Beck – Colors ALBUM REVIEW


Beck’s latest album explores the bland limits of unoriginal, sanitized, millennial pop.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


antirespirant78 says:

Maybe it’s just that you guys speak english better than me, but I never considered Beck a weirdo and I always expected him to put out exactly this kind of stuff. Some songs on this album remind me of TV on the radio. I thought the albums after Sea change were kind of boring and this one is finally much livelier and I like that.

M Goode says:

Becks Music became horrible as soon as he really got into Scientology! Duh !

Joe Curtin says:

that opener! hahahahahaaaaa!

Barf Pukerton says:

Beck very clearly said he wanted to make a pop record, so why should anyone criticize the record for being too pop. ?? Anyway, I like Colors a lot actually.

Adam Knott says:

Your calling Beck pop?? Lol an you ask who he was trying to cater to with the album?? That just shows how ignorant you are!! He’s an artist!! He does it for himself!! Your a fucking joke!

I am the Walrus says:

So you’d say Wow was…..


Jesse Reid says:

Fake news…fake review. Rolling Stone gave it almost a five star as well as Metacritic. Sorry foolio your “Wrong”. Transition! Beck’s Da Man!

RobbRobb says:

Beck Colors… A boiled hotdog with no bun. THAT perfectly describes this dribble. I will still stick with early Beck is best Beck.

miguelluis music says:

Somethings very wrong with you bro… horrible taste you have… you are hella programmed…

The Reliable source says:

I loved colors!

Arthur Chang says:

Fantano doesn’t usually go far wrong, but I’m utterly baffled by this review. A 4?? I thought it was brilliant. I can accept that the sunny pop feel isn’t for everyone, but he doesn’t even like Morning Phase either. I think Beck’s later work is, on the whole, just as strong as the Odelay era stuff. I guess it just doesn’t chine with the melon.

Mark Mathews says:

This was his most professional album he’s done. what i think you hate is that its too close to the pop stars music rather than his usual experimental. I think this album was incredibly good for beck doing a pop album. square one was so catchy and every single song drilled its way into my head on the first listen.

LogicFalls says:

We’re all pushin’ up the tin can mountain top…

As a dirty millennial, I honestly really quite liked The Information, and am on the fence about Colours. Some tracks I really enjoy like Dear Life, Square One and most of all Wow because it kept that weird “not right” feel that made Beck’s music great. It’s just a shame that Fix Me and Up All Night exist and are, as you said, too clean, safe and hard to listen to.

Jewish Retard says:

The first half wasn’t bad

ale alvarez says:


NakedMoleRat 43 says:

“Dear Life” is really good. The rest, very average

MrBuckins says:

I notice Anthony was not complimentary about Modern Guilt on this. That I have to say is a brilliant and possibly underrated beck album.

Jacob Jerde says:

we live in a scarce economy. paper chase

Jewish Retard says:

I really liked it

Julie Morgan says:

Amusing review. I feel your powerful lower teeth eating my brain. As a gen-Xer, I say pffft to your remark at 2 minutes in. Buh-lieeve mee, the last thing we desire is even more anything made for gen-Y! Puh-lease! Totally LOL!

Edmund Rabe says:

i liked it :/

uppercut grandma says:

When I first heard this thing…. I honestly felt he was trying to write music for Ellen intros….

Then, it was used as music for Ellen’s commercial cuts….


James Dawson says:

Wow, I am surprised. Love the album, I cannot stop playing it. Well crafted, what I would call indi pop.

Alexander Yushchenko says:

You’ve became I real cunt. I hope someone assaults your ass on the street. Lol a bald American trying to be hip.

baybythe bay says:

Colors is horrible. Beck’s last great album was Guero, and his greatest album is Mutations.

Hamish Douglas says:

“colours is about as exciting as a boiled hotdog with no bun”

Chloe ! says:

I love this album I don’t care what you say

Chris M says:

This guy hated Hiatus Kaiyote’s Choose Your Weapon, which I loved. Also loved Beck’s album. I only watched this video, because it kept popping up in the recommended videos. We just have different opinions on music. To each their own.

Bruce Wayne says:

I actually enjoyed this album. Sure, it was some mindless pop at times, but wasn’t that kind of the point? I mean, WOW was a complete parody of the Trap genre, and Square One was a big Yacht Rock type number that was really enjoyable. I feel like this was kind of what Beck needed. Sure, sadly, it’s no Midnite Vultures, but it’s at least fun. In a world of some dreary guitarists, it’s fun to have an energetic Beck “back to his roots” so to say. I’m not saying this is a great album- it’s not perfect by a long shot- but it’s kind of what we needed at the moment. I didn’t absolutely love it, but I didn’t hate it either. Now let’s all just listen to Midnite Vultures again and forget about this

loroporoto says:

Lemonade is hot garbage

Matt Damon says:

I liked this album.

D. Moore says:

Given the amount of time a YouTube pop music critic as prolific as Needledrop can afford to spend on a particular album, I’m not surprised he doesn’t like it. A Beck album typically takes weeks, even months, to reveal the full depth of its charms.

RossBayCult says:

You’re just wrong on Beck in general.

Lee Noe says:

I liked this album. I think beck does pop well. The songs are catchy and gets stuck in your head.

Guy M says:

my fav album o de year

realmusesick says:

I likw wow

Daniel Sustaita says:

Are you a musician of any sort? Or just super judgmental? And do you have any Grammys?
Just a hipster with a vast knowledge of adjectives… dork…

Sean Dennis says:

For Beck is this a good album?
Not really

Is it a good album?

Martin Stangeland says:

I agree with alot of what you are saying, except that I like this album. Taking it for what it is, a very produced, pop album. Intresting chords and chordchanges. And it’s good melodies. Dear Life is the best song, and stands as an example for my point. Produced big by Greg Kurstin. (maybe he will sound generic very soon, but not yet for my part). Thank you for a good chanel. I like it.

Addison Wilhite says:

The more I watch this dude’s reviews the more I realize he doesn’t like music. He tries too hard to be a contrarian and it just feels forced.

Mercurial Pierrot says:

THANK YOU! His last two albums have actually made me kinda sad…the soul just isn’t there much anymore. 🙁

BreadCasket says:

I came to see if i yet again 100% disagreed with your review and was pleased to find i was right. I get musical sex and come here to find out what it sounds like for a prude to hear it.

Michael Garrett says:

Not to mention, the album art is the worst looking thing in the world.

Scott Alan Wheeler says:

Yes sir Anthony I know what you are describing I am just such a dumb Beck fan that I love his pop attempts so much that I still think it’s cool because I recall being 13 hearing loser and such and I don’t want that weirdness to die but yeah it’s so plastic and fake the pop it’s so nauseating. If people don’t enjoy Sunny Beatles tracks they are going to hate “Safe Beck.” I am going to urge people that are Beck fans to really only listen to Odelay, Midnight Vultures, and Mutations.

eric meachum says:

You make really good points, but I loved Colors. In my opinion Beck has achieved the pop album he has seemingly always sort of wanted to make.

Elver Fossiltoe says:

“A boiled hotdog with no bun.” Perfect!

Mitchell Smith says:

Anthony you are right on point. A Beck fan since the beginning, he has steadily gone down hill. When my mom is starting to like Beck it is time for me to give up on him

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