Deafheaven – Ordinary Corrupt Human Love ALBUM REVIEW


Rife with post-rock cliches, Deafheaven’s fourth album contains the band’s least inspired genre-blending to date.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Quiet Evenings says:

This review is NOT GOOD

Michael Black says:

i disgree because u r rong

Just another shitty human says:

Altar of Plagues still best post-black band. Anybody got album recs that compare to TG&I?

waterguyroks says:

Get em Melón, trash these washed up false metal idols. Sacrifice them at the altar of Manowar

MetalSupporter95 says:

last year was mastodon and this year is deafheaven… rip

Ben Herkin says:

I agree with your comments and rating mostly. I enjoyed New Bermuda personally (not all of the tracks but more than half) but I agree what we didn’t need with this album was more of the post-rock influence. I hate waste tracks or transitional tracks on any album like boring soundscapes, spoken word, or instrumentals and this album is no exception. I’m going to sit this album out but keep an eye on them for future releases.

max alejandro says:


Cyberus Morphous says:

Melon don’t do drugs

Ileiad says:

What does it feel like being wrong?

Aaron Vargas says:

You are on foolishness, my Melon. You are truly off the goop on this one, chief.

Alex W says:

the opening track sounds like something out of a dragonball z soundtrack

Stefan Sommer says:

Definitely not their best. Actually their worst. 5 is not that low, I score it a 5 as well. Not hating it, but it’s no way near their strongest. Sunbather is still their best

Varys The Spider says:

Honeycomb is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard in my life.

1996thrh says:

Lol. Not in a good mood listening to this album? Remember that these are your opinions, so maybe don’t state everything as if they are “fact”. Check yourself before you do another short and cynical 7 minute review. Makes you come off as a snob.

Zach S says:

I hate you so much

Ethan Hendricks says:

5/10 seems a little high

Eryk Markiewicz says:

Man everyone is butthurt in the comments lmao

skinnypimp says:

Wow Deafheaven fans are such butthurt manchildren. I feel bad for anyone that thinks Deafheaven is the best Blackgaze or extreme metal/post rock band in existence when Blackgaze was done far better long before Deafheaven was even a band and as for post rock/metal mixtures they’ve been pulled off far more originally and better as far back as the 90s and that applies to Blackgaze/post-bm too (Weakling,and Joyless, then later by Alcest,Amesoeurs,Lantlos,Vaura, and Alrakis. And in death metal too by Katatonia (Brave Murder Day), Hybernoid, and Coaltar Of The Deepers). Not surprised tho Dfhvn fans always been dumb.

Zaenema says:

This review is overly contrarian, have never disagreed with you more honestly

Static Syndrome says:


Corey Johnson says:

Do you not talk about lyrics in your reviews?

lukejones1104 says:


futuredeath says:

Melon didn’t use lube

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