Baroness – Purple ALBUM REVIEW


Savannah, GA sludge metal outfit Baroness returns with the latest installment in their color-coded album series, Purple.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Spencer Brooke says:

Technically this would be their 5th Album since Y&G is a Double Album, but either way, Baroness Slay!

fist full of anchovies says:

people actually care about music reviews? HAHAHA

Ddraig Cythraul says:

Baroness can barely be called sludge or progressive anymore.

Delamettrie says:

I think american public likes shock me so much because they aren’t familiar with Stratovarius, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Axxis, etc. In Europe we have had enough of that sound for the next 4 decades.

Ari Lempinen says:

I would really love to hear your review on my band Sonus Corona’s debut. We are a progressive metal band from Finland and we released our debut album a month ago. You can check it out from our channel @sonuscoronaofficial or from Spotify

smokewindow says:

I’m seriously perplexed at your review of this album. While I really do enjoy Yellow &a Green and Blue, this album sounds like over distorted B-Sides from an old Jimmy Eat World or other late 90s emo-pop-punk album. For you to be crowing over how much you loved Shock Me made me scratch my head and wonder what you’re listening to. I don’t mind a band that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but there’s no making up for tracks that need to be left on the cutting room floor. What concerns me even more is how you eviscerated Mastodon’s Emperor of Sand. Your reasoning? It was derivative of early 90s alt-rock. Pretty much like this was derivative of late 90’s alt-rock. There’s not a lot of consistency in your reasoning in my opinion. At least there are tracks on EoS that still sound sludge. This album isn’t even in the same genre which is fine except it leaves the listener wanting. Y&G at least mixed genres and gave the listener some sludge. Maybe I’m just seeing it differently but I can’t help apply your Mastodon logic to this album and find them equally lacking, there’s about 3 solid tracks on each album and each bands previous album was far superior.

jaidsalgado says:

Is there other albums that are very similar to this? Please someone recommend me some good stuff similar to this. I’m a huge hip hop head and so finding rock music that I like is generally hard.

Garrett van de Gelder says:

I own this one on vinyl. Partially because it’s one of my favorite albums ever, and also because I love the artwork. I keep the albums I have on vinyl displayed, so this one’s always up there.

Who - What When - Where am I ? says:

YES !! Finally during one of your pathetic reviews , there
is at least some form of accountability to THE FACT , THAT YOU DO SUCK –like a
champion at all things sucking –bet Mick Jagger loved that under the table !!
YES YOU ARE A sad hack & an insult to the terminology of idiot, you make
idiots look good!!!!!!! The only thing you should be critical about (if you
have the capacity) is that you say “I” (i) more than any
pseudo-journalistic dribbling poser should… EVER. –you are not a critic…..Well
, I guess anybody can be, these days, on the internet / YouTube or hell anyone
with a digital video capable device…….I have sat through soooooo many of
your reviews , hoping I was wrong (’cause unlike you ; I [your favorite word]
am not swayed by some novice ego-ideal-concept). The mind and soul should
remain ever-open to something that could be great ; even if (here’s your
favorite word again) I don’t happen to like it or agree with it’s musical
direction. Especially when it comes to not making the same album over and over,
to please inert cancer of the ear suffering, closet Heavy metal hermits like
yourself –who think Metal (for that matter music) can only be in a certain
manner or artistic direction. To think you have anything relevant to say that
is not based (biased) upon your Jock-mentality (even if you’re not a sports
type jock ; congrats ’cause that’s my whole point of hypocrisy , you come
across like one). STICK TO WHAT YOU KNOW ; which is being a Flaccid
Tool……PLEASE discover masturbation and do everybody who actually likes ;
‘scuze me…..Loves music a break from your closet hate for talent that will
not fit in your F’d up box of very black and very white…….

alexstore1 says:

why u wearin’ hat when warm inside, not understand yur tomato

Rattmuff93 says:

Do a Tool review!

Brian Skala says:

great review. best album however my gripe is the mixing and overbearing mastering that is too blurry sounding. many have addressed this.

Trist in Sox says:


Bull Shi says:

I’m sure someone else might have pointed it out but, i think the review failed to give credit in one aspect in particular: before the yellow and green tour baroness lost half of it’s members. Purple showed a step forward for the band despite all the troubles they’ve faced. I can’t recall another band going through the same and coming out better.

Jorgetime says:


Spencer Moore says:

I like this album, but god damn the music is so compressed. The instrumentation sort of just meshes together.. They need someone who truly knows how to mix and master in order for this to be an 8 for me.

Dave Clydesdale says:

Great review. Concise. Totally agree with your opinions, but Chlorine and Wine is the high point for me without a doubt.

Joey Torelli says:

Anthony! You should review The Swords- Age of Winters for its 10th birthday!!

Emmy Yanez says:

This is a good album for people who don’t gravitate toward metal

Steve says:

I don’t think that I’ve ever watched an album review on youtube but you did a really solid job. nice work

Mitchell Kelly says:

Anthony the Length Lord and Sequencing Sargent.

Simon sabbath says:

red and blue albums wre great. this music and sound are good but is basically rockish and indie rick stuff,lllllllll

Jake Thornton says:

Oh man that Moving Pictures vinyl in the background. Well done Bananthony Mango.

megaman exe says:

fugue is my second favorite song by them.

yung yung says:

didn’t meantion the bus crash/10

Stefan Burnett says:

this album is literally the best

Emmy Yanez says:

Not too many of my friends know or like these guys. It sounds cool to hear Anthony sings their praises, especially when he says, “Shock me!!!!” Because that’s how I say it !

Brokenscam says:

To be honest the only song that interested me was “morning star”.

th3FT pUnK says:

“Shock Me” was my favorite too

Devon Ortiz says:

I saw them love for the first time this past June and it was just fucking.. It was.. Jesus, dude. They’re so amazing live. Words don’t give them justice.

seth reichert says:


Captain Dallas says:

Sounds more like a rock band than heavy metal to me…maybe I’m mixing up my genres but I guess it doesnt matter, they sound pretty awesome.

Hazel Brown says:

I honestly thought Yellow & Green was a perfect album

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