Dead Kennedys- Plastic Surgery Disasters ALBUM REVIEW


Such a friggin’ good punk album!

What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


peter daigle says:

So well done, Anthony. I’m 55 years old and grew up (from 18 on) with the DK’s. Loved them then. Love them now.
It’s interesting to hear and see the co-relation of thoughts and inspirations of the songs and albums. Keep up the good work.

tidepoolbay says:

I agree.    Woof!!

WolfmanKenpo says:

I got the 2-in-1 CD combo of “In God We Trust, Inc.” and “Plastic Surgery Disasters” and immensely enjoyed this album. The biting, relevant lyrics, Biafra’s vocals, and Ray’s guitar especially make this one of my favorite punk albums to regularly listen to.

Anthony Zav says:

so much of the punk i listened to as a kid sound so bad when i listen to it now – but not this album. this was ages ahead of it’s time. never gets old. and i used to have the vinyl with a big thick booklet. alas, all gone now.

Craptainfalcon100 says:

Do Gorilla Biscuits

Eric Logan says:

This album is DKs best in my opinion. Every song is perfect. Kill the Poor is still my favorite song of all time though.

Trotskii 79 says:

Easily DKs best and one of the albums I will take to my grave, but ultimately let down by the filler of Dead End and I am the Owl. Imagine if they’d put Saturday Night Holocaust and Life Sentence on instead. Then you would have had perfection.

emilio Conde says:

This album gets better as the situation gets worse

Q: Are we not men? A: We are DEVO! says:

Jello Biafra is not the singer!

TonyStraightEdgeVegan says:

Please review Leatherface-Mush album

Theo Weath says:

Have you reviewed The Fix and Middle Class from the late 1970’s?

trd 12 says:

Please do “London Calling”

TittySprinklesTheSpasticRetard says:



Lee McCafferty says:

Love this album. Got it on tape in 1990 and got lost in the gifted pamphlet that came with it. Always come back to this one.

Michael Teale says:

One of hardcores best ever bands well fast,great meaninful lyrics?just great album?

Jon V says:

one of the greateshshsyt albums out there

Lyphino Normal says:

I know this is an old video so Anthony probably won’t see this, but have you heard of The Distillers? I love every single thing they’ve put out and you seem like you might enjoy them. Rancid are good too. I generally prefer older punk rock, but those bands are the exceptions.

Flash Garbonzo says:

Agree with this being better than their debut. They are tight, and unreal.

Jairo Martinez-Ortiz says:

Do Germs GI

cosmicpowercp says:

35 years since this album was release…

Viva says:

I’ve been saying Peligro and Flouride wrong my whole life

Steve Fink says:

Spot on review. I bought the LP when it released when I was 12 years old. I loved it. My parents were shocked and did not know what to think just from their name alone. I’m 47 now and this album is still not tired.

Crayola Eater says:

Melon makes me listen to stuff again. I always miss something and he gives me new things to listen to different things in the album.

Eric Logan says:

I totally agree with you.

Zachary Reynolds says:

Someone please explain to me why hardcore punk is so good? Not to sound bigoted but to me the idea of being more profane, angry and ear-bleedingly loud than it’s contemporaries comes from a belief that they’re making true punk music because it’s unmainstream and not whimpish.

peter daigle says:

You’re fucking right they were the best at the time.

Dillon Watson says:

I like Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables way more than Plastic Surgery Disasters. I understand that they progressed musically in many ways on this album, that’s fine, but I think the songs are simply better on their first album.

Sune Pedersen says:

Do somemore hardcore punk rock band like Bad Brains or Black Flag!

Nico Foxx says:

Hey Anthony, so I’ve watched a lot of your reviews and so far I’ve agreed with the majority of them. So when you said this album was good, I gave it a listen. I was already into that genre (black flag, bad brains, etc) but never dead kennedys. After listening to it a month or so ago, I’m still in love with this album and I listen to it everyday like it’s a ritual lol. So I wanted to know, could you recommend me some other punk albums of that type? I just got into punk a year ago and I’d really appreciate it. Thank you

stan standerson says:

I’m surprised he hasn’t reviewed Pink Flag yet

Matt Earle says:

X – Los Angeles. That would be a cool one to review.

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