Dinosaur Jr. – Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not – Album Review

For my 598th review, I dig into this veteran indie rock’s fourth post-reunion album, which turns out pretty solid.

Best Songs: ‘Mirror’, ‘Be A Part’, ‘Left/Right’, ‘Love Is…’, ‘Goin Down’
Worst Songs: ‘Good To Know’


To skip my preamble, go to 1:29

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Ocean Sage says:

I love Dinosaur Jr. It’s funny that you love Bug and Sebadoh. I have never liked Bug as an album (neither does J Mascis) and I hate Sebadoh. New album is great at a 8/10 or higher. Beyond, Farm, and I Bet on Sky are all great and this adds to their reunion.

In The Furnace says:

it’s just about time for Sremmlife 2 🙂

Cornucopia says:

Stop dreamin start playin

Levi Schones says:

I’ve known Lou for years! I liked this new album!

Дмитрий Дмитрий says:

best album for later times . Thank you !!!

m3ullen says:

Dinosaur Jr. Has been my favorite band for about 4 years and I would say this is my 5th favorite record of theirs, which I say is good considering that they have 11 albums. Good to Know was actually my favorite song on this, so damn catchy, and the guitar solos on that were fantastic

American Pancake says:

Holy shit- you need to feel the songs instead of analyze them with your head. As far as emotional content or narrative, most people put their own personal narrative on songs or, at least, put a patina of their own emotional context on songs that touch them for whatever reason. that is what makes music / songs so awesome. You are giving me a headache.

crazymanmichael100 says:

first album since they reunited I have heard, didn’t know they where still around, in my sixties now, when I hear this it really hits the spot. love the guitar breaks, ” be a part ” would make a great single. 8/10

CountryMC says:

Can you review Gotta be me by Cody Johnson

Andy S says:


Arriane Tessriel says:

Can you review the album “Confessions” by Alesana?

air two says:

wasn’t super into this at first, but it has really grown on me. it’s really quite impressive how these guys can write melodies that sorta just pop out after a while and stick with you. it’s not an easy album, but it isn’t super challenging either. in fact, it’s pretty same-y for Dino Jr’s discog – and that’s a-okay with me. would be surprised if it isn’t in my top 10 at the end of the year

Marcell Fekete says:

Funny what you said about the vocals, I think especially J’s vocals might be mixed too loud/high/clear for me and it can be distracting after a while. Some of the hooks and songs really are amazing, however this might be my least favourite reunion-album so far except for probably I Bet On Sky – it is still a great record though.

scott fletcher says:

In my personal opinion only, the Lou Barlow songs on the latest albums are like the Noel Redding songs on Hendrix albums. They are pretty decent songs but they highly change the flow of the rest of the album. A little more poppy and J. And Hendrix don’t seem to really play inspired on them. It feels like they’ll give a tune or two to keep the other happy but really aren’t that interested in them. If that is the case, I agree. They are pretty good songs but they really just always make the flow of the album smooth.

Marc Sadurní Fernández says:

Good to Know is fantastiiiiic

Elijah Duarte says:


Nothing Really says:

1 year legacy review of The New Calassic?

stickman says:

Interesting over analysis the lyrics! I don’t think Mascis was ever too bothered with lyrics, as long as he got the hooks/melodies across with his vocals, lyrics come last. Not sure why you rate Farm so high though. Apart from the more rugged production, these songs are basically indistinguishable from anything they’ve done on last few albums. ‘Good to know’ sounds like it could have been on Farm at any point and we wouldn’t even notice because it all sounds the fucking same, lol.

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