max nazario says:

Surf and lux got the best freestyles by far so i put those 2 at the top
All released some good projects

Jonnel Dawson says:

I always forget to like, comment and subscribe lol. You da man tho Henny! Showing love to my fellow DMV brother. #SoggyNachosPodcast

H OC says:

I DIED when he said “if you wasn’t my dad then I wouldn’t” lmaooooooooo

max nazario says:

Check out benny the butcher album that dropped recently
One of My favorite albums of last yr
Think you would like that

Vakashi Sensei says:

You should call these reviews Trap by Track!

reyez says:

What if probably best song on the tape

Tony Hawkins Music says:

Lmao the quote of the video “what do you mean by trappers” smart kids lol

Cash Bonanza says:

I fuck wit henny and his whole movement but nobody can say battle truth aint a factor in this community. Truth reviewed the surf album and henny first album review is the same joint. No shot I like both platforms I honestly would pay to see 3 the hardway + The trappers interview = Kill shots that joint would be the blog of the year

Big Kurt says:

This nigga is more fire than I thought omg he can rap rap

Cash Bonanza says:

Henny u have the platform to push the best dmv battle rappers call it the spotlight do it once a month. Bring on the best up and comer from that area that we need to look out for…..#KillShot

AndreaSpeakz says:

*side note*
I took the “give the pussy back” line as basically saying don’t cuff her…don’t try to keep it and claim it as yours.

Tyson Fraser says:

Tsu surf is by far the best battle rapper to make music no debating what so ever

Antonio Jones says:

Check out Ave Validate. Surf album crazy I listened to it twice already

Nico Frausto says:

We all trappers

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