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►My review of the 6th album “Ember” by hard rock band Breaking Benjamin. “Ember” sees the band returning to a heavier sound, but with varied results.

Hollywood Records
Release: 4/13/18
Rating: 3/5

►Favorite tracks: Feed the Wolf, Close Your Eyes, Tourniquet, The Dark of You, Vega

►Least faves: Save Yourself, Blood, Down, Psycho

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David Phillips says:

This album was phenomenal. Point blank period. To understand music is to understand the emotion it was written it. Music is expression regardles of this negativity. Tho I listen to heavier music. This is like INK when they did Every Trick In The Book. Or My Enemies & I .

Micah, so yeah :P says:

About the little rant, i get it but you dont have to listen to any of the pre-released songs

Mason Sommers says:

Honestly I really like psycho. I love his voice on the chorus. One of MY top picks on the album. Oh well, great work on the review, keep them comin!

Max says:

Can we kind of just appreciate that there is still a quality band still making quality music in an age of mindless rap songs? Just my opinion.

Brian Lookabaugh says:

I agree and also completely disagree with you.

For one, not all BB fans listen to a song for its “aggressiveness”. Some like the melancholy stuff, some like somewhere in the middle (me). Songs like Save Yourself and Torn in Two were nice because of that but my opinion may just be biased because I love a little bit of falsetto in a heavy rock song. I think older BB fans looked for what they liked best in older albums through Ember. Fans of Dear Agony will like Save Yourself and I’m sure fans of BB’s grungier work will enjoy something like Blood

Where I agree with you is the staleness from this album. The lyrics are so edgy that it would make me not want to show the song to a friend. I also felt like the choruses in Tourniquet, Blood, Close Your Eyes, and Down were incredibly weak. A song’s chorus should be its selling point but these sounded very bland.

I also miss the heavy, dark sound that rang true in Phobia and Dear Agony. New production has killed off that thick guitar sound and it makes me enjoy every BB song since DbD a lot less. Drums sound too loud and don’t match with the style

Dark of You is great.

Veronica Moody says:

Omg i hate people who do reviews and hate albums that are great

Ninekills says:

I don’t know what are you talking about man. This is breaking benjamin you’re talking about. I don’t care if they don’t change their sound 180 degrees the way you might want to see, but no, this band is the kind of band (at least to me) you want more of the same cuz it is so good and satisfying! (maybe nostalgia is taking over me when it comes to banda such BB)

ItsJustMatt lol says:

I’ve been a fan of Breaking Benjamin for a good 7 years now (Yes I’m a die hard like he mentioned.) What he says on how that Ember sounds like the old Breaking Benjamin is true! It’s not particularly a bad thing to a lot of people, like me! I love the way they do it! It’s the way they wanna do it. and it’s what they feel like they’re great at, and it’s where they feel comfortable. But it’s not exactly a good thing either, because, yes, they don’t try new ways to make themselves better.

When he says that, though, I thought “But I’m sure a big majority of artists have there own way of making music. It’s where they feel the most comfort, and it’s where they feel like they’re at the best of their abilities. ” Because you look at another one of my favorite artists, Macklemore. I’ve listened to his music for 4 years now. Too me, I love his music! The way he writes and produces his raps fit well. At the same time, I do think sometimes “He doesn’t seem to branch out a lot with his music.” No musician is perfect, and they will never please everybody.

I’m not trying to hate on him or anything, nor am I saying he’s wrong. If it comes off that way, I apologize, I did not intend to. No minds think the same, and music is extremely subjective. I just wanted to say how I felt on him saying how Ben didn’t change his style.

Ihtesham Khan says:

I’d give this a 4/5 tbh, I really enjoyed some of the tracks. The Dark of You is my favorite track off the record, I’ve had it on repeat all day. Some were a bit underwhelming though, agreed.

rsrain14 says:

Did we listen to the same album?

