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►My review of hardcore punk rock band Beartooth’s third album “Disease”. Are they able to make a stylistic shift, or is it just more of the same?

Red Bull Records
Release: 9/28/18
Rating: 3/5

►Favorite tracks: Enemy, Disease, Used and Abused, Clever

►Least faves: Afterall, You Never Know, Bad Listener,

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1. Greatness Or Death
2. Disease
3. Fire
4. You Never Know
5. Bad Listener
6. After all
7. Manipulation
8. Enemy
9. Believe
10. Infection
11. Used And Abused
12. Clever


There Is No God says:

It’s a legendary album

baseballlover312 says:

Would be interested to hear a review for Bayside’s new acoustic album.

Savage Dawgs Highlights says:

If you watched the documentary type thing along the way, it felt clear to me that creative well of song writing had temporarily run dry. Seems like he went into the studio with 0 ideas about songs or starts of songs or anything. That alone scared me. But…I still ended up loving the album lol I do agree they all sound the same, but if you like that formula then I’m down for plenty of it. I can definitely see why some don’t like it though. This is just my take on it.

MJ says:

I think it’s amazing. sure it follows the same formula started with Disgusting, but there’s no need for them to start changing it completely. I like Beartooth for their internse sound with catchy choruses and that what I get on this album.

Steven Carbines says:

I love all their albums equally, I don’t get why everyone thinks disease is so much worse than disgusting

daniel ernst says:

Are you planning on reviewing the new Hail the Sun or Hippo Campus?

Sticks and Beers Podcast says:

I love this record, the only problem I had is the guitar tones

Jack Kempster says:

Beartooth has been really good at times. I wanna see them continue to do great things. However that means they kind of need to shake things up a bit on the next album. Hopefully they do so.

Keely Nelson says:

could you review Boom Boom Room side B

Happy Puppy Denim says:

i enjoyed it but also agree with the review in many parts.

Flames_Fan_32 says:

Honestly the only track I wasn’t a fan of was “You Never Know.” I thought the rest was fantastic. Also, how’d you not like “Fire?” I get that it’s not the most lyrically sophisticated track in the world, but it’s still a great song.

Cameron Schiff says:

Agree with every single thing you said. Literally sounded like I wrote the script for this video. Only thing you said that I disagree with is that this is a very hard record to form an opinion on; I don’t find it that hard. There are a few good tracks, but this is ultimately a bad album.

EDIT: the one other thing you said that I disagreed with is I enjoyed Bad Listener, it isn’t a metaphor I’ve heard before so I personally have to give it a pass, and I didn’t find the theme as arrogant as you found it

Tyler Madewell says:

I think this album is different from aggressive. So i wouldn’t say its more of the same BUT i do agree its formulaic.
I also must say i love your reviews and i think you have improved so much. Love your channel, keep it up!

TacoTuesdayProduct says:

Thank god Beartooth isn’t changing, one of the few bands that isn’t selling out

deltayuri101 says:

I don’t get it because the first ep didn’t have this problem. All the songs felt completely different and had different song structures and different length but then they slowly started to just make every song the exact same like this guy said which I don’t understand.

Carolyn Conway says:

I loved it it improved from aggressive

ScottLucasLive says:

I still hate caleb doing all the instrumentals in the studio I know his reasons but I think getting everyone involved would bring new life

DeathMachineJoe says:

All the songs that you listed as your favorites are my exact favorites as well. They really need to take some risks on the next album before they fade into obscurity

TheDude101 says:

I actually really liked this album a lot. I know Caleb really cared about all of the lyrics on all of the songs. I gave it like 9/10

Steven Schuler says:

Sick and disgusting was extremely raw and honest, which is what made it so great. Aggressive, I’m not sure if I felt it as much but neither did Caleb when he explained how he felt about it. I think disease is fucking gold because it isn’t either of the last two albums, it took the raw honesty from the first, and some of the new progressive sounds from the second. The development in sound is refreshing and it’s exciting to see him grow. I also believe that being so critical over artists in rock n roll is a major reason why hip hop and rap have taken over. The fans of that genre support their artists so fucking much. We need to show more love and support to keep this scene alive.

Anthony Cole says:

I love the album, Fire is amazing, the only song I don’t really care for is believe, and that’s because it’s too pop punk for me and I don’t really care for that style. Overall I find it a huge step up from Aggressive

TheDude101 says:

Manipulation was really the only song I didn’t like on the album. It could’ve been so big and epic but i felt it was being restrained and overall that hurt the song

Jack Cravford says:

Yeahh, Disease is really a big disappointment.
In the start, Caleb has make statement, that he is going back to roots. Not much. I just hate that mixing of vocals, so many cuts, so many low down screams, so many weird transitions from screaming to clean vocals. Enemy has great oncoming punk verses, but with pointless clean vocals. Just why?
Breakdowns are so weird, pointless. Boring clean vocals, IN EVERY TRACK. Why on Fire? Why i just can’t hear a hardcore punk song, without “nice, clean, shiny” sound and clean vocals? Just why? And can anybody tell me, why only song Disease has a great bass lines, but other tracks dont?
Disgusting was so fucking unique, because Caleb doesn’t use any connectors, any low down screams. In this album, almost every scream is like…level up volume, i don’t like these ideas. After i listen from Every Time I Die every album, Disease isn’t for my soul great.

Hey, ARTV. Try from Every Time I Die “From Parts Unknown / Low teens!”

Tragic Killjoy says:

Do Palaye Royale Boom Boom Room side B

Nico Valdez says:

Ranking all of Beartooth records for me goes like this:

1. Sick EP
2. Disgusting
3. Disease
4. Aggressive

It’s better than Aggressive but not as good as Disgusting

slickificationful says:

I get a little scared when he gives a critical review to an album I like but I find comfort when a lot of the comments are in agreement with me

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