Woolly Reviews: Earl Sweatshirt – Some Rap Songs (Album Review)

In this edition of Woolly Reviews The Granddad talks about the new album from Earl Sweatshirt entitled “Some Rap Songs”. The album is out now!

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William Clarke says:

This is alright to me man I get what he’s doing but the lo fi sound isn’t for me I have no issues with his bars (it’s Earl he’s one of the best spitters this decade) and I like the content but the music itself isn’t that good. I think of this as a lo fi yeezus but if yeezus had better bars but the beats aren’t mixed right (it’s his cherry bomb). I think people are truly overhyping this way too much and I get it cause he’s been gone for a long time

A Bear with phone 408 says:

I met Earl, Tyler, Taco, Jasper, Lucas, and Left Brain at the OF store in L.A. a year or so before Wolf. Tyler wasn’t very nice but I kinda expected that, Earl was cool though he really didn’t want to take no pictures, didn’t get to talk to Jasper, Taco, or Lucas much, and Left Brain smelled like stale bongs water and cheetos.

David Rowe says:

I understand people not being to enjoy the mixes on here sonically, but I think a lot of the time he uses this unconventional mixing to amplify the emotions he’s feeling on a given song. Like on Red Water, he’s saying things like “stock on my shoulder I was sinking,” and the way is vocals are mixed it actually sounds like he’s underwater. Another is Nowhere2go where he’s talking about being in a rut and lost in life, and the beat on there keeps peaking and washing over his voice, making it sound like he’s stuck in the middle of a hazy cloud which perfectly summarizes what he’s talking about on the song. So I mean obviously if people can’t get with the mixes I totally understand, it’s a super subjective thing, but for people like me who enjoy the super lo-fi, rough aesthetic, it also adds a lot of emotional weight to the songs to since the mixes convey his fragmented mind-state just as well as his lyrics. As of now this has gotta be my AOTY, I’ve listened to this thing like 50 times since it dropped and I just can’t put it down.

William Lavagna says:

I really don’t get how people like this album so much.

paul banks says:

This album is an immaculate masterpiece from start to finish. and also this project got universal acclaim just like his previous albums like Doris and IDLSIDGO.

Naimon Valley says:

Where do I begin?

To be honest, at first listen I don’t like it. And it’s because of the production and the mixing as well. Mostly the mixing, like sometimes I had to stop the album because of how badly mixed it was and I couldn’t understand what Earl was saying, and I have been an Earl fan for a long time and I have been waiting all year for this? Like wtf, man? Yeah, it’s lo-fi, but you need to give me good mixing to the table. And I’m glad you used Madlib (my favorite producer) as an example because his music is lo-fi too, but it was mixed pretty well. Earl’s new album, at first though, no. But after a couple of listens (took me 3 days since release), I ended up liking it a little bit. But like you said, this album should be mixed a little bit better. Right now, I enjoyed some songs, but it’s still a wash mostly because of the mixing. And I know there are going to be Earl fans going at me like “you don’t understand”, “it’s Earl”, “this is a masterpiece”. It’s not a masterpiece. It’s good, it’s decent, but it should have been a little bit better.

And apologies for the longest comment ever. Guess you had to tell the truth in the comment section, huh?

Heart&Soul Productions says:

I’m not feeling this album super letdown for me I usually like depressing music it’s adjustable known my listening ear has changed for real. Earl down in the dumps can’t vibe wit this one 2/4 stars. Nowhere2go is my least favorite song on here. Great review as always!

Tonyisgaming says:

So, if someone as a listener wants a dissonant and muddy album… wouldn’t you say this is solid for that?
I think intention is important in art.
If Earl was trying to create a semantic album… then this would be a horrible album.
But since it’s obvious that he made it so broken was intentional… that means a lot.
There’s famous piano pieces that sound like a piano falling down a staircase which are considered well respected due to their emotion they convey. These songs have high praise because they achieved their goal masterfully.
Earl did the same.
And if you think Earl didn’t mix it because he can’t afford it…
You don’t know about Earls connections. He’s worked with many talented producers who would mix the shit for free. Alchemist, of all people, was discussing how there’s certain people he would produce for free, anytime anyplace… and Earl was one of them.
I also believe we have another semantic album coming soon from Earl with a much different vibe. Probably next Spring. Would make sense as we’re entering the cold dead winter, and this album matches that vibe. Would make sense to have the complete opposite come out in the spring.

Melvin Slaughter says:

Great review Granddad!,not really feeling this Album,maybe it’ll grow on me..also would you mind reviewing that new Benny the Butcher Album Tana Talk 3??

funnyboyi says:

The reason why the album is called some rap songs is because that’s what it was to him, just some rap songs but it’s also him going for a raw “less is more” approach, the songs have extreme depth to them and all follow the same themes of mental health and his parents which is how they all fit together, I feel like this is his most cohesive album yet in terms of the style of its sound and themes, also the last 3 tracks were all dedicated to his dad who died, that’s what peanut is about, and the riot song is dedicated to his uncle or family friend who also died around the same time, every song is also purposefully looped so every songs goes right to the next one ,he’s trying to pack tons of depth into short songs rapped over looped beats, for me none of these songs sound incomplete the lyrics have way to much depth for me to agree with that, the album is supposed to be listened to as one full experience, and that’s when it works best, not as individual songs, and the lofi style of it fits perfectly coming off real raw and purposefully glitchy almost representing his state of mind, the only song where it’s really hard to hear earl is eclipse, otherwise I love the sound of the album personally even tho it is a personal taste thing

Wesley Rocco says:

THANK YOU Granddad!!! I thought I was tripping when I listened to this album and noticed the mixing was offfffff as hell. I can’t stand bad mixes you know, so when I saw people praising this album I just couldn’t believe it. Like you said there are some gems fo sho Shattered Dreams, December 24, The Bends but besides those, I can’t see why this album is getting so hyped up. In my opinion, if someone unknown had made this project then I think people wouldn’t care or maybe even trash it but since it’s an Earl Sweatshirt project people take it more seriously and call it an “artistic statement” I agree with what you said, it’s a mixed bag with some gems, some mehs, and some forgettable tracks.

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