Sam Smith – The Thrill of It All ALBUM REVIEW


UK pop singer Sam Smith’s latest album turns blue-eyed soul into a chore.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Christian Gravemaker says:

Smith looks like George Michael on the new album cover.

Mark Kelso says:

Im enjoying the album. He’s young so wanting a divergance from his sound from album one might be asking too much but i sense itll come soon enough.

Benjamin Law says:

Say it first is my favorite song on there

Dreamrazor says:

4/10 same as that King Krule album what the fuck man. Why dude?? Sam Smith is absolute shit tier.

taezo da taz says:


Nyosha Pierre says:

What does the red flannel meannn?

Dirkardo StEvergreen says:

Tom Petty was murdered by Sam Smith.

Russell West says:

Fuckthony Myasstano

Kevin Zaccaro says:

It’s miraculous how boring Sam Smith is. As for 3:49, I remember Tom Petty acknowledging in these cases that similarities just happen sometimes, even though he got his name added to the writing credits.

TeregrinPook says:

Andy Fantano.

teppolundgren says:

I know you’re a professional, but come on! How can you subject yourself to this shit? Sam Smith???
It must be torture! You don’t have to review every album, you know.

Thomas Shelmire says:

Do Oracular Spectacular

kdell tray says:


BLURR says:

Whhhaaattt a suprise… sucks

Joe Medforth says:

Y u no review Enter Shikari – The Spark? Deliberately using the vernacular here to see if there’s a reason why Enter Shikari aren’t your bag.

Geometry Dash Mau5Kids says:

Simplemente el album es generico como toda canciónes populares. No hay nada de inovador o interesante que rescatar. 2/10

Shooler's JunkBox says:

It’s amazing how annoyed Anthony looks when talking to himself in glasses and a sweater

Chuck Wanker Junior says:

I didn’t know you were reviewing GO:OD AM again

Sidonia Daniella says:

All of the songs you named were also not my favourite cuts on this record. But literally all of the good tracks I did not hear you mention at all. “Nothing Left For You” has beautiful melodies & simple but very relatable lyrics. “Pray” is a huge departure for Sam production wise working with the likes of Timbaland & Poo Bear to create something that is still within his wheelhouse but also consumable for mainstream charts & “HIM” is an incredibly personal track where for the first time ever Sam uses pronouns in a song & really owns his sexuality plus the choirs and their harmonies ARE EVERYTHING! Strong 8 for me!

John Oni says:

i find midnight train heavily similar to Amy’s love is a losing game, not creep.

CuSa says:

The songwriting is actually really good and haunting on this LP??
Burning and Pray are lyrically great. I don’t even love Sam but this is actually a solid album.

Miguel Rodriguez says:

Review 88GLAM!!

ToLWaM says:

If yo album black and white, you get the red flannel

The Duck Thief says:

Sam Smith: Madvillainy

Steven Cho says:

2:20 fuck you

Will Beckman says:

Hearing Sam Smith makes me want to stomp on and smash fragile antique furniture

Josh Martin says:

The quivering commentary at 2:17 was hilarious

Julie Nguyen says:

Please review Morning After – dvsn !!

lani oluwunmi says:

Hey i liked money on my mind

The Real Dirty Dan says:

You give a Lil Pump mixtape a 7/10 but you give an actual musician’s album such as Sam Smith a 4/10. Reflect your actions, Respect Everyone.

João Vitor says:

Sam Smith is like a blend Adele, whom is already blend on her last album.

TheMonkeyTrust says:

With them Final Cut X clouds

Riadanbar says:

You shouldn’t be a music fuckin’ critic. You don’t get Sharon Van Etten’s “I washed your dishes, but I shit in your bathroom” line, you call a Skrillex drop insane and you criticize Amon Tobin. You are insensitive as fuck. But, please, don’t stop being who you are (the internet’s busiest music nerd) because when I watch you, it makes me wanna listen to music. I love you.

Cal Robertson says:

Review the new Greta Van fleet album

maico Glez says:

I think it’s time to do a review on DVSN man I mean I come everyday to this channel and this has yet come still I mean wow, you talking about a lot of artist that are not even relevant dude, it’s time for DVSN.

Logan Speer says:

Review black smoke rising by Greta Van Fleet

StrikeTeam7 says:

Sam smith made the worst james bond song.

Jack Beaverton says:

Yelawolf – Trial by fire??

Anthony says:

I love your reviews. Been listening and watching since you were in the old place. But, I’ve always felt like I want to hear about your musical history and how it ties into your opinions about new music. Like comparisons, self awareness? I know your self aware but it’s never part of your reviews. You ever think about acknowledging your own subjectivity rather than trying to form an objective opinion based on the technicality and musicianship of each piece? Like we trust you now, so maybe let lose and tell us more about your decisions than the technical side. I dunno, not attacking you, I love your reviews, but would like to hear more of your “opinions” as well as the analytics. Btw, hate this album.

Brandon Haidon says:

It’s “One Last Song” not “One last soul.”

Tiernan Flaherty says:

Did Tom Petty actually ‘go after’ him tho? Probably his estate.

brin shut says:

is it just me or is that fucking album cover just shitty
like he doesn’t even look good, he’s making such a shitty face
just boring

Adam Power says:

Cupping the balls, working the shaft.

czgibson says:

Sam Smith fans should try listening to ‘Dopethrone’ instead.

Yungsunn Darockus says:

wow this was a really homophobic review Antnee. was the “its Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve” comment really necessary?

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