Classic Rock Album Review 1980

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Double Fantasy is a 1980 album released by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. It is the seventh and final studio album released by Lennon during his lifetime. The album was initially poorly received. However, following Lennon’s murder three weeks after its release, it became a worldwide commercial success and went on to win the 1981 Album of the Year award at the 24th Annual Grammy Awards.

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Mark P. says:

Wow, talk about high quality entertainment! Was that an impression of Mollie doing an impression of Larry Graves? Mind blown! LOL. Also I thought Two Virgins was the “stripped down” album they recorded?

Bob Morawski says:

Thank you so much for sharing. I wasn’t aware the album was available in this format with both the original recording and now a stripped version which you say sounds better. This now on my must get list. Thanks again Larry.

Big Ed says:

One of the last vinyl LP’s I bought. Really good album with a lot of great songs. It’s a mellower and warmer John Lennon. He was finally giving peace a chance. I’ve always felt he was on the verge of a huge comeback. But sadly, he wasn’t given the chance.

Dave Carr says:

I like half the album.

Garrett Munton says:

I’ve only listened to John Lennon’s songs on the album, but if you think Yoko’s are as good as Lennon’s, I guess I’ll play the whole thing soon. My favorites are Watching the Wheels and Woman.

Ludwig II says:

Here’s an underrated classic rock album you probably haven’t heard… Yesterday’s Children by Yesterday’s Children, 1970

Yisus 23 says:

Man, that album makes me feel so sad because the album proofs that Lennon had a lot more to show

Alfa Mail says:

I love half of it! Great review!

QuiltyExperience says:

I was hoping you’d highlight this one! I think Double Fantasy, in retrospect, is underrated. At first when it released the reception was mostly negative, and then when Lennon was tragically murdered it became popular and produced a few hit singles. Since then, I think people have been unfairly critical of it sounding ‘dated’ or ‘corny’. Stripped Down definitely improves the smothered production, but the album has always had a really contemporary feel. Yoko’s songs especially still sound fresh to me.

DayTripper66 says:

I bought it when it was first released. It was a nice change from the “oldies but goodies” on the original 1980 release.

Derek Roberts says:

I have that and also I prefer the stripped version as well, sounds more natural and raw. I really wanted to ask you….and to nag you. Hehe… are you looking forward to the bio pics of Queen and Elton John coming out? I have to be honest I’m more psyched about the Elton boi pic myself. In saying that (here’s the nagging) when are you gonna get an Elton CD and review it. At least Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, you music collection just seems incomplete without Elton John. Please Mollie, drill some sense into this guy! I heard you say how much you like Elton John. Maybe when his bio pic “Rocket Man” comes out in May and sees it, it’ll inspire Larry to get some Elton John to add to his collection.

Canadian Studmuffin says:

Thumbs up for more album reviews!

Starman Brinley says:

Great choice! I have both the regular 2010 remaster (from the Lennon Signature Box) but I bought that version as well back in January of this year. It is totally super underrated. It has much of John’s best work (IMHO) and while I’m not a big Yoko fan, I enjoy her content on this album as well. Per some books I’ve read (and Wikipedia as well), supposedly David Bowie’s “Heroes” album was an inspiration. Not sure if this is true or not but based on the content I sort of believe it. The stuff John was listening to at the time…the new “disco”, and Blondie and the B-52s, John was just getting started…just like starting over… dearly missed he is. This edition of the album is definitely a fave!

J J says:

I don’ t have the stripped down version, but I do like the album even some of songs of Yokos is good. Larry sorry if you didn’ t like the question I asked on my Blackbird comment, but I do have a suggestion, next video Mollie does impersonating you try to get Jinx to lay on the back of the chair that would really make it complete. Again sorry Larry. Good review tho. Bye.

Nathan Gallion says:

The remix is fantastic mostly because the remixers had faith in what Lennon didn’t – his voice. Lennon had a habit of trying to bury his voice in the mix, but this version wisely removes the reverb, etc. he added. I totally get not loving your own voice, but when you’re John Lennon, maybe trust that it’s actually pretty decent?

kenneth koglin says:

Stripped down version is great, I agree with you. A must for Beatles/John fans.

jensibird 64 2.0 says:

Keep the reviews coming Studmuffin.
I always love taking recommendations.

Janet Sampson says:

I had just bought and started listening to Double Fantasy Larry when John Lennon was shot,I remember crying over the song Beautiful Boy and when John sings “goodnight Sean,see you in the morning”,I thought,oh my God no he won’t and I just totally lost it,I thought,that bastard just killed my childhood! and that’s what it felt like to me Larry that when John Lennon died, a part,a big part of my childhood had been killed. Bob.

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