American Football – Self-Titled (LP2) ALBUM REVIEW

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American Football’s sad but nimble sound has been replaced with soft rock complacency on their new comeback album.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Alex Leaud says:

It’s strange. I know the first album is better than LP2….. but I listen to LP2 more. Maybe because it’s easier to listen to? The first album is really depressing. I love it.. but I can’t listen to it while I’m riding the train every morning.

John Dimal says:

yo im triggered for this

Jool says:

I dunno, I like it. Takes a little getting used to.

paulerxx says:

Awful review imo unsubd

thesteezbox says:

wait why haven’t you reviewed the cap’n jazz album?

CamoPig says:

i actually really enjoyed this almost more then their first album although there are no “songs that I will remember” like the opening or closing track on their debut album.

Braillynn Rodriguez says:

I completely agree with this review. I do enjoy the album, but the first one is SO much better.

Andromeda says:

Finally got around to listening to the entire record and gotta say I like it just as much if not more than the first LP. Never Meant will always be my favorite though.

Seth Makibbin Productions says:

My instincts are the enemy to me is very emotional and is honestly my favorite in this lp

Mike Saikaley says:

Decent but a forgettable album.

family friendly pg clean says:

gotta be honest, I like this album a lot better than the first.

Scott Raynor says:


Joe Z says:

nah fuck ya this album’s dope.

Kierke says:

i hate you

Ares14 says:

antonio fanbonio

beggarmanthief says:

O o f

Zach Weibel says:

Review the new Brand New album! Oh.. wait…

Gabriel Handstand Blumpkin Silva says:

I like how it took less then a few days to review a full fucking album, I mean i respect your opinion but it’s too short of a time span to give a review to a full album

Daniel O'Driscoll says:

better than lp1

Tom says:

liked this LP

Kolby K says:

This album makes me sad for the wrong reason 🙁

Sunshine says:

My opinion of the James Bond films starring Daniel Craig is that they’re good movies, but terrible James Bond movies. I feel exactly the same way about this album. It’s a great album, but not a very good American Football album.

Jessie May says:

As a huge AF fan… I feel like this album was glorified Owen… but I don’t mind that at all bcoz I love Owen!

Christopher Burke says:

I will say that I like Owen more the AF at this point and I believe LP2 sounds more like a electric full band Owen album than it does American Football. I still really enjoyed it but to be honest, as much as I like the songs on the first album and ep I still think they’ve always been a kind of boring band. They are just older boring dads now making boring twinkle rock for other boring dads. So as a boring dad, I approve of LP2.

Nick Jones says:

You got this one wrong dude.

MAN says:

It’s so dumb that bands just go “Fuck it” when they’ve got a good thing going on and then they come back ten years later with a fourth of the fans and half the quality of the music.

Billy Roberts says:

A Coldplay album more than an American Football album? GTFO. You’re drunk.

Taylor Parnell says:

I am in complete agreement with this review.

B B says:

I’m not highly disappointed. But yeah, there isn’t really a song that has the tension or whatever you would call it that so much of the first LP had

LaBamba says:

As someone who listened to LP2 first, I couldn’t get into LP1. Clearly it’s some sort of nostalgia bias because LP2 is a masterpiece and fucks me up everytime.

Vape Naysh says:

first video i see from you, and you sound SOOOO pretentious. I agree that the first LP is much better, still…the over analysis…

S Khan says:

coldplay lmfaoo, sounds nothing like it. this guy just dislikes emo.

Plain Truth says:

Can you do Cap’n Jazz’s debut?

offbrand says:

LP1 wasn’t a flash in the pan, I mean it’s not like they just lucked into it or something. it’s a great record made by guys who have a lot of history making great records

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