Electric Wizard – Time To Die ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3JMs1xzw58

Electric Wizard’s latest album may be loud, but the band itself feels like they’re writing these songs on autopilot.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right? What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?


Mike Trujillo says:

Any reviews on NIGHT BEATS albums ??

swag ork says:

listen and review the new 1000 mods album repeated exposure to cheers m8

Ben Dover says:

Dopethrone is masterpiece!

Kek5kopF says:

I like it more than Black Masses. The thing with Electric Wizard albums is that you can’t listen to it for a long time, so this is a welcomed alternative. There are no superbangers on that album but overall its quite good, no songs that I really don’t like.

Advantageous Mutation says:

There is something offensive to me about fantano pretending to be an authority about something so subjective and personal as music. I just get pissed off when I hear his confident little declarations and can’t get through his mind polluting video. Even though I want to like Anthony. Wish he would get back into podcasting instead or something. He’s actually introduced me to some of my favorite media.

Paddy Joe says:

Just started collecting records and 2 of the first 10 I got was dopethrone and finatics. Wizard are the tits

no name says:

I definitely thought Electric Wizard was older.

Randall Schoverling says:

Review the new Orchid – sign of the witch ep.

Adam Hollander says:

CLASSIC REVIEW OF DOPETHRONE! Also a Master of Reality or Paranoid review would be nice. Also classic Darkthrone? Any of the above would be lovely. Plz Antonio fountana?

Gastón Psotka Schendel says:

I actually liked the vocals in Black Masses, to me it was a pretty good album. But honestly i couldn’t feel the same EW vibe i love with Time to Die.

TheGreatJabberwock says:

Also why do you have Time to Die up on your wall if your giving it so much hate?

SECRET says:

You suck. You’re literally a bad internet meme. People actually subscribe to watch you blather on ? KYS please

Tobias says:

I come from where Electric Wizard are from. Pretty nice.

TheGreaterGood80 says:

I love EW, but they’ve been dialing it in for a while now. As much as I love stoner and sludge metal, it’s extremely easy to make it repetitive and unimaginative after a while.

Curly Toes says:

Are you gonna review the new awesome electric wizard album?

RegretSorrowButtstuff says:

I wish he’d review black moth or churches of misery they don’t get enough recognition.

deepspacechris says:

Oops, seems like I’m a bit late. But hey, this album was pretty fantastic. Best album after Come My Fanatics… and Dopethrone IMO. After listening to it non-stop for about 8 months now, I find tracks like Lucifer’s Slaves, Funeral of Your Mind and the title track to be among the very best of all their stuff. The organ that finds it way into some songs fits the compositions perfectly (and hey, my mom liked the organ sound 😉 ), and it helped to give the record an even more classic 70’s heavy rock feel. Also, did you listen to the record on good equipment? A pair of good headphones will help, but of course you know that ;). Of course, this record is not for everyone, but I’m surprised that you didn’t like very much, considering how much you appreciate the old ones. At least give Electric Wizard credit for the sound mixing, because its absolutely fantastic. I haven’t heard better mixed fuzz-pedals and tube-amps in quite a while! You say that the riffs are boring and that the album is disappointing, but I doubt if you can find me a better doom record from 2014-2015 (but if you do, let me know!).

Love your reviews though! You’re the man. Come to Tokyo and lets hang out! Plenty of good doom bands here, and I’m sure it would make for some cool videos on your channel man!

Chris NotReallyThatSweet says:

420th like ;D

Jake Leg says:

As a long time fan of EW feel very strongly about my disappointment with Black Masses and Time to Die. And it’s very infuriating that people feel the need to defend these lazy shit-post albums. They suck. Stop letting nostalgia and fanboi’ism affect your judgment.

C0nnie says:

My favorite album by them so far

1 year later update; dont know why i wrote this, but i really cant pick a favorite now

TheMegadeth350 says:

Do not kid ourselves. There were only few good EW albums: Dopethone, Witchcult Today, We Live

A Confused Nigerian says:

Ehhh, a strong 5 seems fair.  I liked it myself but to each his own. Muah! Have a shitty kiss

Tyler Evans says:


pentagramparsons says:

One of their best albums yet COMPLETELY misunderstood by a melon

Ruff Majik says:

+theneedledrop you should review Hochelaga by Dopethrone – would really like to hear your thoughts on it

Prasad Nithianandam says:

I honestly liked this album more than black masses. Incense of the damned and time to die are soooo heavy.

Orx Icx says:


Louis Aquiler says:

You gotta review Wizard Bloody Wizard!! Whole new direction for them, and easily the best since Witchcult Today.

01account00 says:

Actually just fuck you for talking shit on this album

daniel ainsworth says:

i still havent found a band as heavy as the wizard

Clay Bowling says:

I disagree. Electric Wizard killed on the album. Title track, destroy those who love God, funeral of your mind, We love the dead (best track imo on this album). Sadiowitch. This album atleast is a solid 8. All hail the mighty Wizard!!

batman66ism says:

I also seem to love this album and it’s own style compared to all the other wizard albums I have it’s different vibe works for me

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