Avril Lavigne – Head Above Water | Album Review

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►My review of Canadian pop rock artist Avril Lavigne’s comeback album, “Head Above Water”. Sigh, if only it had been even remotely good and not flavorless.

“Head Above Water”
BMG Records
Release: 2/15/19
Rating: 2/5

►Favorite tracks: Head Above Water, Birdie, Crush

►Least faves: Goddess, Dumb Blonde, Love Me Insane, Warrior, Souvenir

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Avril Lavigne Head Above Water Album Tracklist

1. Head Above Water
2. Birdie
3. I Fell In Love With The Devil
4. Tell Me It’s Over
5. Dumb Blonde (ft. Nicki Minaj)
6. It Was In Me
7. Souvenir
8. Crush
9. Goddess
10. Bigger Wow
11. Love Me Insane
12. Warrior


Noiseless Music says:

She’s not Avril, She’s Melissa!

Taylor Ravioli says:

I love Avril and have been a fan for years, but I feel the same way about her recent albums, the only one that’s a jam on the new album is Tell me it’s over. The one I hate the most is dumb blonde. It’s a cheesy “feminist” garbage anthem. This album is forgettable sorry Avril… and a 2 out of 5 is generous

Quincy Reingoud says:

I Respect You’re opinion and this is coming from an Avril lavigne fan

pokespritemaker3 says:

I’m gonna disagree here. I love every single track on this album, no skips for me. Strong vocals, good production, different sound that works for Avril, etc. This album deserves at least ONE Grammy nomination for 2019

Uri says:

Can’t agree with you. Birdie, I Fell In Love With The Devil, It Was In Me, Warrior… all of them are amazing. Also, I find Dumb Blonde and Bigger Wow really enjoyable upbeat songs.

Kiet Preeda says:

They wanna old avril, so… they hate avril

Vlad Leiva says:

The only song I found weak was Goddess. All others are beautiful.

Hey fvck says:

How can i block this channel i dont want to see this anymore so annoying …i love avril since iwas 13 y/o now im 19 and now im happy shes back … and im not dissapointing with her new album…im so dissapointing with this review …

Dani Prasetyo says:

I think this is one of her best album. Let Go, UMS, and this Head Above Water are my favorite.

Jeff Killed John says:

My God how right you are. I am extremely dissapointed in her. Not one track was good enough to be rated 2.5/5. As you said there’s no passion, no originality. Avril used to be so unique. Plus Nicki Minaj? Really? How could she even go this low? Domb blonde is like a Gilfriend remake, a desperate cry for money. Girlfriend was alot better.

Asy'Ari Zainol says:

The first 6 songs are what I expected thus far stylistically, but it went really downhill from the 7th track onwards, i cant’ forgive her for that ‘bananas’ lyric on one of the tracks. It’s just whyyyyy. And especially disappointed by the generic themes… To TOP that off, there are no cuts that are radio single worthy to go toe to toe with the charts today. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but self-titled Avril album is better, this is her worst album.

punk rock for life says:

I fully agree with you on this – I just listened to the entire album and was so disappointed. Head Above Water and Birdie were the only 2 songs I actually liked, the rest are all pretty forgettable and generic and I’d honestly never listen to them again. Huge huge disappointment as I loved her old albums and used to be an enormous fan of hers.

Angel Grayson says:

Your stand outs were the same as mine

K says:

i agree, and im kinda sad, some of the songs are ok tho, but its just boring in general

ttherealsatann says:

I’m a metalhead so I expected to absolutely hate this album, as I do with pretty much all other pop albums. But I’ve got to say, I’m in love with this record. It’s actually really fucking good in my opinion so I have to disagree with you there.

siren says:

it was such a boring album to go through, Dumb Blonde is the only one i remember being interested in. if she releases a fun music video for it that’d be nice, but the rest of the songs…
i was a fan but since Goodbye Lullaby her songs are less and less interesting to me

Andrew Chng says:

Well I trust my own ears better. I can relate to these songs and it’s a masterpiece for me.

jbrisby says:

Avril’s never been the sharpest tool in the shed. What made her work, the thing that was legitimately hers and legitimately cool, was the rejection of the entire culture of fame. She clearly hated all the stuff celebrities have to do to be famous, and wasn’t afraid to say so. Remember how she’d roll her eyes at journalists when they ask stupid questions? Remember how she mocked her own fans for slavishly copying her style?

