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Friend of the show, Denzel Curry, released a new album this year titled TA1300 (pronounced Taboo) on July 27, 2018. The album was released on PH Recordings and Loma Vista Recordings. TA1300 is the second studio album and is a follow up to Imperial. TA1300 has features from GoldLink, J.I.D., JPEGMAFIA, Nyyjerya, Twelve’len, ZillaKami, and Billie Eilish. Denzel tapped producers FnZ, DJ Dahi, Ronny J, Illmoind, and more. Here is our album review of Denzel Curry’s TA1300.

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• Zarathustra • says:


Jadealex says:

I dont think its fair to compare J.I.D to Kendrick based on the voice alone. Artists deserve to stand on their own. They’re 2 different artists.

KEMO Cali says:

This was a really good album, 8/10

Tony Wyav says:

Album of the mf year, no doubt. Then ill probably put Daytona or Jpeg’s veteran in the top 3

♡ z o n t h e b e a t ♡ says:

The weird numbers for letters is a homage to raider Klan the group he came up with

ok Tegz says:

I wish I could enjoy his lyrics, but thus trap sound is just too fucked up for my ears. Music still has to sound good

withadeafeningcry says:

I feel like this release is a celebration of both where he has come from and whats to come. Its moody but its got something for everyone,I feel. Denzel’s growth as a human and rapper is showcased beautifully through fury and sincerity and it fucking hits you in the greatest way. He is him,whether you fuck with it or not. He’s here to stay and now he’s in the front where I feel he belongs. Lets also note his great choice in features (damnpeggy.avi). Bless DEHH. Bless Denzel. Thanks for the review,my dudes.

Cas9a says:

I personally like when Denzel Yells but this was still a great album even tho he didn’t yell that much on here

Richard Rojas says:

He’s the next K-Dot

King Of The Bees says:

Not one of y’all said switch it up as a highlight track smh

Brandon Burns says:

Review bas Milky Way

Xander Reimers says:

J.I.D is not the next Kendrick, he’s his own person let him be that

Team Scrublords says:

I think the whole thing with Taboo is Denzel Curry smoothed over his biggest “weakness” which was him being the Ultimate guy which is a rapper with extreme technical ability but hindered more by limited topic exploration, beats that were knockers but not the best coupled with his technical ability, and prioritizing a consistent flow and style over substance, which is what more than half of Imperial was. Starting off with Taboo, Black Balloons and Cash Maniac gives a different vibe than the rest of his past projects and you don’t really feel like it’s that much of a traditional Denzel Curry project until The Blackest Balloon and even then it’s still an evolved version hence why BMT knocks so fucking hard; it’s not like the whole album was full of BMTs, it’s practically a salute to the Raider Klan fans of Denzel and shows how much he’s grown but keeps that same essence of tenacity to his music. P.S. JPEGMAFIA had the best guest verse, niggas need to stop giving ZillaKami points just cause he wasn’t doing the whole RAP METAL shit he usually does.

tadah says:

FYI: guys if you wanna be taken seriously really review the album and the features so you don’t have to keep backtracking after you see the people like it. SMH zilla snapped on a feature and the other features were fire. Do some true reviews

ed lugo says:

Can any one fill me in on what Curry said about the last review?

Kid I know says:

Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like without hip hop.

Dont Know says:

I highly recommend going to a Denzel Curry show if you have the chance. One of the best performers I’ve seen, and I’ve been to tons of shows. I saw him back when I only knew a couple of his songs and his show blew me away.

Coach Pettigrew says:

Didn’t even let myke speak

Nick Scott says:

J.I.D stood head and shoulders above the other XXL Freshman this year. His flows, diversity, ideas, and execution really impressed me and I’m looking forward to seeing him grow as an artist.

Ponty Mython says:

9:30 you forgot Goldlink’s feature on Black Balloons

AJ Gaming says:


E Prime says:

Brother curry

Nemo Dollaz says:

13 was the ep he dropped before taboo…

TG 125 says:

Denzel appleals to trappers, metal fans, hip hop fans and many.

Just Drayson says:

Without question Denzel Curry dropped one of the best albums this year.

Hayn Data says:

gotta be a top 3 album for this year

Michael Sanon says:

These niggas forgot about Mad I got it that song was flames

Paul Jesus says:

Clout Cobain is a fucking banger

Juan Quiroa says:

Ken got buff so he can let Feefo know that he ain’t taking anymore of this “Old Man” shit again lmao

Eymon Miller says:

Don’t watch this Shit

Jon A says:

Poor Zillakami

Xavier Soriano says:

bruhhhhhhhhhhhh jpegmafia’s verse was stupid hard

Ariel Parra says:

Album is incredible. I probably listen to it once a day.

Joe Norks says:

This AOTY Idc what no one says.

roknkawk says:

Jid has never dropped something I don’t like

Xander Reimers says:

Dude, am I the only one that noticed that Ken is looking buff as fuck for no reason?

roknkawk says:

Y’all need to check out 20flaw7 by flawless real talk

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