Descendents – Hypercaffium Spazzinate ALBUM REVIEW


Famed punk outfit Descendents makes another mild return with Hypercaffium Spazzinate.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


juziu66 says:

Not mentioning the incredible bass lines in this album is a crime

Censure Wesley Crusher says:

Fighting myself limiter human being and feel this are kinda the only good ones on the record. U should’ve mentioned feel this u bitch

Christopher Torres says:

Fuck you bitch

Guy McDudeMan says:

this album was ok… I don’t that they’ll ever put out another Milo Goes To College or I Don’t Want To Grow Up. Those are my two favorite albums by them. Plus the Bonus Fat compliation album and Fat EP.

Blake J says:

if it aint from the 70s are 80s punk is not original anymore

OV Peacock says:

I really liked this record

James Whitlock says:

Going through all of AnthILostMyWillToLiveony Fantano’s reviews and adding his favorite tracks from them to a playlist did NOT do me wrong.

johnnyscifi says:

Everything Sucks is actually my favourite. Cool to be you, I also really like!!!

Evan Rodriguez says:

Milo Goes to College and I Don’t Want to Grow Up are classics. Wasn’t too crazy about this album either.

GaiR BaeR says:

Wait they still make music?!?!

Dawn of the Thread says:

Spineless and Scarlet Red is the best song on this album.

Jamie P. says:

This is a garbage review.

Floerebroed says:

pls review the new Taking Back Sunday

Jon Dials says:

what score i dont wanna watch the review

Marc says:

Man, looks like you didn’t get the pack with the spazzhazard EP inside and the artwork that glows in the dark and the lyrics and the drawings of Milo in the lab. This record is pure fun man! And you give it a decent 5? Not agree, again.

Dracula Hopper says:

“They don’t sound the same as they did when they first started!” Obviously they’re going to write more mature lyrics, w/e though to each his own I guess :/

Rafael Placce says:

this guy is an idiot and cleary dont know nothing about music.

Jamers Rfta says:

Keep pushing the lest button at the beggining of the vid it sounds like a hyena

mattyhastie says:

me and my partner went to rebellion festival ( 2016) which descendents played, I listened to them for aaaages partner no but when she hear “without love”, a descendents flag now hangs in our house

NumberD2000 says:

This album was the first one I heard by them. I like punk and when my friends introduced me to these guys I wasn’t dissapointed. However, now that I’ve been listening to them for a few months I can see where this is coming from.

Drew Klenkel says:

this is a great album

daniel florio says:

I love all Descendents albums. “All” is probably their best after MGTC.

Ryan Lutz says:

You’re clearly not a Descendents fan

Arrogant Lake says:

I give it a 7.5

John Rasimovich says:

everything sucks was their comeback record

HairJob Harry says:

Sorry, I cannot accept your arrogant, undersophisticated and immature review. This album is great and certainly better than most punk records published in the recend years.

decay28 says:

I really think it is a good album!

JJ Finkelstein says:

I like the first 4 tracks including shameless halo that’s it…. I don’t know why I like descendants because I hate all that pop punk shit! It’s kinda like I love van Halen (DLR) era but hate LA butt metal?

whosAxe says:

please review honor killed the samurai.

Connor Biddle says:

Fantano doesn’t even look like he’s giving a shit with this. Bummer. It was worth a proper review

Pete Wade says:

Thanks Milo

NarrowJam21 says:

Review Straight Ahead by Pennywise

Jack's Film Orchard says:

Pretty fair review. 🙂

AzCannibalChris says:

This could have been a YUNO review Wrongthony Wrongtano.

TheColoredDog says:

Im seeing these guys in October and I’ve never listened to any of there music lmao

Third Track Off J Dilla's Donuts B-Side. says:

Milo goes to Latin America <3

tazmon122 says:

disillusioned cynical punktano here. This album as someone who loves the Descendents, it’s totally accessible. when i showed this to a NON Descendents fan (lack of education, not taste) she found it totally accessible too! she actually laughed listening to Without Love cuz it was better than 90% of the pop punk on the 2016 warped tour lineup, she found it hilarious that the old veterans could come out of retirement to whip the asses off the new kids on the block.

_ _ says:

Review black flag what the…

Ab Aziz says:

why you hate punk so much anthonyyyyy?

ns2joel says:

you don’t like anything do you?

GaiR BaeR says:

Yeah feelin the same bring back the down right stern seriousness that was Pervert.

Kangkung Kernitz says:

This review of the record is a pile.

Wilhelm Fink says:

did you know they released a new single, it’s pretty cool I enjoy it

GuthrieTheBoy says:

dis dude collaborated with the amazing atheist on some white guy bullshit, so don’t take his shitty review to heart cos he just a shitty guy.

Adam Matis says:

review Paramount by Fury

Gregory Chri says:

THis guy is a weirdo. Music critics are absolutely worthless

Kay Bee says:

How about a classic review of Punk in Drublic by NOFX

Go on..

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