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Instant Gratification is anything but.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right? What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?


Ezequiel Melian says:

Thank you, Fandango, for making me like WAAAAAY better, actual post-hardcore bands. 🙂 Fight me!

Bird Set Free says:

2884 likes, 2884 dislikes. Nuf said.

myootoo • says:

lol anthony doesnt get it

Jack lund says:

Shoulda said nothany a Fantano

What ?????? says:

He should review Mothership. Like if you agree.

MultiAlerocks says:


Tolerable Guy says:

Yo what the fuck, 1/10?

HateTheBearsFTW says:

Ok but Mothership is good as fuqq boi.

Tyler Bentson says:

Still not as bad as My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy getting a 6 when it’s one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time, and then Lil Pump of all things getting a 7

Birthday Party says:

This dude doesn’t get it lol

spaceghostdragon says:

I was listening to some Dance Gavin Dance songs at my friend’s house and I had no feelings towards it. Sometimes boredom is a more negative reaction than feeling rage from how bad something is.

Andrea Robyn says:

I love post-hardcore and like Dance Gavin Dance, but Anthony is right; IG is absolute trash.

kazz jarmin says:

Everything you said I agree with, but it completely appeals to me. I’m a huge fan of the absolute chaos between the clean and screaming vocals. I love dgd and I think the cliches, tight pacing, and sometimes frenzied bits really work well.
Regardless I am subscribing, because you make valid points in a medium ruled by personal taste.

Joze Wolf says:

Dude I had unsubscribe after watching this review

jared abramowitz says:

why am i masturbating to this

Lani Alvarado says:

Hey thanks for making this playlist.

Amir Ahmadi says:

Did you consider that dgd applies an element of parody to their song writing? I think you would find it explains how obnoxious and cringy the album comes off as. However, spot on review, don’t agree with the final verdict but at the same time you explained yourself well.

Ashong122 says:

Oldthany Mantano

Vincent Scribbles says:

I can understand you not liking this album at all but I’m fucking shocked that you gave it a one. Like what a normal person can assume from that is that it completely fails on every level (production, instrumentation, lyrics, enjoyability, etc.) and a DGD album is far from being that terrible.

Lani Alvarado says:

Hey thanks for making this playlist.

asdfas sdafasdf says:


Matthew says:

It’s okay Anthony, you have different tastes musically but I am still very surprised you didn’t even appreciate it as art or the technicality behind the layers. Also another thing to realize is that many of DGD’s lyrics are sarcastic including the rap part you complained about. To me, the clashing parts create a dynamic that is truly beautiful and personally I think most DGD albums are masterpieces. But again, it’s just a matter of taste, some of the stuff you’ve rated generously I thought was trash. I still enjoy your reviews a lot and like to hear different opinions though.

Sean Conlon says:

How can someone be so wrong

Derek Anthony says:

A 1 out of 10? I enjoy your channel, but you sir, should probably stick to rating mainstream music. DGD has more lyrical substance than half the pop/hip hop you like.

Sebastian Holst says:

You are really brutal dude

Toasty Waffles says:

Gd dude, i understand the whole idea of opinions but he actually says here this goes past my taste i just think their”in bad taste”and”horribly clichéd”

Like Jesus dude you didn’t respond to this one well and that’s fine, but to have the audacity to say that your opinion isn’t just an opinion but a fact and that the fact is that the album sucks is extremely pretentious

zach reeder says:

I wasn’t aware that this video existed.
I feel personally attacked by Mellon boy.

Tolerable Guy says:

Jesus Christ, this comment section.

Ezequiel Melian says:

I was once a DGD fan, but not anymore because Anthony has but me on to some really good, genuine post-hardcore bands that I can appreciate way more than Circa Survive or other poppy, “post-hardcore” bands.

Gowther, the Goat's Sin of Lust says:

Mothership = 10/10
Downtown Battlemountain = 10/10
Downtown Battlemountain 2 = 7/10
Happiness = 7/10

Tyler Bentson says:

Also, “wimpy vocals” was directed at Anthony Green? I have no words lol

Broncattus LP says:

Yeah I honestly have to agree. This album came off really awkward I didn’t enjoy it.

Justin V says:

I think you need to give DGD a chance to redeem themselves by giving their newest album a listen. This was their first go at an album with a new singer, who has improved IMO drastically over time.

Noah Culbreth says:

The problem is the stylistic juxtaposition. The hardcore moments are alright but the cleanly sung vocals and shitty lyrics ruin everything. I don’t know about a 1 but I wouldn’t give it anymore than a 5

Bertil Winther says:

Just listened to their music. It’s really bad

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