AC/DC – “Rock or Bust” (Album Review)

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My review of legendary hard rock band AC/DC’s 16th album “Rock or Bust”.

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“Rock or Bust”
Columbia Records
Release: 12/2/14
Rating: 3.5/5

Favorite tracks: Rock or Bust, Baptism By Fire, Play Ball, Dogs of War, Sweet Candy

Least faves: Miss Adventure, Hard Times, Emission Control

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LOL Icon says:

While I’m not much of an ACDC fan, I can definitely respect them for being able to be around so long without sounding super old; I wouldn’t be able to tell whether one of their songs was from the 80s or today!
-BTW, there’s a band called Conquer Divide that will be putting out their first album sometime in the future, would you review it when it comes out?

jeff emerson says:

Another great album by ac/dc. Though I wish they had released something sooner, like 3 years after black ice, but considering malcolm young’s issue’s I honestly need to shut the fuck up. Wish Angus young experimented with more slide guitar though, stormy may day was awesome as fuck. Also I wouldn’t be shocked if they replaced phil, his drumming wasn’t as good like on say back to black or razor’s edge.

Jimirulz1 says:

A solid album by AC/DC. I was impressed by how they keep it so catchy and also bring the rock after all these years.

DarklordShadow says:

You could review Highway To Hell & or Back In Black or even For Those About To Rock

Jackie Jones says:

There not from Australia! Brian is from Newcastle England and the rest of the band are from Scotland.

MrPCSniperFi says:

brian sounds about as good as he did on The Razor’s Edge here if you ask me.

Zachary Anthony says:

Catchy but forgettable and half arsed. Shame, because there some iconic riffs on it, it’s just the average vocals and shit lyrics. “Feeling like some hot cross buns”-Miss Adventure. Great.. just imagine those riffs with Bon Scott’s lyrics and voice. This album was a reheated meal, and I’m a huge acdc fan. I’m just telling it how it is. I welcome an album with Axl Rose if he can bring something new to the table, because I know he’ll aim to do it in acdc style and not try to pioneer the band musically. That’s just what fans need, even if they hate the idea of Axl recording with Angus under the acdc name. As much as I’d like another Brian Johnson record, I don’t want Rock or Bust 2. Great guitar work, but I’ve found myself listening to it less and less as the months go by and swapping it for Black Ice instead. Let’s just hope for fresh riffs and solos, more adventurous drums, cleaner vocals and less embarrassingly simplistic lyrics with Axl holding the mic.

stlcards9000 says:

I’d love to see some reviews of all the other albums or maybe even some Airbourne albums!

DanSyndrome says:

Is your intro the outro of walk by the foo fighters?

DarklordShadow says:

I agree AC/DC are the champions of Rock & Roll they keep it dirty and fun the way it was meant to be. Rock & Roll is slang used by black people back in the day for sex so keep it sex drugs and rock n roll.

skullywag says:

A better title for this album would have been “On Life Support”. I LOVED every Bon album, the same with Brian albums….through “Fly on the Wall”. When Brian was booted from most song writing, AC/DC changed, and changed in a big way. Playing it safe for radio… Hard as a ROCK, In ROCK we trust, ROCK n Roll train, ROCK this, ROCK that.. older songs didn’t have to TELL you it was rock. Bland, generic, and only one or two good songs per album. Add to that Brian has been slipping (vocally) for the last 10-15 yrs. Say what you will, but Axl has really done justice to the Bon songs, and I can’t wait for an Ax/DC album…or even just a Blu-Ray of one of his shows. Axl gave a shot in the arm to a band that has gotten rather stale over the last decade or to.

Davsteridiot53no2 says:

Miss Adventure is brilliant in my opinion

Jake Malinski says:

Rock the house that’s a kicker, best one on the album!

likki says:

What happened to the drummer?

Adrian Carrazco says:

You should do a review for Steve Aoki’s album, Neon Future I, if you haven’t already.

Rewind Reviews says:

Nice review man, gotta check this out soon 🙂

BLTspirit says:

Keep it up! Really love your videos.

leo sousa # says:

Absolutely love this album!
what about ”rock the house”? its one of the best for me

B'oh | Geralt of Rivia says:

What does everybody have against emission control, it’s so different guitarwise.

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