Space Jam Album Review/Katy Perry: Keep Ya Hands to Yourself! (G.O. #149)

This week, we review the Space Jam Soundtrack and Milky Chance’s LP, and discuss Katy Perry’s inappropriate behavior.

00:00 Count Dankula Nazi Pug
09:15 Katy Perry’s A Total Creep
19:15 Milky Chance “Blossom” Patreon Requested Album Review
24:21 Space Jam Soundtrack Patreon Requested Album Review


Benji Burlingame says:

why didn’t you talk about “?”

Rowan Crump says:

4:10 – Whoops!

Josh Plays Terrible Games says:

Katy Perry could touch my butt whenever, no tears needed

Follow ADen says:

I saw coolio perform like 10 years ago and he looked exactly the same as he did 20 years ago lol

Ariel Pearson says:

Wow, there’s some real salty, salty people in the comments. First of all, RC and Mues can talk about politics all they want, because freedom of speech and all. Second, the SJW’s didn’t convict the guy of a hate crime; the UK courts did. It was the court’s decision, not the Internet’s.

some random gamer vlogs says:

I’m Jewish and I found the pug video hilarious

Lily ll says:

just wanna say im someone who does appreciate “sjw” politics in my rap criticism. lol at the salty comments

Benjamin Gavrin says:

Top 10 missed golden opportunities: 1. Not having Busta Rhymes, Coolio, Method Man, LL Cool J, and B-Real voice the Monstars

Omsmah says:

Rap critic review freaky Friday by Little dicky featuring Chris brown

Otaking Mikohani says:

I can’t believe how many people in the comments are actually defending that pug guy. There is something seriously wrong with our society…

Patchwork Poltergeist says:

I clicked this solely to hear RapCritic’s reaction to the glorious and bizarre gathering of talent that is “Hit ‘Em High” and was not disappointed in the least. The song is absolutely insane has no business whatsoever being that good.

Jon Smith says:

Rap critic, you would rather talk about Katy Perry then a decision that might have a domino effect in Europe when it comes to being able to speak your mind or to make very dark comedies or to have a dry dark sense of humor on stage or to have opposing political beliefs mark. Pretty much every country and western Europe I can give you an example of not only being arrested 4 things you say or beliefs that you have but actual convictions as well there’s what about seven or eight countries in Western Europe that any Nazi memorabilia is considered a crime punishable by anywhere from a year to 3 years. How people have been arrested for insulting the beliefs of Muslims by Khalid Muhammad a warmonger. believe me I can go on and on I mean we’re lucky in the US that we have our freedom of speech protected by a constitutional amendment. Not saying that I ever would but if I wanted to go down the street dressed up like Hitler with a big sign that said Hitler did nothing wrong. I could do that all day long in the US without having to worry about the government coming to arrest me. Yeah some asshole could come and punch me in the mouth but he’s the one that would get arrested not me since he’s the one that committed battery on me I didn’t do anything wrong dressing up like Hitler isn’t a crime in the United States the way it’s a crime in Germany France Poland and other places.

acewt timer says:

I’m not sure where my comment went, but I’ll just summarize what I said before and reach a comment the replied to it.

1: Internet culture now has produced way worse than that nazi joke

2: Consent isn’t something men get the luxury of to the extent of women.

I didn’t get to see the entire comment because it was on my notifications but yes, I was saying that men don’t get as much acknowledgement as they should in the public eye.

Consent should be a two way street. No stereotypical gender role should tell men that women should get to have them whenever they wish under the pretense of “They all want to bang us anyways”.

Krystine Brown says:

I appreciate the honest commentary on recent events. All the people complaining about it are ridiculous.

Lily ll says:

god i woulda thought ur commenters woulda known who you were lol wtf

halokon says:

When it comes to Edgelords, my viewpoint is as such:

If you want to be the clown in the middle of a minefield, you have to be keenly aware of where the mines are and what happens when you step on them. If potentially blowing yourself up is something you can’t handle, back away from the edge and play it safe. But if you’re accepting of the possible consequences (and, of course, research those consequences as they pertain to the law etc.), you don’t get to use “It’s just a joke” as an excuse. That’s some bullshit. You knew what you were doing, you did it anyway, and now you’re complaining that the mine you stood on just shouldn’t have gone off for you.

Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequence. Plenty of “edgy” comedians are happy to dance among mines, but when they go off, they apologise. They’re also keenly aware of what mines will hurt, embarass or straight up end them. Ignorance is not a defence. And when it seems that a certain group of people love playing in the middle of the minefield marked “For White Supremacists”, if one of those mines goes off, you’re not getting sympathy. The context is simple, you like telling edgy “jokes” but only about historically victimized groups, punching down. You can punch “up” at those in power all you want usually, but if you use your published works (which is what YouTube undeniably is, as is this comment) to punch down at minorities, then yeah, you’re going to have to have a good excuse for why you shouldn’t be convicted on hate crime or breach of the peace laws.

Count Dankula, gone but not forgotten, unfortunately. He lived as he died, a clown in a minefield shouting “It’s just a joke”. He was survived by a Nazi-pug and lots of free-speech activists, who don’t care that your protest was unlawfully stopped by the state, but do care that a racist got in trouble for being racist.

You’ll excuse me if I’m capable of reading between the lines.

StoreBrand says:

“You can’t make content like this that is so indistinguishable and not take the consequences and realize “Shit people might actually think I’m like this, maybe I should draw the line” but I’m not getting that from these thumbnails or video descriptions, and I’m not gonna give this guy a view by watching his shit”

This statement is the downfall of everything good in the world. Somebody says this guy is bad and you’re just believing it.

Imagine this was a high school and rumors were being spread about some kid that completely destroyed their lives… and YOU as a moral grandstanding douche who pretends to believe in higher morals believes the rumors and doesn’t give the kid a chance to explain himself… to prove those rumors wrong… You judge that kid and don’t give him a chance because those rumors are so bad you’d rather not risk being associated with the lies.

For the record I am a subscriber to Count Dankula, I have been for about a year. I’m also a Mexican. Count Dankula is not a Nazi, he is not Alt-Right and his content is not indistinguishable from the alt-right or other racist pieces of shit and you would know that were you not such a weak, unscrupulous person.

As for his video… It’s a fucking joke. It’s called edgy humor. It’s Irony. It’s satire. It means he doesn’t believe in the things he’s saying. It’s like a kid in elementary who cusses in class for the teacher to hear just to get a reaction out of them. Do you object to that kid in elementary class doing that? Maybe. Do you think that kid should be arrested?

Count Dankula did the very same shit. In the original pug video he said he wants to piss off his girlfriend. To piss her off he wanted to use her dog which is something she loves and teach it something “TERRIBLE” which is a Nazi salute. In that same infamous video he condemns Nazis.

Just like the child in school saying “Fuck” to get a reaction, CD teaches his girlfriends pug a Nazi Salute to get a reaction from his girlfriend.

Being ok with him being criminally charged for this means you support being charged FOR SAYING SOMETHING YOU DON’T MEAN. You are criminalizing a certain sense of HUMOR which hurts nobody because you disagree with it.

Ali G says:

As time goes on I find myself becoming more and more uncomfortable by people–regardless of political affiliation–strongly expressing an opinion about something and then, at the end, admitting that they either did not read or did not watch the thing they’re expressing an opinion about. You clearly only read an article, so at that point you’re expressing an opinion on someone else’s opinion. At least admit upfront that you’re not planning on referring to the source material.

Hunter Kasper says:

I would never unsub for a political opinion, that’s just me. I agree and disagree with them, but I think this podcast is entertaining and not necessarily purely political. It’s a hysterical musical and societal discussion podcast that happens to be witty as hell. Staying subbed 🙂

Twizzler C says:

Bro! You would do a review of Space Jam the morning after I watched that movie for the first time in FOREVER

SendHelp says:

Like the judge, you are basically saying that the context is irrelevant and that’s ignorance of reality.
The reason why he made the video is to piss off his girlfriend because his girlfriend kept going on about how cute the pug was so he wanted the pug to do the most disgusting thing, it wasn’t to push the Nazi ideology, it was making fun of the Nazis, infact there was a case when the Nazis where around where they almost arrested a guy for doing the same thing but they dropped the charges!