With her third album she apparently decided she wanted to play the game after all, and she embraced celebrity. Which is particularly tragic because she turned out to be so BAD at it! She’s been struggling to find an audience ever since. She’s just no good at playing the fame game.

Padrick74 says:

great video. I agree, it was disappointing

Efe Klau says:

I totally agree.. she said “I’ve pushed myself into a whole new level when it comes to the lyrics”. But seriously, they are so simple and basic sentences in contrast to those from let go or under my skin… :/

Burn My Uncle says:

The electric guitar in birdie is everything
Also, I listened once and though the album was shit, but then gave it another try, and it grew

Angelo says:

I love Let Go and all discography but this is dissapoiting, except song open album.

Umit Sever says:

Great album for once i disagree with this

PJ Artistics says:

Rather hear Under My Skin. Goddess is a terrible song. I hate the lyrics. This album is pretty terrible in my opinion. Birdie is the only one that is good that could of been featured Under My Skin. She could of done way better than this. I miss the Rock / Punk Avril Lavigne!

Mario Langley says:

She doesn’t make good music anymore because she died and this is a clone

Final Fantasy says:

I like her voice, but just like all her previous albums, I only enjoyed 3 songs. I think she needs to collaborate with many better artists and writers to try new things and take her songs to Taylor swift level.

s9yk3r says:

i agree… i can’t understand how ppl still say “this album is a bomb is beautiful! i’m crying for this album it’s so beautifull!!” well… these fanboys and fangirls are the ruin of the world. i’m a fan of avril but when she release a flop, i admit it. Open eyes, fanboys and fangirls… head above the water and maybe the bonus track are my favorites of this album. Others songs? Just forgettable

jbrisby says:

Bananas and pyjamas totally rhyme. And don’t tell me that everybody’s independently ‘discovering’ this one lyric. You’re only fixating on it because someone else was.

ARTV says:

Thanks for coming to check out my review of Avril’s comeback album. While I of course have my opinions, keep in mind that’s it’s just that…an opinion.
I’ve been a pretty big Avril fan in the past, but I can’t just can’t at all justify this one.

Final Fantasy says:

I agree with you. The songs and lyrics are so basic.

Hey fvck says:

No…i did not agree of you….sorry bro …its just my opinion…

Aly Stoff says:

Honestly… I don’t like the cover album
But I do love the songs

maculka999 says:

I actually enjoyed the album. I had super low expectations because I heard this review first, but honestly it wasn’t half that bad. Yes, the cover is cringy, so is Goddess and Dumb blonde is shit (like Hello Kitty has a kid with 7rings, I wish I never heard any of those three songs) and fell in love with a devil (or whatever the name is) is not good. But other than that it’s okay. 3/5 for me.
I actually went to listen to Under my skin after listening to this album, and you can hear the same tendency in the songs. Avril doesn’t embrace an entire generation anymore and I guess this is why we tend to be so harsh to her. Too high expectations. I’m sorry, I just felt a need to defend her a little 0:)

Kiet Preeda says:


jbrisby says:

Avril is completely unable to actually understand the words that come out of her own head. In the song Head Above Water, she can’t even decide if the song is about her own strength, or about her having to be saved by someone else. This happens OVER AND OVER on this album. She writes things she simply doesn’t understand! “Gotta keep the calm before the storm”. Um, you know that means the storm is coming, right? Calm before the storm is a bad thing!

Coked up World Serpent says:

Her songwriting sounds like a 12yr old writing in her diary.

I mean who still listens to this stuff? gays with bad taste? mentally stunted adults? a combination of both? If she weren’t a blonde barbie doll she would’ve been forgotten years ago.

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