DoktorZayus Fcuked says:

Smashing Benjamins

Erik says:

They released the songs early because they wanted to release it last year but the recording company wouldn’t let them so…

thedeadmanfan09 says:

Im more interested on seeing how these songs are performed live

Chewy030 says:

Couldn’t agree more about bands releasing too many song before the album. I’m ok with 3 any more than that chances are i don’t listen to the others as much before the album release. 5 songs off pretty much an 11 song album is way too damn much. Overall i enjoy the record and felt more collaborative between all the band members which was nice to see.

Robert Turner says:

psycho is my shit

thedeadmanfan09 says:

Red Cold River, Tourniquet, Feed The Wolf and Blood are the stand outs imo. I agree that bands shouldnt release almost half of the album before it comes out. Maybe 5 songs if its a 15-20 track album but 5 songs out of 10 is not ideal. You gotta tease the fans and build up the anticipation. I think this album was more or less the same as the rest of their catalog.

James Brummett says:

This guy is a major opinionated dildo. He looks like a boy band groupie

Samuel Everett says:

Loved this album! Loved the last album! Loved every album they have ever released!

gmauto s says:

Hating on Breaking Benjamin for that reason I’m out

Jace Carsonne says:

The first time I heard ‘Feed the Wolf’, my immediate thought was “Where the hell was this song when I was an angsty, pissed off thirteen year old”?

Kelsey Doyle says:

Im a big BB fan and Ive honestly loved all their albums to date but this album feels like they forced themselves to go heavier and I would have liked that if they went the direction of saturate’s heavy feel but they took basically the sounds from the last album and made them heavier. I like the album but it is their worst release to date by far. The original band members are better musicians then this new crew so I do miss certain music aspects of the past. I still think it is solid but just a little bland, Ive already heard this album before.

Josh Macfarline says:

I’m not sure if you could be further off with this review man..sorry but almost all your points were invalid and petty.

Katie Sanders says:

As you said Ember is Breaking Benjamin newest album that released April 13th. The first release song from it though was ‘Red Cold River’. When I heard the song I KNEW Ember was gonna be a great album. It was released in March. The album is very diverse and extremely creative. For like you said this is Breaking Benjamin’s 6th album. The Hard Rock/Alternative Metal album makes you wanna rock out having a headbanding moment. I would say that best song from the CD is ‘The Dark of You’. With its depth and hard work into it can draw you in. It might be the most meaningful song from it. It is also probably the softest from the album but even intresting enough for Metalheads like me. It also has a creative beat that has a bit of a noticable echo if you pay close enough attention. I would say ‘Feed The Wolf’ might be one of the 4 hardest songs from the CD. With its depth moments and growl to the song is fantastic and can easily draw you in. ‘Psycho’ probably one of the harder songs from the CD. With the drum and guitar sounds like its one is very attractively entertaining. ‘Torn In Two’ is also one of the the heavier songs from the CD. It’s video was very incredible too! I would also say ‘Tourniquet’ is probably the HARDEST MOST HEAVIEST from it. It’s deep sound and angry growls can draw you in easily! Besides talking about those 6 songs I would say that you can hear the anger and emotions in the CD. I would say it’s so fantastic that it’s DEFINITELY good enough to buy! All together I would give it 5 Stars for its creativity, hard work, and deep emotional lyrics. I would hope for everyone else to try and enjoy the album!

Christian Jackson says:

Breaking Benjamin is probably the only band in my eyes that can release the same sounding album over and over again and I’ll love it every time. I thought Dear Agony was probably the best they’ve ever sounded. So much power, the guitar tones are to die for, and the harmonies are amazing. That’s what i listen for when I listen to BB. But yeah I do agree they did really recycle a lot of stuff with this album especially lyrically. I give it an 8.5/10

D J says:

A lot of your opinions I agree with. I LOVE Breaking Benjamin, but this is my opinion about the Album

1. WAY too many pre-releases

2. To many uses of depressing lyrics. Seriously, take a glass of milk and take a so every time you hear the words “carry me”

3. Save Yourself is SO generic

4. I think the structure of the song was barely changed. The only differences in structure I heard were in Red Cold River, Psycho, and Tourniquet

5. I think the album started off with a bang, then got a little more subtle, then it plummeted at Down, then came back up for Torn in Two, then hit rock-bottom at Save Yourself. Thankfully Close Your Eyes was a solid ending.

