainly generic topics that are often in other rap songs. Honestly so disappointed in this album, even his song with diplo which he had hyped up for ages was boring and generic. That being said though, i’m still gonna listen to the few songs that he has that are decent (and not from his album that’s for sure).

Mario Loredo says:

Total xanarchy was great.

Migue Ugartechea says:

I know you are focusing only on the music, but really wtf, some artists seem to fuck up their face with the shitiests tattoos ever. Just because.

Andrei Enea says:

the kid is mentally chalanged , sad thing is most kids are.

dabonator says:

You have some good points, but i feel like u didnt do eneugh reserch

estevan Gonzalez says:

Lil xan is still garage

Becca Nicole says:

All my friends love him and I don’t understand why

johnnycaralta says:

Nirvana really is pretty boring though. Tupac isn’t. Nirvana’s incredibly overrated.

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