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Blayne and Brad tag team the new Deicide album Overtures of Blasphemy

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VietnamD0820 says:

I love Deicide’s albums from the first to the latest

Ian Baxley says:

I prefer super intense, murderous, mutilating, smashing heads flat type death metal. There’s not enough of it.


I listen to a few tracks off it and it sounded too much like CRADLE OF FILTH…. DEICIDE needs to retrace their roots! THANKS!

Mike Fagan says:

Well, was hoping for a good review, Deicide has pretty much flatlined for the past 20 years with the exception of The Stench Of Redemption. Seems they can’t hit those highwater marks anymore. Disappointing.

Commander Marduk says:

I actually love this album!!!

Karsten Von Fjellheim says:

On Benton and his age, he was supposedly to commit suicide when he became 33. It’s just a show, he’ll be here until he gets a heart attack at 63; wtf else is he gunna do, flip burgers?

Tyson Lee says:

the new deicide is amazing

Tim Corscadden says:

As soon I saw the Outer Heaven shirt, I was like yo ! Also Infernal Coil

GGALLIN1776 says:

Goddamn kanadiens.
Glen is fucking awesome, everytime I’ve met him he’s been cool as hell.

Michael Martin says:

I think it’s good. Not first three good, but good. Trem picking and blast beats is Deicide. If they went deathcore, I’d sacrificial suicide myself.

And the more level voice of Glenn sounds great. He never needed the overdubbed bullshit.

ted wray says:

I’m gonna kill you Larson! -Glen Benton

Pete Smith says:

spoilers: theirs worst so far. every song sounds just the same.(fan cince early 90’s)

lewis56405 says:

I respect their voice on many albums where i normally would not, one because i feel they really are into the music that is reviewed and two they introduce me to albums that i would not really be exposed to!


You’re 100% spot on but I’ll take it one step further: Deicide, Legion and Once Upon the Cross are the three single greatest albums of all time. Period. That said, I’m loving this album and think after a few -admittedly not yet in depth listens – that this is their best album in 10 years.


Honestly I lost interest after SCARS OF THE CRUCIFIX.

Before Christ says:

Fuck the critics the album is killer threw and thew.

Eric Adams says:

We need a deathmetal band as heavy and catchy as Deicide, but with anti-semitic lyrics instead.

Wilbeerthoven says:


Scott Hogan says:

dorks.the new bevis and butthead

Gaby Avila says:

My first concert was we are legion Tennessee murder club and deicide I met Glen,Steve and Jack Owen and Glen is very abrasive

NOOGIE 420 says:

Fuck Yeah Conan!

LazySillyDonkey says:

Didnt corpsegrinder come from monstrosity too?

Ltown Dan says:

When are vital remains gonna have another album, their last one w Benton on vocals was decent

Bump Of Death says:

What’s up deicifd but he’s wife would know

TheFujac says:

really dig the parjihgpaushvp[ozsnrg[0q5h shirt

Corey says:

that fucking outer heaven shirt – fuck yeah dude.

Nicholas Romig says:

yo Zorgdrager, the first Deicide album was my very first death metal album back in 1999 or 2000

Max Morgan says:

Me and a friend of mine were discussing this album and we came to the conclusion of it sounds a lot like Vader. Is it just us or does it actually sound like that? Absolutely love the new material regardless

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