Arctic Monkeys – AM ALBUM REVIEW


Once again, a new Arctic Monkeys album is lost on me. While some may find the band’s easygoing rock instrumentation and singer-songwriter Alex Turner’s supposedly clever and humorous lyricism to be entertaining, AM is just another move closer toward making the most cold, calculated, and tame rock music imaginable.

What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Cameron Snyder says:

Dammit Fantano I really wanted that Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action review.

Headlock says:

This review is a weak 3/10 sorry melon man

Isaac Murillo says:

My girlfriend gave me this album when it came out back in the day, and I hated it. A couple years later I gave it another listen and really liked it. Its true, it’s too calculated for rock, but it’s never cold, it has a lot of passion. Still, I understand where you are coming from, Anthony.

HRacingGreen says:

Alex Turner got boring and pretentious, hence why the music deteriorated over time. While I enjoy this record, I can see its flaws. Its decent enough to my ears.

josef reardigan says:


isaac lopez says:

We’re no longer friends

761 Uffy says:

i actually loved Arabella but thats my opinion

Gloip Gloip says:

The most overrated band on the planet

jeff jeffe says:

I agree completely. AM is trite.

super stupid stuff says:

suuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a fanboy

Parker Davis says:

Dude… stop

Jelena Poturic says:

3 out of 10.. LOL

Stephen Bayliss says:

I have lost all respect of your opinion after this review.

Sam Graham says:

You could say the exact same thing about The Beatles, stupid slap head, need controversial views to keep people watching, the Arctic monkeys have changed their style with every album which makes them so great to listen to, always a fresh and exciting sound

Cintia T says:

One thing is true: that is a controversial album. Almost 50/50 likes/dislikes in your review, so I guess at least Arctic Monkeys came out with something to talk about. As in other AM albums, some songs are good, others not that much.

IamCombustible says:

This, the Royal Blood review, and the fact that you like Death Grips unironically have lead me to believe that your taste is very questionable.

Jorge Guzmán says:

Totally agree. This is the most boring artic monkeys álbum in history.

GlockFan88 says:

Personally really enjoyed it….id have given it a solid 7 my self.

Samantha Jeffrey says:

Alex Turner is fucking amazing. Point blank. Agree to disagree but this is a fail for a review.

Chris Rivas says:

a fucking 3???? the fuck its a 5 or a 6 with decent slow tracks

Evan Miller says:

K but i really like Arabella tho

Eric Bumbera says:

This guy is a fucking dumbass

Perro Asustado says:

Fuck off antoni fan de ano

AjaxTV says:

A 3 is too harsh and at a minimum the album should be given a 5 — which I think it would have been had Anthony not had expectations based on their previous work. Especially how he gave MBDTF a low rating for depending too much on its evolution from previous albums.

Genji says:

Does this guy have leukaemia?

GeorgeBushFanClub says:

When fangirls say Melon is just annoyed at them changing their artistic direction. Take David Bowie, someone who Melon has been open about his love for. No two Bowie albums are alike and yet Hunky Dory, The Rise and fall of Ziggy, Man Who sold the world, low and Station to Station are all considered at least great albums. The reason A.M is hated is not for it’s change in sound but change in quality. A Certain Romance, From the the Ritz to the Rubble and Fake Tales of San Francisco are filled with lively drums, driving bass riffs and not just genius but funny lyrics. On the other hand A.M is a mockery of the genre we know as rock. The Drums fall flat on almost every song. RU Mine sticks out as an Outlier purely due to the fast nature, and the bass riffs on this thing are either stolen or about as generic as they get. And confusing Alex Turner’s acid fueled ramblings as genius; makes me question the sanity of half of Arctic Monkey’s fanbase, which I consider my self a part of. Their first album is the shit I grew up with. There seems only two options now. Either Alex goes to rehab or quits, because I’m done with him desecrating the corpse of a band that made one of the best albums of the decade.

Nathan says:

I agree with this review, absolutely hated AM but I loved they’re other albums to death. AM is boring and lifeless. Arctic Monkeys have lost my respect. Hopefully they come out with better stuff.

Human Max says:

Wow! I absolutely loved Arabella. It’s so interesting to hear such contrasting opinion

AheadoftheCurb Ok says:

I love this album, but I think they should break from doing ballads and go back to the raw power that the first album and first half of Favourite Worst Nightmare had. Albeit more like the first one, I feel like the Arctic Monkeys should let loose on their next album and be a bit more crunchy with the instrumentation. I do still love this Album, even more than Favourite Worst Nightmare (only by a hair though), but do we need ANOTHER AM? No. We could really use another first album from them… if that makes any sense.

Ireallyneedtochange Myusername says:

Easily one of Fantano’s most accurate reviews

jackielegs says:


Ace - On says:

“At least commercial music has some sorta catchiness to it”
Yet AM is there most commercially successful album so far

Offbeat Tempo says:

I can’t beleive he didn’t like a track like R U Mine. But hey, it’s just AMthany Fantano’s opinion.

Microsoft Office 95 says:

Funny how AM was a massive commerical hit.

The Cryptid Hunter says:

Maybe it’s because this album was my introduction to the arctic monkeys, but I really like it, I also really like the past albums. My feeling on the matter is I choose to seperate them. I go with favorite worst nightmare when I want to jam out, but when I’m feeling kinda bumbed or it’s raining, I’ll pop in AM. It’s a mood thing for me.

MH J says:

Americans do not understand British music

feldspar Royale says:

I usually think they´re music is bland as fuck and too clean,but this record is decent

Not A Crab says:

Shit video

Coconut Head says:

This is the kind of guy who complains when there isn’t constant action in a film

Luke C says:

I like are u mine but agree with you 100%. Their first album is definitely their best and every other one has been progressively worse

Max Munro says:

Holy shit War Pigs and Arabella mind blowwwwnnnnn

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