Aesop Rock – The Impossible Kid ALBUM REVIEW


There’s a song on here where he raps about his pet cat, Kirby. What more do you need to know?

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?




c0rrupt c0ntent says:

This is one of the best albums I have ever heard. Blood Sandwich alone is a masterpiece.

willz HatesU says:

RUN THE JEWELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Banana Sorbet says:


Aiden G says:

he livin in 2053 and playing 3d quantum chess while were listening to lil pump

I only use Youtube for music says:

i agree the new asap rocky album is pretty cool

JR Bogard says:

The album is DOPE. That’s my review. Also, to bring outsiders in to listen, especially to someone as acquired and complex as Aesrok, is refreshing and absolutely possible with tracks like Kirby and Rings.

ML Comedy says:

I really like his lyricism. You get the general grasp on the first listen but your understanding of the track increases with the number of listens. And the meaning can completely change from listen to listen

C.L. The Raccoon says:

top 5 Aes Drops for me (5 being least, 1 being best)
#5: Float
#4: Bazooka Tooth
#3: None Shall Pass
#2: Skelethon
#1: The Impossible Kid

Honestly, Aesop really 1uped himself with The Impossible Kid compared to Skelethon in my opinion. Granted all his albums hold a special place in my heart in some way. The rich instrumentals mixed with his rather allegorical approach to his lyrics just bring a tear to my eye. from WAAAY back to 1000 deaths and Odessa Feat. Dose One, to this release with songs like Rings, Supercell and Defender, many of his tracks will continue to be anthems that will stick with me till I have myself have to paint no rules on the water tower.

OfficialMetaSinMusic says:

This album was my AOTY of 2016. I thought that Aesop showed a very mature and reflective side of himself that I don’t see much in music. I was very self-confident while also self-deprecating. I thought it was very well thought-out, although i will say the back-end did lag on.

niko torres says:

came here to see a review of my favorite album. luckily I’m aware it’s AN OPINION. yall get mad lol . love your reviews man

c0rrupt c0ntent says:

*Blood Sandwich* explains the Skelethon Album cover as well as the song Gopher Guts.

paranoid android says:

Pigs is still my favorite track

Joseph Gregor says:

idunno man, gotta call this my favorite.

Aphex Brain says:

at least he gets aesops name correct in this review. A*

fckth3systm says:

Decent review, but this album, although presented in metaphor, tells a very direct story with the death of his friend “Mu” being the catalyst. I’ll just use the track numbers, not titles and give the simplest explanation of the arc as it reflects his life.. ( Not really an explanation of each song, he already did that, but story as I see it)

1. Moves to a barn in Washington to write this album and escape from people, but still nostalgic about LA.

2. What I got? I’m a failed visual artist and have to resort to what i knows, making another album.

3. Maybe being an artist is too much pretense. People are creative in different ways, so let’s look forward and stop feeling old. Damn I feel old.
4. But shit, this means being a part of the “scene” again with all these dorks playing around in a popularity contest. “I’ll be over there.” Gotta get this off my chest tho.

5. Anyways back to the barn, gotta finish the album. Is moving to the barn really the change I needed? I got my old synth, I got this.

6. Damn, it’s Christmas. I’m a ghost out here. I think I miss my family.

7. How my brothers doin? Let’s think of some funny stories. Lol, Fucking funny. Mu was like a brother…… shit.

8. Damn, I miss Mu. Can’t let him go, sitting here in my car trying to convince myself to go in for help. Get out the car Ace.

9. Alright I’m here. Hey doc, “how do you stabilize after years of taking anti depressants.?” She tells me to get a cat.

10. Got a cat. Named him Kirby. Kirby is an asshole, but he’s cool.

11. Questioning going to therapy. Remembering the breakdown. Yeah I need to go.

12. Back to the album… this is worth it right? You know what, fuck it, I’m an artist. I’m a good artist, I don’t draw, but music definitely means something. This album is going to mean something.

13. Alright I’m close, is this falling apart? What else can go wrong now? Aw fuck, now there’s a bobcat. Goddammit what else I gotta deal with?