6. Definitely better than Dark Before Dawn, maybe (a HUGE maybe) Saturate, but I think We Are Not Alone, Dear Agony, and Phobia reign as the top 3

Overall this is how I rank the album, not counting Lyra or Vega. Worst to Best

Save Yourself
Close Your Eyes
The Dark of You
Torn in Two
Red Cold River
Feed the Wolf

Mason Ocker says:

TBH I was really disappointed with this album, which sucks considering they’re my favorite band ever. I dunno, but most of the songs just blended together to me.

Ashwin Pandey says:

Please do album review of- future (from ashes to new) they are highly underrated bro

TRUSTRAP _ says:

Artist should always do what feels right for them no matter what that may be. You hit the nail on the head with the bands are damned if they do damned if they don’t, if a band changes and evolves like Linkin Park they are ridiculed for it, but if a band stays with what they’ve been doing and like it like Breaking Benjamin, nickelback then they are also criticize for it. What it boils down to is if the artist are happy with whatever direction they take then that’s all that matters if some fans don’t like where a band has changed then they can listen to their older stuff if fans wanna hear something different then listen to another band/artist. There are millions of songs out there not just a handful.

Project Ascension says:

Honestly what else can they do?


I love the album 10/10

The Foxy Drampa says:

I strongly agree with the fact that there were WAY too many songs released before the album, and once the album was released I was disappointed to only see 5 songs (7 if you include the Lyra and Vega) were available after release. And what was even more disappointing to me was that really only 3 of these tracks made me interested in this album, Feed The Wolf (with Lyra), Tourniquet, and The Dark of You. I REALLY love the melodic sounds in The Dark of You, and before that I loved Ashes if Eden as well. It would be nice to see if Ben can take a step towards those melodic sounds, and take a step towards diversity of sound and lyrics as some tracks do sound the same for me and they also sound generic. I also had those moments in the album that I just really wasn’t feeling the music, kind of winced at some points, and overall just thought the sound was weak, especially in Psycho.

Tldr: It’s a 6/10 imo. What killed me was the generic sound in most tracks. I would like to see a more melodic sound in the next album because there is a lot of potential with it, and with more diversity in sound and lyrics in the next album I believe it can be a strong album. Lastly, please don’t release more than 3 songs in the next album. Most people like to be surprised.

But anyway, I appreciate what they’re trying to do with the change in sound, because I do like it.

vhiz kandy says:

Do starset and red

ARTV says:

Two singles is the right amount, three max. Push back against that labels that literally spoil the entire album by constantly releasing songs. I only listen to two myself (99% of the time) that’s been my personal rule for years.

KillMyVocals says:

Also I agree with releasing so many singles. I didn’t listen to a couple of them cause I didn’t want to have the album ruined for me. Glad I didn’t haha.

Carla Jonck says:

I have been a Breaking Benjamin fan since “Diary of Jane” which still remains an all-time favourite of mine. “Ember” kind of grew on me. After my first listen I immediately love “Feed the Wolf” and “The Dark of You”. Those are the tracks that really stand out to me. The rest sounds like typical Breaking Benjamin. There are moments of “Psycho” that I enjoy however.

Alex Witt says:

I completley disagree. This album is epic and that’s why its number one on iTunes this album is so much better than almost all of the rock albums that have come out in the last few years.

Kaven D says:

1/2 of the tracks from pacific daydream (weezer) were released as singles too

Nathaniel Mauro says:

Yeeeaaaahhhhh 6/10 is accurate

CartmanZockt says:

Yeah it’s stupid to release so many singles before the album gets released.
But I just listened to two (Red Cold River, Psycho) so my hype towards the album was still huge


The dark of you is my favorite song on the album by far wish theyd do a full album of softer tracks like that or “forget it” “anthem of the angels”

Adam Crowl says:

I feel like this guy just complains

Robert Turner says:

bb still is the goat

breanntheartist1989 says:

I dumped Thirty Seconds to Mars for Breaking Benjamin!

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