Rappers Respond to Eminem’s “Kamikaze” Disses (Joe Budden, MGK + More)

Rappers Respond to Eminem’s “Kamikaze” Disses (Joe Budden, MGK + More):
Hey guys!
So Eminem dissed a LOT of rappers on his most recent album Kamikaze (mainly on the tracks The Ringer, Not Alike & Fall), and as you would expect, many of them responded pretty quickly.
Today we will be looking at how Lil Pump, Ja Rule, Lil Yachty, Joe Budden, MGK, Die Antwoord & Vince Staples responded to Eminem’s shots at them….

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Johnny lor says:

He just didn’t fired a lot of shots. He questioned the authenticity of rap nowadays. Male ejaculation sound aka (mumbles rap) is not rap.

Nickie Young says:

MGK made the mistake of coming after Em for literally everything. He covered his daughter, mom, ex wife. Every single one of his albums, his age, money, where he came from, how he looks, how he got his start. Even down to him using his intelligence in his songs. Theres nothing left for MGK to work with if Eminem decides to respond. While Em spent barely 2 bars on him in his entire album, he went and dedicated an entire damn song to him.

Kyle Adams fireflowertv says:

dude allright that dude killed that diss you did say weak childish insults too hmm dude stop being a stan

CDTVProductions says:

For some reason, some of you guys are under the impression that I said MGK’s diss track was “bad” or “weak”. I literally said neither of these things, just make sure you can comprehend words before you comment xxx

Gauge Kelley-the guys everyone knows says:

MGK’s diss gets put down because because he talked about how Eminem is old af but Nails in the coffin’s first 10 bars is em talking shit about the guys age and it’s completely fine?

Franklin L says:

mgk diss song was just ok?? LOL, let me guess? Pusha and Drake was better, huh?

coño says:

You’re stupid

1st To Dragon Gaming says:

that windows thing throughout the video killed me

The Epic Army says:

What about the shot at nf

Jurail Pinder says:

lf you know Eminem’s track record you know he’s gonna end it all

donte llx says:

“the closest thing he’s had to hits is smackin’ bitches” *LMFAOOOOOOOOO IM DOOONEE BRUHHHH*

Office Chair says:

Lil Pump and Lil Yachty Handled it the best(I hate their music but props to both ) . No hard feelings , respect for the legend , no bratty response that makes no sense like Joe Budden who handled it the worst .
Also I think you are a little too hard on MGK . His diss was very good .. Sure some lines were weak . But I think the line “The Real Slim Shady can’t stand up” is one of my favorite lines anyone ever used on Eminem … I know that when Eminem replies he will slaughter him because MGK crossed some lines there .. But I think he nailed it . Just we all know that it’s not enough to beat Eminem

jans belerts says:

heard about mgk last week and hope it soon will end carrer

coño says:


ImDeafTV says:


Tenshi says:

Ja rule acts like anyone gives a fuck about him.

Edit: Joe Budden and Charlamagne or how the fuck hes called are just biased racist idiots.
They act like they are objective but in reality they aint shit and arrogant cunts.

Gow Mitch says:

What the fuck are you talking about? You Stan fan, The MGK track is brillant, as much as i like eminem, he is touchable and i’m not upset about, he ain’t no Krs 1, chuck d, ice cube or redman, what the hell does your cracker ass know about rap anyway, you even said joe budden had some good raps ffs, i wish you’d started with that, then i would’ve known not to watch anymore, I’m pissed i’ve even added to your views and comments for this video

Steve Johns Jr. says:

Why does everyone Dick ride Em so much??? MGK bodied Em! And I’m not even a MGK fan I’m just a fan of Hip Hop. You are out of your mind if you think MGK’s diss is just okay. Also if Em is so fucking great like everyone is trying to say, Then why has it taken the ” GOD ” of rap so long to respond? Because he knows that he has nothing to come at him with. Besides that tweet.

Bradley Stapleton says:

Wow. You dont have a clue.

Tyler Conover says:

How can you report that Joe Budden may come out of battle rap retirement when in the same podcast that you referenced he specifically says while addressing the eminem diss…and I quote “A domestic violence bar will never be good enough to get Joe out of the bed much less retirement especially such a trash line from a great MC”

Allan Mohamed says:

Your the one person that included the Tech N9ne part thank youuuu

Eric Amezcua says:

What about lil xan and migos

Sidney Isais says:

Who would it be impossible for Eminem to diss on?
I think it would be impossible for him to try to diss on Tonedeff.

I think the better question is: Who can diss on Eminem and get away with it? My answer is still Tonedeff.

Just Amarli says:

“A lovely little heart comment at the end”


Hunterkane says:

I don’t see why people are saying that lil yachty was not dissed in the song. I know the line goes ” not even dissing its just not for me”, but he continues by saying “maybe stan isnt your cup of tea, maybe your cups full of syrup and lean”. This is definitely a full on diss as he is saying he cant understand real music and reverts to “lean rapping”. Em referenced lean rapping multiple times on this album and none of them were good.

OriganlGaming says:

You know, fine. I’ll finally drop a sub to you.. or will I. Think I will.

Bliss Froome says:

Eminem works the hardest I rather listen to Eminems Crap songs then these other trash rappers

David Rivas says:

A weeek a goooo

zvxcvxcz says:

+CDTVProductions …. I’m more of less on Eminem’s side of this, but I think there was maybe more to the beard line. Guess what has a weird beard, the GOAT, could MGK have been intending to imply that? Maybe I’m reading too much into it. He also messed up with the Nissan line, like wtf, Eminem is from the Motor City, hit one (or all) of the Big Three Automakers with that idea, not freaking Nissan.

donte llx says:

4:21 is so annoying*

Rick Leach says:

This is the first 1 I watched that was actually accurate, thanks for doing ur home work, the thing that got me the most out of everyone, they say it took em 6 years to respond to mgk, dude was just starting off, he got him black balled from anything that had to do with em, witch I don’t blame him, I’d kill a dude that talks about my daughter or even my family at that, mgk came with a diss to em this year March, March was not 6 years ago, I like mgk and his diss song was good, not going to lie it was the best he ever did, and honestly after doing this more people know of him, it may have helped him but everybody knows em will destroy him, thank u for being correct on this, u definitely did ur homework and I appreciate this 1, keep being correct and I’ll keep watching u


I didn’t even know Joe Budden rapped

Iunch bag says:

Yachty doesn’t pretend to be something he’s not. He has even said it himself. Not trying to be a gangster like the others

Ricky Destroyer22 says:


BAM says:

He says he deserved that because its pretty much a shoutout for him.

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