Woolly Reviews: Nas – NASIR (Album Review)

In this edition of Woolly Reviews The Granddad talks about the new album from Hip Hop living legend Nas entitled “NASIR”. The album is out now!

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Backhand Things says:

only preemo can bring nas back to full form

Venonous Villain says:

It’s a good album, but it left a lot to be desired. For one, Nas isn’t the type of artist that can get away with a 7 song album. We needed to hear more of Nas since this is like what, his first album in 10 million years? The brevity here didn’t work for me. Second, the beats didn’t blew me away, but they were good for what they were. So i’ll give a solid 7/10 for the strong lyrics, but that’s about it, and I’m a big Nas stan btw lol

I just want Nas to finally do an album with Preemo like he’s been teasing us for years he would do!!!!

RemotePlay Mob says:

The guy who sings on “Bonjour” is Kanye West cousin “Tony Williams”- to me, that’s the best song on the album, next to white label

Christopher Mezidor says:

The dream doesn’t get enough credit for his great hooks and choruses!

William Clarke says:

I think this is a very good album but I think this is like Ye in that it needed to be longer. The last 3 songs are what I wanted more of the album to be cause i felt it was missing something in the beginning and this is coming from me who hasn’t heard a single nas project. The sample on Cops shot the kid was really grating to my ears but Kanye’s verse was better than Nas who I thought was drowned out by the sample and it has me wondering why he doing good on other projects but not his own. I think people still wanted him to addresss that kelis situation but I think they need to stop expecting it

Frank says:

We really waited 6 years for this. It’s a good album with 1-2 tracks with replay value. Hopefully that album he has with Premier sees the light one day and makes up for this mess. 6/10. Great review Granddad.

BlackFlame450 says:

This is a good album by Nas but its not his best or not his worst like you mention its a solid middle ground tier record. Nas is on point on his lyricism and the concept is done well and the production by Kanye was good but not as remarkable like Daytona. My favorite tracks on the album is Everything, Simple Things, and maybe Not for the Radio. To me honestly this is a solid 7 to 7.5 record but I expected more from it and I feel that it needs more time and maybe another track or two. Thanks for the review Granddad and look forward to your Jay Rock review.

Mr. D says:

Album was dope 2 more songs it would be in his top 4,if everything is not memorable I don’t know what is.

Al B. says:

I’m a fan too, but it’s time for people to be real about this EP….it’s not that good at all. 3 songs out of 7 are good the rest are throw-aways, boring, or just bad. Lyrically Nas is on point, but this EP has almost zero replay value. After so much time and the decision to drop just an EP this should’ve been much better. Honestly I’m disappointed and I hope he drops something much better before the year ends.

Mr & Mrs Plummer says:

Good review

Naimon Valley says:

Solid album overall. But is it there more to be desired? Yes. Is it as great as Illmatic? No. But it is what it is. Now I’m waiting for DEHH to review this!

Wesley Rocco says:

I’m a huge Nas fan and supporter but I’m keeping it 100, this album was a huge disappointment. I agree with you 100% with your review and I hold him to high standards as well so this was like a sloppy album with rushed tracks and no real concept or structure and even his lyrical skill wasn’t up to par (Bonjour had some cringe bars bro don’t lie) I’m not going to be listening to this and Simple Things is the best song by far

nick albano says:

It’s crazy because he’s like 44 years old he only looks 30. I thought it was a pretty decent album but I’m hesitant to call it that because it’s only seven tracks.

Nick Rubio says:

Nah, you had some good points, I agree and you are very respectful about it

Antony Morris says:

Great interview the album sounds dope

Jimmy Bawa says:

Slow down motherfucker!!@

AdamAndEve AAE says:

Don’t compare Nas to he’s own albums.. he’s not competing against himself.. to me it’s a classic.. they went for a smooth laid back vibe on the album.. and they succeeded. Y’all don’t appreciate dope ish.. busy tryna compare this album to he’s last. Compare it to the other artists work

Michael Dunn says:

Liked it, but it’s just good. I’m not sure how much shelf life it has.

Jimmy Bawa says:

This fucker looks mad for no reason …lol

Raphael Carmo says:

This album should’ve been special but it wasn’t because of Nas, I’m sorry, I love him, he’s one my favorites, god mc, but lyrically and flow wise it was not a-game Nas, he was unfocused and uninspired most of the time, if kanye had given the same beats for Pusha, in the moment this nigga is right know as an mc, that shit would be fire.

Hunterese says:

I need that Nas and DJ Premier album thy were working on, also that Lost Tapes 2. I still feel this Nas project is more of an EP than anything, what all these Ye albums are. I still want King Push from Pusha T too, lol

Millyon Eyedeaz says:

Naw Bruh, this his worst project, unless we counting The Firm.
Poorly executed and i blame that on the executive producer.
Ill measure it like this (for those who claim this is his best album lol)

“one love” is better than every song on #NASIR
“I gave you power” is better than every song on #NASIR
“undying love” is better than every song on #NASIR
“Rewind” is better than every song on #NASIR
“I can” is better than every song on #NASIR
“Cant forget about you” is better than every song on #NASIR
“Where’s the love” is better than every song on #NASIR

bowling 4clarity says:

The overall production is good but the beats are just okay, and Nas is rapping generic verses, the wisdom is there, but the delivery sounds kinda dated .

Ultra Wolf says:

The review i’ve been waiting for!!

Vladimir Klizschko says:

Am i the only one who thunks that Kanye wrote the “Eye Witness” and “Thriller Jacket” lines.

Isaiah Townsend says:

Definitely Kanye should’ve scaled back on cops shot the kid beat just felt lagging in the verses however, Nas delivers as expected to the fullest first Track mentality to set the tone for the album.
Not for radio, Adam and eve, everything are the best songs on the album despite false history line: fox news created by black dude? Ahh No I’d find very hard to believe. Why didn’t he addressed Kelis situation? I’ll say a 6.5/10

ERICK CH says:

Where’s the redemption review ??

Abdullah Qadir says:


RemotePlay Mob says:

I would rather wait another 5 years for another Nas album, than the trash ass so-called rap albums that will come out next week, and no doubt the week after that…

Oldschoolrap91 says:

Really good review.
Totally agree with you.
I’d rate it 7/10.
Adam & Eve is an amazing track and my favorite on that album.

Millyon Eyedeaz says:

now that we got the Kanye experiment featuring Nas, we need that real album he had done before he went to Wyoming. i agree with R.A. the rugged man, this “album” IS a disappointment.

Illmatic aside, #LifeIsGood is far superior, production, lyrical, concept and execution-wise. this #Nasir album made me start playing it again..

paul banks says:

I love this album from start to finish and i really don’t give a shit what anybody says.

Ocean Sage says:

Nasir is only okay. Nas dropped the ball lyrically stating nonsense bars and ignorant statements. His flow is super dull for these hard Kanye beats. Also, Kanye did not mix the album properly at all. It’s like a 6 or 7/10 tops.

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