Elder – Reflections of a Floating World ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAWwOZ6VH0k&ab_channel=VariousArtists-Topic

MA stoner rock/doom metal outfit Elder impressively reinvents itself with a more progressive sound on Reflections of a Floating World.

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8/10 http://www.theneedledrop.com/loved-list/2017/1/loved-list-2017

Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Robert Jacobs says:

Now previously I haven’t been the biggest Needle Drop fan because I realize that Anthony Fanano is a dumb ass and he reviews based upon themes, concepts, and musicality that he fails to understand, but recently I’ve come to understand that he’s all about genres and their “focal points/details.’ and generalities rather than their idiosyncraties.

truthless says:

sounds like they decided to sing to a Tuber album

skbche says:

@theneedledrop You say there is a new trend towards doom and stoner metal in recent years. Can you name other bands that are getting big in this gengre? What is the next step for metal music in your opinion?

Myk Wazowski says:

Please review BASK – “Ramble Beyond.”

Grim Trashcan says:

Die in a fire

Wes J. says:

he says so much, yet so little. terrible reviewer.

Jesse Martinez says:

This album is fucking brilliant!

MusicbyHelloMonica says:

Are you gonna review Fleet Foxes crack up or naw

A L says:

Ah buddy, you should do the new Steve Wilson album, To The Bone.

Nate Hulstein says:

Thanks for reviewing some Elder, melon boi. I can appreciate big names like you bringing attention to a modern metal gem like Elder. Another neat doom metal album to check out is Oak – Beyond Oblivion. They’re definitely good at what they do.

Matt Keuler says:

I know it’s “old,” I but I was wondering about your thoughts on the Old Man Gloom “Ape of God” album(s)…

Auke De Souza says:

HOLY SHIT you listen to psychedelic rock? I love you anthony.

Retardedchocobo says:

Eld3r is n0t d000OooOOoOoM

o0xyz0o says:

Take a break from the hip-hop and review the new Ruins of Beverast.

Specialized5384 says:

Wow Ant Fanta, I had no idea you were such a Rand Paul supporter

Daniel Xu says:

I’ve come to the point where i’d take a quick glimpse of the score in the description, leave and forget about the video since i know nothing about the band, and then later on see the record in the store and buy it since i trust his opinion too much.

Arthur Henden says:

That’s not how you pronounce ‘Sonntag’. ”Zon-taag”. It means Sunday in German.

Vertical Games says:

This shit bangs.

Enki Ea says:

Some of the members of this band drink and play pool at a dive in S.E. Mass and on multiple occasions the drummer and the big, long haired wooky looking mutherfucker he brings with him have taken shits in the tiny, disgusting, rank and piss soaked men’s toilet. Like I get they’re human and almost anyone can have that tough moment where you have no choice but to take a shit in a bad spot but to again and again literally take shits in that bathroom is just so far beyond my scope of comprehension. In about 2 months I have seen them shit 5 times between the 2 of them. You may or may not find this funny but it is 100% true. It’s some of the weirdest shit I’ve ever seen.

Punk rock In the wrong hands says:

This is probably my album of the year.

MS says:

Anthony unnecessary into fantano

Robert Chaston says:

Swans explained

jazz jr says:

Please do Blkswn by Smino

PumpKiN247 says:

This album is awesome! Even if the songs are long, they feel so fast and are so enjoyable and mosst of them are not boring at all.

Nasty Nate says:

Had the honor of opening up for them, and they’re great guys and absolutely amazing musicians….I think they’re gonna get real big…real soon…

Aden Mendoza says:

Review of the new Bison album?!

Trent Ferrin says:

Anthony I have struggled to find a current metal band I could get into. I almost believed it was a hopeless cause. But then I watched this video and I now have a new band and discography to listen to. Thanks for what you do my man. I will always listen to da man wit da best teeth in the game!

bushona says:

thankthony youtano !

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