The Most DISAPPOINTING Rap Album of 2017…

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Hey guys!
Today we are gonna be discussing what I thought the most disappointing rap album of 2017 was. And that album is… Everybody by Logic. Now why do I think Everybody was the most disappointing album of 2017? Well I try to explain why throughout the video.
Keep in mind that I am a huge fan of Logic, and I am only saying this album is disappointing because my expectations were so high for it. I’m not saying Everybody is the worst rap album of 2017, just that it fell super short of my expectations. So watch the video to see why I think this!

Logic “Everybody” –

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Benjamins Teixeira says:

I honestly loved this album until I watched this video and learned what the concept was supposed to be

That Strange Boy says:

I thought you were going to say Revival

Papa- savage says:


Jake Hayes says:

4:16. The perspective of the gay man trying to tell him family was on the 0800 track (the phone number one) :/

Xander Mckie says:

Isn’t 1-800 about the gay guy though?

faggotron says:

I 100% agree with everything said . Especially under pressure being the best

JaredPlayz29 says:

Haha i watched this 3 months ago but i dont know why its a flop cause its nice and i always see it on billboard

EvanCanDefeat says:

Who else guessed it? I did

MoodySeekShots says:

I thought it was going to be revival when he mentioned the fan base

Aquafina says:

The gay man thing was on 1-800

Logan Shuffit says:

Thank got.

I thought u were gonna say revival

Matt Snell says:

Pretty sure the gay thing is literally the entire song of 1800. He might have meant the video reflects it or something

Rep Slegt says:

Kkr mogol, are you facking debiel

Doom Beast says:

Bro how is the album about him being biracial when he talks about himself on like 2 songs

_*Young Gazelle*_ says:

Africanary, ink blot, and the first half of Mos Definitlet are the only songs I enjoyed

Zem GoldLine says:

Revival > Everybody

b.nix says:

But anxiety is from the perspective of anxiety itself

LBJ The Laker says:

Thank you!!!



Lil Pump is more disappointing

ixo gaming says:

him rapping in the perspective of a black gay person was literally all of 1-800-273-8255

Problematic says:

i might sound retarded rn but i didnt really care about what the songs meant i just new that they were super lit

Andrew Woods says:


Charlie Taaffe says:

Who can’t relate wooo

The Gaming Bandit says:

Thought revival would be here

Ace Replays says:

It feels like I’m the only one who liked the album.

chris Hybes says:

I do get where you’re coming from but everybody is the first album I listened to by logic I need suggestions of what songs to listen the only songs I heard from logic that are not on everybody is 5am which was amazing young SinatraIII which was beautiful and super mario world which was mehhh

-Niklaattori - says:

I loved this album

CDTVProductions says:

Fun Fact: Logic is biracial

Beat you all to it

…Also Soulja Boy started rapping in 2007

Zeke says:

Black spider man is about stereotypes

1800 has a gay person who is coming out to his family

Shuckable says:

Anthony Fantano put it well, the song “Everybody” sounds like a Kendrick Lamar rip-off from TPAB. I personally think it sounds like “Alright”

ImpeachedLamb says:

what about 1800

Arran Sherry says:

The song about the gay guy not being able to come out to his dad is 1-800

sekira says:

The thumbnail spoils the entire video. You can see the Everybody cover when the picture moves. Idk if you can fix that, but anyway just wanted to let you know

diesel101raw says:

I wont lie the 1 thing that did annoy me was Logic & J Cole song being basically 2 different songs. Sorry I truly don’t count that as a Collab

Slim ps says:

Thought it was revival

SkylerXV says:

Good video wth some great points, I love Logic and I liked the Album, I cannot honestly tackle your points. Eye opening really

Also the album looks, and sounds like it had multiple tracks CUT out. As some context is missing throughoit

T C says:


Sant Games says:

4:09 u mean 1 800 273 2855 well the vid

Ace of Cards 101 says:

The song from a gay mans perspective is 1-800

Some Aussie C*nt says:

Welcome to forever is my favourite. Better than most albums these days.

Rpk Rpk says:

Cho cho chopped

austin42700 says:

I love most videos on your channel but this one I 150% disagree with.. this album and songs on it changed people’s lives.

David Kovacovich says:

Besides America,Ink Blot, and J Coles secret verse on AfricAryan this album is really bad

EastSide Lunchable says:


Chris Bohn says:

Everyone was a great album

Range says:

I’ve loved Logic since his mixtapes but I don’t even listen to his new music like I haven’t been able to listen to all of Everybody yet because it just doesn’t appeal to me in the ways that Under Pressure did or TITS did, I still listen to songs off of those albums but anything past it I just can’t and I hope that Logic can go back to the way he has previously been

not tiaran says:

Only 90s kids will Renner when this was called the biggest album flop of 2017

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