Brand New – Science Fiction ALBUM REVIEW


Brand New returns with a chilling, despondent sound.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Goon Mosh says:

this video is cancer

Moral Crayfish says:

I thought you shaved your head because you were bald. Time to Take the skin heads bowling.

Tre Scott says:

“why i dont use the n word” WHITE

hefic says:

Couldn’t agree more. It just doesn’t have the juice. Daisy was a masterpiece compared to this.


i’m following you now man

Ichabaud Craine says:

I’d give this at least an 8, first Brand New album I’ve listened to so no real reference points for me.

Cr8erMakers says:

Did this man jus say brand new was at their worst with your favorite weapon….damn do opinions differ …but that’s okay everyone’s subjected to their own

Soppatorsk says:

Where’s Waldo’s hat?

Reverend Storm says:

I remember being super excited when this album first came out. Listened to it basically nonstop for 2 days. I like that you mentioned deja, and daisy. I agree that daisy is a very underrated album in brand new’ s discography. Science fiction a whole was good, and makes for enjoyable background music. Not like daisy, or even the devil and God. I’ve been a fan of brand new for years now, and this new album just feels like a outlet for Jesse’s mental minefield. Which isn’t a bad thing, I can see why it took them 8 years to come back, just hope they continue to grow, both as individuals and as a band.

jeromeislegend 05 says:

your reviews sucks man. specially with LP2.

On fire says:

I’m glad you said Daisy was underrated. It’s probably in my top 5 albums of all time. Would love you to do a review of it!

Moo moo says:

Hey Anthony. You should released a self-titled album called MELON. With just a melon on the cover. Itd be hella iconic

jaded termite says:

Melon fam, come on a 7?

jonathan ramont says:

I liked this album a lot. It wasn’t a Devil and God, but I thought it was enjoyable and it made me go back to this band for a few more listens which is always nice.

Mustafa Sakib says:

1:22 he said the god and devil by mistake there lele

AzCannibalChris says:

I wanted to say it was boring, but I actually really liked it. A 7/10 is a fair score. I still feel it can get a bit too slow, but I still found myself enjoying more songs than disliking it. Not a bad release over all.

Carlos True Morales says:

Ive been wanting him to review a Brand New album for so long!

Tommy E says:

He just panned the album.

Matt Poplawski says:

Rating this album low on purpose to get a reaction. Well, it worked. My album of the year so far.

imjennylyn 12 says:

I love it when they go grunge.

ChrisDSX says:

Wtf, this is the best album I have listened to in a long time. I give it a 9/10

rex Sauls says:

Hmm not putting brand new in a emo slot that’s interesting since you did that to Manchester orchestra……

Devante Adams says:

Im late but this is a solid 9 imo best rock album i heard this year so far imo.

Victoria Crincoli says:

I always loved Brand New and I was so excited for this album to come out. I was really upset when I gave it the first few listens because yes it sounds like they are implying emotion rather than making the listener feel the emotion. I thought hard about it though and I am happy this is the last album they are making. I am happy about it because they can never be what they once were, they grew up and they changed and their music changed. Personally for me they can never top The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me and I didn’t expect them to. Did I hope for this? No not exactly. But listening to this and ending on a good but not the best note is the best scenario. Them implying the feeling rather than me feeling it helps with the mourning process. When I listen to this album I listen to the death of the band because the fight to get the message and emotion out isn’t working like before and things simply get weaker before they die. Hope that made any sense.

Colossa Films says:

I would love Anthony to review Circa Survive’s album The Amulet that came out about a month ago

hall justin says:

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one not really going crazy for the album as a whole. A few tracks stand out as great, but most of it is too low key for what I want from a Brand New album. Also the way Jesse sang most of the tracks was so blah. A few tracks he is just unrecognizable. Was really hoping for something more akin to Devil and God. Probably the only Brand new album I put down within a week. Even now if I listen to a track on any other album, that album is on repeat for weeks. I’m really gonna have to sit down and consume Science Fiction. Hopefully it’ll grow on me. All that said, Desert and No Control are lyrically my favorite songs in 2017 so far

Corinthian says:

I just found out about this band and I found out that they’re breaking up next year. Fuck me.

David Serkland says:

Man this guy is a really douche. Listen to Oingo Boingo’s song “Imposter” sums him up pretty well. Typical no talent critic.

Pablo Gaytan says:

WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! it’s my fifth time listening to this album and it only gets better, this is a fucking masterpiece!

Brandon Garland says:

Goddamn. This dude really struggles with metaphors. I agree that ‘Daisy’ is underrated. This record is a completely logical step in the same direction. Go ahead and put your ‘Psycho Candy’ record behind you and proceed to talk shit about “’90s nostalgia”.

. Jason says:

Calling Daisy underrated = 1 like.

Will Heiser says:


Reuben Newman says:

Still better than MBDTF

qwer8907 says:

average american rock band gets a good review boring shit and dull

Scott Holder says:

8/10 easy

Alec Turcot says:

Hey everyone, Jessiethony isadisgustinghumantano here

rkr402 says:

Waste is honestly the best slow grunge track I’ve heard since the 90s. Best song off the record.

Pablo Horteg says:

The bridge of “In The Water” is absolute gold.

doggotbitm says:

Stop calling him melon pls let’s start being nice to fantano

Who - What When - Where am I ? says:

why is this dribbling POSER still babbling on………Does he offer anything useful or that anybody could not think, find out or know without him ?? NOPE !!!!! Turn off your computer, Shoot your T.V. / computer monitor & Go outside…….So this IDIOT will SHUT Tha PHUK UP……

noro__ says:

Can the next album not have your face reviewing it?

Bear Ursidae says:

Lol i think i review a porno vid

Mirror Mirror Media says:

it’s good . it has the feels , quite the american feels , actually . I find the devil and god / daisy to be more avant and personally pleasurable to me – but science fiction is good . the devil and God is the best album of the genre , hands down , all time .

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