Rap Is Emo (Hip Hop’s Sensitive New Wave)

Talking about the surge in popularity that emo rap has seen in recent years.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Hugo Hakvoort says:

Melon flexing with his Art Blakey album in the background

Mitchell D says:

Yung leans influence today is so underrated I don’t think peeps style is anything without what Lean did before him

Jacob Ballance says:

Slug is the greatest emo rapper ever

David Pulido says:

No mention of x? He made really good sad hip hop

Cameron Chadwick says:


TheAtom says:

I love hiphop’s first emo-wave with Atmosphere, Sage Francis and Aesop Rock’s isolationism. A lot of the newer stuff (not all, mind you) feels more needy for attention than anything else.

Charlie Dawson says:

What about, *Anthony Fantano!* Am I right!
What what? That’s _actually_ his name! Your joking right?

Sentient says:

You forgot suicideboys, pouya, ghostemane, And bones and those other guys

Dyzce says:

Please check out Coldhart he’s a part of gbc. So underrated

William Ritter says:

Bruh, how you not mention Uzi first or second wtf

Daisy says:

“Algernon cadwallader? XXXTentacion? What’s the difference?”

-Anthony Fantano, 2018

Hwnt O LS says:


Chris P. Bacon says:

Okay guys but listen…

Ska Hip Hop

Damous X says:

People have always been emotional. People hide it, and now that’s it’s more accepted, people open up. It’s not bad, but there is so much music out there and a lot of new artists I see aren’t talking about being emotional, just the same cliche “Workin Hard and Hoes” which is fine. People are just being themselves. Listen to what you want

toot says:

rap itself just a meme at this point

Super Mario Duncan says:

x is not a rapper he is an complete different genre called “unknown”

Anthony Titone says:

I think this blends well with psychedelic rap which is another huge sub-genre rn

ThaIrishMafia says:

missing bobbyraps!

Chris P says:

I am glad you gave Atmosphere some credit here. Slug was the first emo rapper I listened to.

connor farrell says:

Wouldn’t be possible without 808s and Heartbreak

Fatcock88 says:

People think depression is a personality trait, they think it’s quirky or cool to be “depressed” they aren’t actually sad they just act it. That’s why emo rap is growing so fast

Alexander Rivera says:

Shame Earl Sweatshirt wasn’t recognized he definitely was a lowkey domino in the trend

nightrunner says:

Blossom Reynolds on my channel !!

Carlos Espindola says:

Fucking aye. Thank you for shouting out atmosphere and cudi. I really do feel Slug was an essential innovator to the sound of emo rap in general.

Curtis Smith says:

All credit due to me

Jack Martinek says:

I would put the man the myth frank ocean into this category and as the man who helped it grow like Kanye and drake

Michael H says:

Kid Cudi> Drake

Somebody Nobody says:

Almost a year since Genius released “Emo Rap is on the rise”

Neko Jayy says:

kid cudi’s humming started emo rap

gingermas plays says:

God of emo rap is “prodbyparis” if you like emo rap look up “crushin” by Paris it’s on the no jumper channel and it’s feature with “Travis Baker” gave it a strong electric guitar and drum sound that can only authentic to the original 2009 emo sound he on his way up he already has songs with: Trippie Redd, Gunna , Landon Cube , and Trevor Daniel. So please if you are a fan of this new wave please check him out and support his music.

whoislewys says:

I too describe Drake as a “T Bag”

lmadpickupz says:

how come no one every talk bout lil tracy

NOT A COP says:


Aaron says:

God Loves Ugly is still one of my favorite albums.

Rup Tratin says:

Blacks always be a few years late to the trend.

Tonybassist123 says:

Biggie was one of the predecessors

Jesse Lucas says:

I feel like Earl fits somewhere in here as well…

Pinion325 says:

no mention of Murs?

Des Ulv says:

Juice WLRS

Jorge Sanchez says:

I used to think rap stood for “rhythm and poetry” but i guess we can get emotional.

DC13999 says:


It really hit me that both X and Peep are gone now, damn.

mariotti says:

I wrote an essay on this in like 2016 for English class (mostly about how Kanye pioneered the style that’s prominent now) ahahha I’m glad that this is the new thing in Hip Hop I really enjoy shit like Wiccaphase and Corbin n all them

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