Lil Sharm says:

Great Podcast! I listen to it every week! Could you plz review PROUD by 2Chainz (yes, him) ft. YG and Offset. There’s a music vid for it now! The song is for once not completely about how great they are, instead, this song is about how their mothers inspired them and helped them succeed! The lyrics r kinda average, but at least they’re trying slightly different topics. Thanks!

Matt Rogers says:

For me the key problem with this is that you have mised the point of the controvrsy here.

You talk about “context” with the count dankula case; but you are ignoring the context of the case. because the problem with this is that the prosecution’s case centred around saying “context doesn’t matter” so by a precident in UK law this week even using the phrase whilst talking abiout this case you are as liable as him, because “context doesn’t matter”.

think the guy is an absolute douche, but he has the right to make a dumb, tone deaf joke. No matter how much I disagree with it. Because if he doesn’t we have big problems.

Ledjo ZZ says:

Review 44 more by logic

MistaXFacta says:

I believe that you guys are missing the point of the humor in the dog video. In no way, shape, or form is it trying to satirize or make fun of what happened to those affected by the actions of Nazi Germany, but to produce a ridiculous scenario using that controversial topic as a catalyst. The ridiculous scenario in this case obviously being a dog heiling Hitler. Just those three words together are enough to make someone laugh, but not at the expense of six millions jewish lives. I understand where the inherit offense comes from, but please understand that the humor portrayed in that video isn’t attacking anyone directly due to its reference to the Holocaust. Not all senses of humor will clique with everyone, and for equally varying and valid reasons. To say that because of the mention of Hitler in a joke that isn’t satirizing him is reason enough to have the video removed from YouTube is preposterous. I do believe that there should be at least some sort of restriction placed on this kind of humor to prevent those who have suffered from the content of it (such as rape, racism, etc.) from reliving painful past memories. But to say that perfectly normal people who mean no harm to anyone can’t dabble in the distasteful sense of humor fate bestowed upon them is inherently against freedom of speech.

All that aside, can’t wait for your next review, RC, shit’s cash.

scotcheggable says:

I’d like to point out that the national socialist government of Scotland has arrested and convicted a man for making fun of the nazis at the behest of a Jewish council. This is a very odd situation.

Atomsk0192 says:

I have never felt like a person understands me more than hearing how excited the Rap Critic was about Hit em High

Em S says:

Around 5:30, he hasn’t done anything with his videos. Regarding gleefully repeating those commands I feel like you didn’t watch the full video? It starts with him saying “My girlfriend is always going on about her dog- while she’s away I’m going to turn it into the worst thing imaginable; a Nazi.”

The joke is not, I can say horrible things to my dog (and laugh), it’s I’m training my girlfriends cute dog to do something absolutely horrible and she’s going to be so upset when she gets back.

At the time of uploading he wasn’t a ‘professional shitposter’ the guy had like 10 followers who were his friends. I’m not alt-right but I can see the danger in having a judge decide what’s grossly offensive and not need context.

Not that long ago talking about LGBTQ rights was gross and offensive. If we change the law to be so vague the next party in power could abuse it (if sending Dankula to prison isn’t already).

Tariah Furlow says:

People are unsubing because Rap Critic and Mues have opinions lmfaooooo.

Даниал Садриденов says:

Here is a thing, kids argument in nazi pug case is not really good because if your kids are 10-12 and you let them to watch a video with those jokes, you are a horrible parent. If your kid is learning about internetvideogamesmoovieswhatever, why would you let him go there by himself? If you as a parent not the one to protect your kids from learning edgy jokes and stuff, the hell are you good for then? Are you just the one whom busted a nut or ploped the child out? That shit ain`t enough. Internet, music or videogames are not responsible for what your child might learn. I`m so tired hearing an argument that internet must be super safe and raise your kid instead of you.

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