Views From The 6: REVIEW By A Rap Coach!

What y’all opinion on this one?

Main points mentioned:

Positives –
The dope songs are FIRE
It’s as good if not better than other Drake albums
Replay value seems high initially

Negatives –
It’s sequenced and sounds like other Drake projects
It doesn’t add any new dimensions to his discography
Possibly some unnecessary tracks on there


Hasnt says:

Keep the Family Close, Redemption, Feel No Ways, & Still here are my favorite

Hova 1987 says:

im not the biggest fan of drake but i have songs of his thats dope.tried my best to feel this album and just couldnt. this is his jayz “kingdom come” to me. its not bad its he just sounds too comfortable. he needs to find some new inspiration.


Totally agree, it misses a new dimension or doesn’t really change much from his previous work, and there is that expectation from the fans that he grows with his music. I think It was a very well compiled album, majority of people came to the Album expecting just hip hop tracks without understanding the entire context of the album. he’s way of targeting and growing his audience is very strategic, for people who drive, old and young, and as far as getting your mum to like it, dude is winning, because your mum will appreciate it. Trust me, mine does lol. If you really re-listen – this music will be timeless. It does have its flaws but it a good compilation. Nigga knows how to win the world over.

Controversial Mann says:

Could u do mo reviews your a good reviewer

patricko40 says:

drake is still completely different from other rap artist. He raps and sings. he appeals to the ladies. that’s is majority of his fan base. he been at the top of game for a while. Now so why fix something that is not broken. kanye album although different wasn’t that great at all me personally, he stop being good after college drop out. drake is making good music and his last album is better than his first.

Joshua Harrington says:

Born and raised Az
Born and raised crazy
Listen to what I gotta say
Seen so much on this Odyssey
Everything been an oddity
Seen all this atrocity
Almost like a pornagraphy
People speaking of theology
All this animosity
But its all ideology
We’re not thinking consciously
We’re thinking way to hastly
Quit trying to think safely
Things aren’t what they seem lately!

To be continued…
Let me know what yall think!

Nadalia2U says:

Like jayz said you need to listen to all albums atleast 3x to even understand what an why it’s being said.

nate white says:

Am i really high or was every word dimension, my high is in a new dimension.

Az cardinalds says:

Hotline bling with almost a billion views check that out its crazy

Tracula Beats says:

In the interview with Zane Lowe, Drake talked about why he sequenced the tracks how he did. He said the flow of the album, start to finish, represents the seasons in Toronto, starting off with the beginning of winter, like….fall…i guess. And I defntly felt that with the first track. Then he says the middle of the album transitions into summer, so i guess thats the songs for the ladies and whatnot. Then the transition back to winter, i guess near the end. He explained it like, in Toronto there is 2 extremes: Really fuckin hot, to super fuckin cold. And it affects the whole vibe and shit. 6ers go crazy every summer cause ya gotta stay in all winter.

Lamont Williams says:

this was the perfect review by the rap coach….exactly how I feel

mram3610 says:

I think his album Views From the 6 is near perfect and I don’t really listen to a lot of rap

He Hate me says:

Music takes time grow on you!!! It’s not like s movie where you watch it once and you come up with an opinion this album has depth and may take a while for it to grow on you

StoppableElm says:

Nigga looks like The Rock

Jerell Hayes says:

He still appeal to birches but to real niggaz he died from the meek beef

DjPlatform204 says:

This album is just like every other Drake album. Each of his albums have like 3 to 5 good songs on it, then the rest are fillers. But then again, most albums these days are like that. The bar for dope albums has really come down from the 80s/90s era.

TROLLERcoaster says:

Drakes a bitch. Been biting other rappers since day one. Half his hits are either remakes of classics or written by someone else. No talent bottom line

LacesUntied says:

The basic Drake album not his best but not a bad album to chill and listen to..

James Rice says:

Nice review, relatable. And this album has some heat!