14. I think I can accept Mu’s death. I think I can finish this. We all die.

15. Finished. Maybe I should move back home. I think I’m going back east. Is that where I belong? Who the fuck knows anymore. I’m out.

Take it or leave it, I just don’t hear a disjointed album or arbitrary collection of songs. I hear where Ace had been these last few years, how he got there, how he got out and where he’s going. Peace

MC Contraption says:

Why is Aesop so underrated?

Devin says:

just an 8???!!!
WTF is a 10 for you?

RevolutionMusik says:

Stumbled onto this dude playing video games. He’s super dope. I would’ve given this album an 8 too.

KitKat 3000 says:

The engineering (mix/mastering) on this album is top and really sets the standards higher for his future works. If you compare this to previous releases, his vocals are well produced with great full range beats that have a nice stereo image. There’s a great consistency throughout in all facets. This is 10/10

Amante says:

Been a fan of Aesop since Music For Earthworms. He’s always had a deliberately Dadaist style, but as he’s moved to producing it’s gotten more and more abstract and insular. With Impossible Kid, he seems to have made a real effort to be more comprehensible, mostly through telling approachable personal stories. As a result, I’d say it’s my favorite album of his since Bazooka Tooth.

Branden Ellis says:

Get out the car

James Dean says:

This was my favorite album to drop in a few years by any artist.

DAXER. BREH. says:

this was my favorite record from Aesop Rock in my opinion. Dude is totally underrated

damien hayes says:

I really couldn’t agree more with your review

El Negrito says:

Shakespeare level

flerper derper says:

“he brings up vivid imagery of puke in the meow mix”

Literally the lyric – Puke in the meow mix

So vivid.

Charles Dunkley says:

Aesop Rock has long been a favorite of mine. I like his lyrics. There’s enough in there to send someone on a journey of deep learning. Combine that with his really interesting vocal style and beats and there’s plenty here to enjoy.

c0rrupt c0ntent says:

Aesop Rock shit out this 8 like it was nothing. Is it better than Atrocity Exhibition though? I think so.

Alex Anissimoff says:

i understand almost every word,, give it more

lame jane says:

How you skip over none shall pass

Luke C says:

“I love Rings”
Doesn’t put it on the favorite songs list

MStaynor says:

Would love a worst to best on Aesop!

Stadtrand Kollektiv says:

So much of your very very personal opinion… can’t you be just a little bit more objective? just a liiiittle. it is so annoying.

Dickhead Records says:

top of his game.. though this might be his last release.. show Aes more love ❤️

Peter Lübeck says:

nice Album covers in the background:)

brennan eaton says:

MUST NOT SLEEP! MUST WARN WARN OTHERS! Album Review? think not. More like Aesop Review. sad times. Top 10 rapper of all time. Aesop has come a long way and not every album has been a hit with me, but this one was top 5 albums of 2016 easy. You are not winning on this one m8… sry. That said, you had some good points, but it feels like wiki info…..

Jacqueline Woo says:

i luuuuurv this album. i like the way he does it right thurr! Kirby rocks. MEOW.

jaime garcia says:

can you do a review of homeboy sandmans lates albums

Allopat says:

Big up for the acquired taste comment. I didn’t used to like Aes very much (I only liked Zero Dark Thirty and Pigs at first, didn’t even really love them), but as time went on he became one of my favorites. Great review. I also think a light 8 is reasonable for an unbiased review; I would’ve given it higher, but that’s because I just love Aes so much

MC Contraption says:

I absolutely love this album. Personally I love Aesops production.

xradishz says:

I wish anthony fartado would redo the review on this album after listening to it once or twice more. His description of the tracks is far from what Mr. Rock is trying to say. Please listen to this album about 2 more times and listen to what he is saying. I hate to say it but you almost sound stupid in your description of some of the tracks. Take it from a true Aesop fan this is some of his best work and it is also one of his more easier to understand albums.

Daniel Guru says:

YOU HAVE TO listen to the album BEFORE you watch this…its a fantastic album, don’t watch a critique before you listen. Listen to The Impossible Kid and then watch this. Cheers!

Jr Jones says:

2nd GOAT

Jj 31 says:

this cover tho goddamn its fire

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