Thought I would review Drakes new album. This is for song Nonstop


Jodie Vivienna SusieGJodieV says:

Lol love it

wallace ya Dingus says:

lol review a trippy ab-soul song, have u thinking for an hr

Danbarnes214 says:

Review kamikaze

Darren Johnson says:

He basically broke down the song lyric for lyric haha damn he’s good

dvon johnson says:

Yo when he pulled out the gun I was dead.

Beep Boop says:

LOVE you bro – i talked to some young b today and i mentioned your name and she was like who is simon rex and i was like …… bye b

hugo martinez says:

I feel like a dummy now for watching any type of reaction smh but I like them lol love you though bro.

Axel C says:

is he mocking the fact you have pause the video every few seconds or so for copyright because either way it’s funny as fuck

gerbilkill says:

u rock rex

Other Than says:

lol. Drake who?

nobody really says:

..ur so hot simon

musicandsh*t says:

simon i think you kinda like it, but your coked up sarcasm makes its hard to tell

Chris Tin says:

This is so great. I feel this way about all these poo-poo rappers.

pete says:

This is fuckin golden

Pretty Sure says:

SIMON, check out Alpoko Don to cleanse your spirit of that Drake shit…. trust me. Im a stranger you never met hahahaha

Йосиф Пригожин says:

Songwriters: Aubrey Graham / Brytavious Chambers / Ernest Wilson / Hayward Ivy / Sakata Kareem Oatis

d7bhw2 says:

“seeing eye dog…”

demonioblanco772 says:

dude i feel yah but the volume is so low bro.. turn your recording up.. my shits on max.. barely hear you .. but i feel you.. stay cool nigga keep that butthole tight..

H A S S I says:

All jokes aside. You really did hit the meanings on everything perfect

trabant66666 says:

Dirt you need to drop some mumble rap :)))),

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