The Carters – Everything Is Love ALBUM REVIEW


Everything Is Love relies too heavily on its star power to feel anywhere near as consequential as Lemonade or 4:44.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


amanda son says:

Would u do nahko medicine for the people (any shit album) just so I can hear you rip them a new bum hole in the most elegant way possible <3

alexas hayes says:

I think you mistook the “Friends” song. Its not about making new friends, its about valuing the friends you have.

Odaka Kalu says:


TheLionsLoin says:

Lykke Li, so sad so sexy

Ashante Miller says:

– eye roll –

high horse says:

Jay Z has been trash for the past 6 years

Ingrid Shizue says:

You finally did it! I was waiting for it. I’ve been following Beyoncé’s work since Self-Titled. I was expecting so much more of this album and I think it carries a lot of cultural pressure because of the status of Bey and Jay as very succesful black artists, but the reality is awkward as you said. Compared to their other works is too poor for current the moment of their careers. And in 2 years even the beyhive will have to agree.

Nathan Bradley says:

I have always thought JAY Z is overrated as a rapper. He’s nowhere near the talent of modern rappers like Kanye (who obviously influenced 4:44) or Pusha T, let along legends like Biggie or Tupac. Beyonce however is on another level in her career. I was not a big fan of hers until her last 2 albums which are both excellent. Now I feel like she is a true artist. This album is alright to listen to while working out. I really haven’t paid THAT much attention to it even though I’ve listened to it a few times. It’s just not very memorable. Apes*** however is wonderful. I feel like this was a rushed project to come out at the same time as the 3 albums by Kanye just released (DAYTONA being one of them).

Vex Rosenberg says:

Lol, people defended blade more than jayz and beyonce

Frups N says:

I agree with your take on Pharell’s song and how awkward Jay (and Bey) sound on trap beats, but remember Anthony,

Jay *wrote* the Still song for Dr Dre.

Cooki Buttxz says:

conspiracy theory, Anthony is a cyborg

Cashew Chestnut says:


Stephen Sullivan says:

pls review jorja smith’s new album lost and found


Can u do rolling papers 2 please

RedRaids says:

Disagree with pretty much everything but still enjoyed the review.

Omari Monyé Truth says:

Jay-Z and Beyonce are booth overrated

rewris says:

4:04 Confused*

Lachlan McNeil says:

Sick Nails shirt bro.

Justin Mays says:

Boyyy you lost me with this one! Nice try though.

tonyk174 says:

I like that album

andrew allan says:

thought it had a couple of decent tracks but in general a pile of shite

Mobi says:

Your moustache looks like dirt

LowkeyLoki says:

I liked Nice better when it was called Neon Guts

CeyGree says:

I suppose you did your best to provide an objective review but what’s missing here is your misunderstanding of the cultural and fan base significance of the album.

King Wiafe says:

I disagree. I think the album is better than what people give it credit for. I can appreciate it not grabbing and moving the masses on the first listen but it definitely grows better the more ones really listens to it as a complete body of art. I give this album a 7.5.

Jerome Johnson says:

Where’s the Beastmode 2 review?

Frances the Mute says:

I see that XXX record in the background, I want a new Danny Brown album.

Abraham BJ says:

Apeshit is that song

Paulina Panduro says:

Review High as Hope by Florence and the Machine please, sweet melon baby.

Fat Nasty Trash says:

usually i allow my melon dad to fill me with opinions.

but i like boss and apeshit. they hit hard.

YouTube Assistant says:

“FaSt lIkE A lAMbO”

Joel Durén says:

5 is too high IMO 🙂

Steve M says:

American hip hop is dead

fonk u says:

the album is fire idgaf what noboday say, friends and black effect are flawless

Jbomb27 says:

This album is a strong 8 or light 9

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