Fall Out Boy – “Save Rock and Roll” (ALBUM REVIEW)

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My review of the highly anticipated album “Save Rock and Roll” by Fall Out Boy. Please subscribe if you enjoyed and check out the links! First album review of my new camera!


Minako says:

Not a massive fan on the album, but I loved the Young Blood Chronical Videos.

Shadow The Hedgehog says:

Favs are mighty fall, Death Valley, light me up, young volcanoes, alone together, save rock and roll, and the pheonix

stephiiee says:

totally agree about the feeling of courtney love.

Cynical Scorpio says:

I don’t get the hate for “new” Fall Out Boy.

occupation: the family disappointment says:

I really like this album but I’ve started to think Rat a Tat is kind of annoying and Where Did The Party Go has pretty weak lyric content

Daniel Chater says:

I really can’t stand Rat A Tat it’s painful…

Evie N says:

My favourite song on this record is Build God, Then We’ll Talk

Justin Case says:

3. Rat a tat
2. Just one yesterday
1. Save Rock and Roll (My all time favorite by them)

Dying Rocket says:

Just One Yesterday is my favorite on this album

Aya says:

My fav record of FOB outside of Folie a deux.

CPmuddle27 says:

Alone Together is my all time favorite song. I love the lyrics in the chorus, also in the verses, and it’s sounds amazing.

Christina B says:

Yay FOB!!!

RYNO II says:

The Phoenix and Death Valley are my 2 favorites

Superpop says:

I agree with most of the things you said. I kinda dont like alone together that much and miss missing you is one of my favorites. My favorite song is the Mighty Fall. Though I dont listen to Big Sean, I really like his part in the song. And maby if courtney love had smaller part of Rat a Tat, I might of liked it more. I dont hate the song but courtney can be unbearable 

spiritkid says:

My songs know what you did in the dark is overrated and I hate that song tbh but I don’t hate another song on save rock and roll

VyperZ says:

My favourite album.

WTFPandaFTW says:

Still in my opinion this is their weakest studio album, but I don’t hate it.

Sock says:

You should do a review on TTTYG

RandomFandom 3 says:

Please do a review of Folie a deux

Prince Link600 says:

I love the interpolation of “Chicago is So 2 Years Ago” on the title track.

Scsigs says:

How ironic you call ‘My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light ‘Em Up)’ “Irresistible.’

MrFnaf says:

1. Where Did The Party Go
2. Save Rock And Roll
3. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up)
4. Alone Together
5. Young Volcanoes

Mika Rose says:

The Phoenix and Just one Yesterday are my two favorite songs on this album. They’re the main reason I listen to the album. I agree 100% on the Ratatat song. Courtney ruins it for me.

camron parker says:

IDK what it is but I don’t really like light em up

Malløry says:

Would it be weird if you reviewed Youngblood Chronicles? Sorry I know movies/music videos isn’t your thing, idk that would be fun though.

Shalit Wentz says:

Can you re review this album ? Plus a review of the Young Blood Chronicles and how the imagery helps the music

Jenna Balk says:

love love love where did the party go

splotch says:

Almost agreed. But currently, this is not only my favorite FOB album but my favorite album. But, I agree that Phoenix and Save Rock and Roll are the best <3

Cribsmas Morn. says:

Just one yesterday was a pleasure but rat a tat was actually my favourite part of the album without a shadow of a doubt

Ambassador Of Mercy says:

This is By FAR my favourite Fall Out Boy album. Every song is incredible. My personal favourites are Save Rock and Roll and The Phoenix, while my least favourite is The Mighty Fall, even though I still love it

Scsigs says:

I’m sorry, man, but I’m gonna have to disagree with you on Big Sean’s part. It, like Courtney Love’s vocals on her song, ruined that song for me. It’s telling when I listened to fan edits that remove those vocals from those songs & they improved in quality dramatically for me.
Also, anyone catch that, most likely unintentional, reference to Simple Plan’s ‘Addicted’ on Big Sean’s song?

Zak Honess says:

if you liked the electronicy/dubstebby of some of the songs, then you should listen to 2011’s Matilda by Stateless. This album is serious perfection. The artistry is so amazing running parallel to the electronic influences and the singer’s voice fits superbly along side each track.

Darren Banks says:

If you take his shirt and slap paramore as the band name it would still fit. Just my observation. Lol

laura says:

courtney love ruins ‘rat a tat’ for me aswell

XxZippy_ZebraxX says:

This is my FAVORITE FallOutBoy album by far. Every single song on this album when I first heard them really resonated with me!!

jamyjet says:

Alone together has to be my favourite on the album, but most of the other songs are pretty good too

robert ross says:

I love this album it is my favorite fall out boy album by far.

matty says:

Death Valley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love that song so much lmao

Alma Chavez says:

Words can’t describe how much I love this album; it’s solid gold and one of the only albums that I genuinely love every single track on. It’s not only my favorite FOB album, but my favorite album of all time.

TaylerMarie13 says:

I have multiple favorite songs on this album like Save Rock And Roll, The Mighty Fall, and Miss Missing You, but Alone Together is my absolute FAVORITE. The first time I heard it (watching the YBC commentary) I left the video and learned all the words immediately, which is what I do when I really like a song.

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