Zoo’s songs, with only a couple of exceptions, range from boring to awful and are further weighed down by Russ’s crummy mindset.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


I Honestly Dont Give a Fook says:

You lost me as a fan with the kamikaze review. Thought your opinion was deluded and bias. But that’s your opinion, everything is subjective. Its not like I have to agree.

You are a good dude, and i still enjoy your reviews, re-subscribed. Stay true.

Jared Kunish says:

Russ is the biggest cornball in the game

Jaiden says:

Fuck russ

Lolbaws2 says:

None of the above

Will Hush says:

When Spiritualized review tho

Back Alley says:

Red Flannel! Yes!! Thank you melon! Hopefully that means Russ dies In a few days or weeks.

Jacquizz Lemons says:

My ex played me Russ in late 2016-2017 and I said it’s like if drake was white and even more pussy and boring then usual so it’s good to hear Anthony to see the drake comparisons

Doer231 says:

Man, we need more stinkpieces

subhan aftab says:


danielson1722 says:

Love Anthony because I can always count on him to call out the weak rappers.

kakekakkapaa says:

Watch out for his paid goons

hellboyy says:

fuck russ, only russ i acknowledge is my lil brothers homie that lives a few blocks down.

Post Mister says:

russ sucks

Toxic Shitlord says:

Russ – zzz

jennessy99 says:

Parkston drive’s beat is basically the exact same as juice wrld’s lucid dreams beat

Wonder says:

Good review, Neckthony Beardtano

C_TIME says:

Russ make music for niggas who moan when they wipe they ass

Wilmer S.L says:


Dre says:

Damn RussL back at it with the Ls

Kebab1339 says:

i won’t even listen to this lamest rapper alive

Einveru says:

you look like stewie griffin a little bit

David W says:

This is officially my favorite review ever

The two and only says:

Ok, i think I will listen to Russ now, so I can say I knew him before he was gone.

Spiky_haha says:

Even his tracklist is in the shape of an L

Peachyy Keen says:

Russ L. Russel

nPlatin says:


ChristopherandHobbes says:

I would love to see a review of Noname’s new album ‘Room 25.’ It’s such a beautiful and personal album and I would love to Here your opinion on it

AnthonyScottKern says:

This was an honest and scathing review. I feel like Mac did better than just on par with this.RIp

Emma Eleutheria says:

Russ is the Nickelback of rap.

deag says:

Russ shall now be known from this day forward as RussL

Michael Ford says:

“I love this beat man shout out myself” was def a fav bar of mine

Polish Vodka says:

0/10: 0
1/10: 1
2/10: 0
3/10: 6
4/10: 12
5/10: 22
6/10: 26
7/10: 40
8/10: 33
9/10: 6
– [ Portal – Ion ]
– [ A.A.L [AGAINST ALL LOGIC] -2012 – 2017 ]
– [ Jack White – Boarding House Reach ]
– [ Parquet Courts – Wide Awake! ]
– [ Death Grips – Year of the Snitch ]
– [ IDLES – Joy as an Act of Resistance ]
10/10: 1
[ KIDS SEE GHOSTS – Self-Titled ]

Not good: 5
( Fall Out Boy – Mania )
( Wendy’s – We Beefin?)
( Lil Xan’s Total Xanarchy )
( Nav – Reckless )
( Godsmack’s When Legends Rise )

Classics: 5

– (Daft Punk – Discovery)
– (Michael Jackson – Thriller)
– (Lauryn Hill – The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill)
– (Ween – Chocolate and Cheese)
– (Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works 85-92)

Custom scores: 11

Lil Skies – Life of a Dark Rose ============================> [ Dime-a-dozen ] /10 or 5/10

Ravyn Lenae – Crush ===================================> [ Solid ] /10 7/10

Gucci Mane – El Gato: The Human Glacier ==================> [ It’s solid ] /10 or 7/10

Kero Kero Bonito – Totep ===============================> [ Disappointing ] /10 or 5/10

Rejjie Snow – Dear Annie ===============================> [ Lukewarm ] /10 5/10

Remo Drive – Pop Music ================================> [ notbad ] /10 6/10

Ruin – Plague Transmissions Vol. 1========================> [awesomely nasty] /10 7/10

Saba – CARE FOR ME ==================================> [ Meh ]/10 or 5/10

Felix Blume – Death In Haiti: Funeral Brass Bands & Sounds From Port Au Prince ====> [ I wanted to give this record a shout this record out because it’s interesting ] /10

Lil B – Platinum Flame ==================================> [ based/10 ] or 7/10

Freddie Gibbs – Freddie =================================> [ meh/10 ] or 5/10

“Second take”

[ Kanye West – Life of Pablo ] 8/10

[ Frank Ocean Endless ] 8/10


[ Lil Yatchy – Lil Boat 2 ] 7/10

[ Young Fathers – Cocoa Sugar ] 6/10

[ Logic – Bobby Tarantino II ] 5/10

[ The Weeknd – My Dear Melancholy ] 5/10

[ Kacey Musgraves – Golden Hour ] 4/10

[ Flatbush Zombies – Vacation in Hell ] 6/10

[ Jack White – Boarding House Reach ] 9/10

[ Saba – CARE FOR ME ] Meh /10

[ J Cole – Kod ] 5/10

[ Arctic Monkeys – Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino ] 5/10

[ Bladee – Red Light ] 1/10

[ Jay Rock – Redemption ] 4/10

[ Deafheaven – Ordinary Corrupt Human Love ] 5/10

[ Panopticon – The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness ] 4/10

[ Mac Miller – Swimming ] 3/10

[ Mitski – Be the Cowboy ] 6/10

[ Eminem – Kamikaze ] 4/10

This is the 170 review in 2018

RAJIV says:

That thumbnail just says it all honestly

robert hildebrand says:

I hope russ sees this and realizes he has no talent and quits or takes some tone off to improve his talentless craft and at least make it listenable

pali says:

cool glasses bro

Austin says:


Michele Cozzarin says:


Cameronmac 1 says:


angL says:

Anthony bout to have a run in with russ’s people

makks says:

Another L for Russ

zoro says:

russ is wildin right now on twitter LMAO

i love gats says:


ohhKilla says:

W review. L album

Do It Live says:

i feel like you don’t actually need glassss.

Adam Feldman says:

Noname. That is all

Danefrak says:

FUCK russ

907110Eddizzle says:

Careful you might get jumped by 7 dudes melon

Flamingo Bill says:

we need to bring out a negative rating scale for all future russ projects

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