5 Albums to Get You Into MODERN PROG

The long awaited follow up to the classic prog video (for some of you anyway), here is my 5 Albums to Get You Into MODERN PROG

Let me know your favourite Modern Prog albums in the comments section below!




1) Steven Wilson – the Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories) (2013)
2) Kevin Gilbert – The Shaming Of The True (2000)
3) Spock’s Beard – Snow (2002)
4) The Mars Volta – Frances The Mute (2005)
5) Haken – Aquarius (2010)


5 Albums to Get You Into MODERN PROG – https://open.spotify.com/user/deepcutsplaylists/playlist/0yBQM0rpLLcTQZauW6Kko0
MORE Albums to Get You Into MODERN PROG – https://open.spotify.com/user/deepcutsplaylists/playlist/5NgEK80vuB1NkGMFlZyW7W


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Cats, Coffee & Guitars says:

Loving how you implemented Haken into the list ^_^ !

moonage daydream says:

For me, a prog band today has to record and use the same type of analog instruments as all the bands used back in the early 1970’s. Old mellotrons, organs. No digital technology what so ever. no auto tuning. Record using tape. Would they do it, could they fuck. Prog was all about the sound from the technology of the day. Played and recorded with blood sweat and tears! Everything was about being creative. Modern prog sounds metal to me. I like heavy metal, but i don’t like hearing those heavy metal grungy riffs in prog. Let metal be metal, and prog be prog. Mixing the two just pisses me off.

Eraser says:

Nice one….just ordered the Mars Volta Frances The Mute. I already own Hakens Aquarius and while I think it is their best album, I always hated the death growls on the first two songs. They just don´t fit within Hakens music and Jennings is not good at growling. But the rest of the album surely makes up for it.

Snuppeluppen søppelsopp says:

Haken, meh. Highly skilled musicians but the consepts and some of the arrangments are slightly over the top, i would`t say pretentious and i like the impressionistic feel, its mostly when they try to make those Gentle Giant inspired quasi contrapuntal parts from albums like the Mountain that it gets a bit half executed. And like many modern prog bands i think that its much filler in between the choruses of much of their work. I am not trying to bash Haken, as Haken is undeniably a great modern prog Group. But i dont think Aquarius is one of those five albums, but again this was Your opinion. I completely agree with you that the Raven that refused to sing, which a masterpiece of modern progressive rock. If it was up to me i would add Angherr shispa by Koenjihyakkei, which is a modern Zeuhl masterpiece!

Snuppeluppen søppelsopp says:

The flower kings, Back in the world of adventures.

Luis Gonzalez says:

I see Frances the Mute, i SMASH like

gabriel dincao says:

Man what a perfect world you guys live, i’m from brazil and feel like I’m the only person that really likes prog rock, while on england it’s a cultural thing

deep_cucks says:


An Actual Rhythm Guitarist says:

Five albums t get you into death metal!

James Whitehead says:

Bridge Across Forever by Transatlantic because it has second best prog track of all time (behind Awaken) – Stranger in your Soul!

Aniket Sanyal says:

your channel is an incredible appreciation of music, and much appreciated by me! thanks especially for this video, great records on display here.

Fernando Morales says:

steven wilson is the great pathriarc of progg on this days

Rocinante01 says:

You had me at Steven Wilson. And I think I have a man crush on u. In a creepy sort of way. Lol

Llama Duck says:

I like the prog definition of rock using classical/jazz etc styles of composition

Deepthony Cutstano says:

2:40 ooof

justin hamline says:

Why Frances and not Deloused on the list? Not judging at all. Just curious.

Dogboggle says:

I am extremely upset you didn’t include Between The Buried And Me on this list, absolutely one of the greatest bands of all time and definitely some music you really need to check out

Akashavayu says:

Prog Heads…check
out Gong Shamal cd…this is an amazing album that some how I missed
in the 70’s. I am not a huge David Allen fan and he is not on this cd
but this reminds me of all the prog jazz bands playing in the early
to mid 70’s…Brand X, Passport, Genesis, Weather Report, Bill
Bruford, Caravan (with the quirky awkward lyrics) Yes, and even Miles
Davis. all wrapped into one! The old adege fits here(hear)…if you
don’t like the music currently playing wait 20 secs and it will
change. This has made its way quickly into my top 5 all time cds! I
highly recommend headphones and a some gangja…you will not be
disappointed.! Let me know what you all think?

Ryan Delorme says:

Sound Awake by Karnivool is my favourite album in this genre, I’ve never heard a better finale to an album than Deadman + Change

Kraz3e987 says:

Once you get acquainted to Prog and get used to the “epics” (any Prog song 10 minutes or longer) you absolutely have to check out Spock’s Beards 27 minute epic The Great Nothing. It was actually slightly based off of Kevin Gilbert himself and you can really see the parallels between The Great Nothing, and The Shaming of the True. Both are focused of the way fame can bring the downfall of creative individuals in the biz.

Hiro Hiroka says:

oceansize ? 🙁

Justin Champa says:

I certainly could’ve gone without the mockery of his tragic death, but thank you for introducing people to the genius of Kevin Gilbert. To those who are having difficulty finding access to his music, check out Kevin Gilbert titles and projects here!


Xlerb_Again_to_Music says:

Excellent tribute to The Shaming – a live version, bright, tight, good listen. Sampler here: youtu.be / 3cK835QTRmU

Wamos says:

My favorite has been three trapped tigers

hollywoodraptor0016 says:

I like the new At the Drive In album. Bite me!

Also good list by the way.

Prog Rock Anarchy says:

Gotta say Im not a big fan of snow. I much prefer V. I feel like the first four spocks beard albums were building up to V and that was their masterpiece. I don’t think snow was particularly progressive either. The first five albums all slowly built up their sound then snow didn’t really do anything new I think.

Death Alchemist says:

Image maker on Shaming of the true might be one of my favorite cover songs.

Sem Assunto says:

Oceansize – Frames
Anekdoten – Until All The Ghosts Are Gone
Phideaux – Doomsday Afternoon
Rishloo – Feathergun
The Dear Hunter – A.c.t lll

Moises says:

Mars Volta sucks

The Father's Zwei says:

Can’t believe you put Kevin Gilbert on your list, you just earned a subscriber! (btw, to anyone who reads this, Thud is a great album he did too)

TwixtheWizard says:

Opinions on Progressive Metal?

cuttygrass says:

Frances SLAPS!

Flynn Hanbury Tenison says:

Pls do top 5 albums to get u into djent

gazfunk says:

No mention of Cardiacs.

Station 2Station says:

Prog Criteria:

1. The lyrics were written with a thesaurus nearby.
2. There is likely a Minimoog and ARP Solina string synthesizer somewhere on the album.
3. The time signature is not divisible by 2…and won’t be the same by the end of the song.
4. The album cover could appear airbrushed on the side of a van.
5. Multiple times through the album there is a triumphant buildup to nothing (Haken and Dream Theater prime offenders).
6. The guitarist and keyboardist trade volleys of the Lydian and Phrygian modes.  Gads….

GodFather's Lollipop says:

In keeping secrets of silent earth: 3 – Coheed & Cambria

Jon Pickles says:

Some great choices. Some I agree with. Thanks for the video. I agree about Radiohead more alt-rock although OK Computer is their most progressive album.

Bob Black says:

I’d recommend TILES for modern prog.

FireShack says:

Not my favorite Spock’s Beard album, but Neal Morse era is my preferred choice so, sweet!

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