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►Bring Me The Horizon have become a staple of the UK music scene, and on their sixth record “amo”, they continue to redefine their sound.

RCA Records
Release: 1/25/19
Rating: 3.5/5

►Favorite tracks: Nihilist Blues, In the Dark, I Don’t Know What to Say, Sugar Honey Ice & Tea, Wonderful Life

►Least faves: Why You Gotta Kick Me When I’m Down?, Fresh Bruises, Mother Tongue

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►Opening riff “Swimming Pools” covered by Rob Scallon:

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1. I Apologise If You Feel Something
3. Nihilist Blues (feat. Grimes)
4. In the Dark
5. Wonderful Life (feat. Dani Filth)
6. Ouch
7. Medicine
8. Sugar Honey Ice & Tea
9. Why You Gotta Kick Me When I’m Down?
10. Fresh Bruises
11. Mother Tongue
12. Heavy Metal (feat. Rahzel)
13. I Don’t Know What to Say


Cut My Lip At the Discø says:

Ok. This is literally my favorite album of all time.

PriceMitchellSystem toon says:

looking old, bro..

MLG ChessyPessy says:

I bought amo as soon as it was released! I fucking love it!

Lunckytunk Smith says:

I hated this album so much. I want old bring me but I understand that the modern world doesn’t except it…

Fcking Pwoper says:

“i apologise if you feel something” is honestly the best song on the album

TomteNisse says:

I’m not that big of a fan of Nihilist Blues, but somehow I can’t get the “Paradise is in my soul, and I’m terrified I can’t get out ” lyrics out of my mind.

Sexy Nea says:

I like 3 songs of the album. I hate the rest

Callum Eddy says:

mother tongues good as

kameron mcconnell says:

i absolutely was let down by this album. i absolutely LOVED all 4 of the singles, mantra was a great tie in to that’s the spirit, wonderful life was heavy but catchy enough to get stuck in my head, medicine has such a beautiful chord progression and that chorus jesus is that good, and mother tounge has that nice latin style beat in the chorus and it made me so excited for this album, but when it came out i was bombarded by “interludes” and top 40 pop rip-offs loke nihilist blues, i could not even finish that song, and as of right now i haven’t finished the album, i will, but not right now.

leche lait says:

nihilist blues summarizes how i feel, sugar honey ice & tea relieves my heaviness withdrawal, i dont know what to say gives me chills

ElvenSmack says:

Leave Logic alone mate

geraci9 says:

To me it’s more like a 2.5-3 just kindve a meh album not really good or bad or very memorable.

Elijah Petrik says:

I’m the only who find some of the samples on this record a bit familiar to the ones on there is a hell?

Ateo Feo says:

I like their new style. This album rocks.

Tegan Fan says:

This is the album The 1975 wish they made. This album is edgy yet catchy as hell. The new 1975 sounds like an album full of b-sides with no unique identity. This album sounds like BMTH yet is still a new sound.

Fairy C Rat says:

The ambulance sound on Heavy Metal sounds more like a synth. I think the guitar riff is the low notes playing along with it.

Cedric Mathew Hudson says:

It’s mixed for me, I feel like they tried to make a Grimes album..

Mono says:

AAAAAAmo… no… dont say it like that XD

TheOgreMan says:

Sempiternal will always be my favorite album of theirs, but I can honestly say that I enjoyed this album a lot more than I thought. They truly delivered on a good concept and their experimentation was very surprisingly well done. I give them props for having the balls to go through with this project and make it sound top notch. MANIA on the other hand…

leche lait says:

omg the ambulance. youve ruined it for me jon

Ihtesham Khan says:

I like a few songs but for the most part I feel it’s just generic electropop

VeNom Hunter says:


Hard Rock Reviews says:

I found a lot of value in “Heavy Metal”, sad you cringed at the lyrics. I was excited too. I was underwhelmed by the five singles so I was expecting this type of letdown for me. However, the release made me appreciate Mantra and Wonderful Life more. I like Sugar Honey Ice and Tea and Heavy Metal as well. All in all, it’s probably a 2/5 for me tbh.

ARTV says:

This was a really tough review for me for some reason, I’ve just been doubting myself a lot lately, idk. Hope it’s not terrible or anything, I worked hard to make it work.

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indica baby says:

heavy metal is my favorite track fight me

The weird kid who sits alone at lunch says:

It’s okay, it’s a little all over the place and it doesn’t seem to know where it wants to stand in terms of genre

kimkartaeshian says:

i’ve given the album several listens and i can now say that this album isn’t really for me, but that’s okay.
some of the songs are alright but the others are just not really what i would usually listen too, since i’m not really into poprock. but again, that’s perfectly fine.
i appreciate their evolution tho and it’s great to see them grow. i will still always support them tho cause they deserve all the support.
if you like the album, that’s amazing!
i will listen to the album a couple more times and then we’ll see if i like it better ^^
for now, enjoy the album everyone!

Franco Cordini says:

Please Review drug, by simple creatures!

Patrick! At The Disco says:

Hi. I fucking love amo.

Just Jazz says:

I’ve been a fan of Bring Me since the Sempiternal era and I love all their music before that and I was so hyped for this album and it exceeded my expectations. It’s absolutely incredible and I adore it. The best songs for me are sugar honey ice & tea, mother tongue, in the dark, wonderful life, heavy metal and why you gotta kick me when I’m down and as a fan of their stuff from their first EP onwards, I cannot say in words how much I love this album

BoxOfMyst3riez says:

“Heavy Metal” is so darn catchy

Brandon Stapleton says:

They openly talked about being inspired by 21 pilots.

Ihtesham Khan says:

Lol I was waiting for this, I hate this album so much

GrapeSodaWaves says:

Hell yeah, this album is just amazing, this is how you make pop music! This is actually coming from a guy that listened to them in the Suicide Season days

Nathan Epperheimer says:

Suicide Season is one of the first albums that got me into heavier music. I have been very accepting for their sound change up until amo. It just seems to forced. They eased in a bit with that’s the spirit still keeping the instrument oriented songs. This is a pop/edm album. They almost rushed into it. Doesn’t fit together very well. THIS IS MY OPINION.

L Martin-Shearin says:

This album was average to me, That’s The Spirit is still my fav.

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