Marr Tinnn says:

2014. Forest hills dr changed game back up, as in how we listen to music and what we refer to as good albums, then Kendrick dropped TPAB and RIPPED the game. I feel like this is why drakes album won’t be feeling the same anymore because there’s a certain level of I guess lyricism and message expected that he kind of misses on.

LHeiT Productions says:

Production was dope. Intro was fire to me and the transitions between the tracks were spot on….. I think he intended for this album to be a slow burn…..Peep everybody’s reaction in 2 months, as always……

Come to think of it, we haven’t even seen the visuals yet…. Always makes a difference.

Niall Garland says:

It’s not the great he thinks it is at the moment but damn I can vibe to this the whole way through summer 16 no doubt.

Poetentiary Nights says:

I agree with the video. I said the same thing about this sounding like previous Drake albums

Cameon MaciasRobertson says:

I think the album is garbage hahaha. This shit isnt rap. Listen to Joey Bada$$, Logic, Kendrick, Cole, etc. those guys are the real MCs in the game Drake isnt shit. There are way more talented guys out there that should be wayy bigger like Hopsin and even Logic they should be at the top of the game. I cant stand Wheelchair Jimmy haha

Captainsoap64 says:

Doesn’t talk about Toronto his hometown
That’s where I come in with my mixtape
Operation Toronto

mike Jordan says:

I feel like reviews go through a hole album track by track. I skip through & find songs that I like at first & replay them like crazy. When I get tired of of those particular songs all the others start to grow on me… Please stop expecting so much from Drake & appreciate the music.

samantha s says:

Feel no way was the best song the album was okay nothing was the same was best album

Jesse says:

@HowtoRap listen to the interview he did with Zane Lowe. Explains the layout of the album, actually pretty dope.

djwarzone1 says:

you do good reviews

Nlr1982 says:

My opinion is you shouldn’t give a review after one listen… If you wanna review really take the time to listen and disect every song before you run to YouTube to post a review. I have been listening to Views since Thursday night non stop and I must say this album is a classic just my opinion though.

viewsonichomie says:


Rick Sanchez says:

those who can’t do, teach.

Lauren Finesse says:

I think that with this album Drake is doing a more island/reggae feel. This is different than his previous album. I loved the album

#RollTide #RiseUp says:

haven’t been a hardcore drake fan since his early work. he kinda lost his way, and tried too hard at being the tough guy with his latest releases such as IYRTITL and WATTBA. That being said, there were a couple songs in here I just wasn’t feeling at all. Controlla and Pop Style are two that I can absolutely do without. Weston Roads Flows, Redemption, Keep the Family Close, and U With Me take it back to that old Drake. it just seems like the more vulnerable he is with his music, the better his songs seem to turn out. but overall I enjoyed this album.

I Went To Harvard says:

Views was trash he had so many struggle bars and his tracks were very one dimensional

Giovanni Giaco says:

album is average bad review

Brian Lopez says:

B.R.~ Its Time(prod. by REKLESS BEATS) – SoundCloud – Listen to B.R.~ Its Time(prod. by REKLESS BEATS) by S.I.G #np on #SoundCloud used hype beat from views

Neccowells1777 says:

for those who is saying the album starts slow and ends fast. drake said it in his interview with zane. the theme of the album is the seasons in Toronto. from winter to summer, back to winter. he wants it to transition like the seasons.

Lamont Williams says:

a lay back smooth album…sort of a “Take Care” feel…..definitely not a classic….his classic was IYRTITL…..

hop money says:

Safe ass review that shit banging

james jessup My problem says:

I am the only one who Loves “U with me”?

Dean Kakalowsky says:

Review Fire In The Church by Montana of 300?

RythmicalJoni says:

i felt it was a modern combination of thank me later and take care, not that bad actually, but it didn’t grasp much interest

Momma Poe says:

Nothing was the same and comeback season is the only drake I enjoyed front to back and his features be okay

Cole Lamar says:


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