Fall Out Boy’s Mania: NOT GOOD

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtVFTuIZFYU&ab_channel=FallOutBoyVEVO

Mania is one of the worst instances in the recent trend of mainstream rock bands trying to write EDM albums.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Mia Stinson says:


Aռռa Sшаռ Jоռes •Snek Llama• says:

Honestly it’s okay to have your opinion about bands and singers but in _my_ opinion I don’t think it’s necessary to make a video about how much you hate it. Yeah people are going to hate the album and people are going to like the album. Yet again in _my_ opinion the album was good but you don’t see me posting things on how much I love it.

Austin Fenn says:

Review Air by Astronoid! 🙂

i wil instal a vierus your compputer says:

I get that you didn’t like the album and you’re entitled to your opinion, really, I understand, but was the cut to the tragic footage of the September 11th World Trade Centre attacks with overdubbed cartoon sound effects really necessary? Seriously you made your point.

Dylan Stahl says:

Nobody commenting on his pronunciation of the word facsimile?

The C is present for a reason… Fax machine, not fass machine.

Jonas P says:

such a bad album the comment section is 95% about suicide

Stanley Kubrick says:

Who would of thought?

xRXVEx says:

rip i liked it

Lucarioguild7 says:

definitely agree it was over produced like honestly if they had cut back on all the electronic stuff it would have been just another FOB album, so pretty average. I did like Wilson though

Phamtomil8mil says:

232 People were shot by corny neon lasers that came from all directions

Dylan Yauch says:

What happened when he said deadmau5 lmao

Mia Stinson says:

Ur. Fucking. Retarded.

Jason Gregoire says:

He is wrong

Just is

He’s wrong

SwagTitan says:

Linkin Park and Lil Peep…

Is fall out boy next?

I Am Hunterific says:

I honestly really like this new album.

too small for the mall says:

Petethony Wentztano

Gavin Boyce says:

Lol eleague music

Donker Donker says:

I have never ever gotten Fall Out Boy- never got them at all. They are talented musicians but horrible songwriters.

Return the Slab says:

Anthony, running low on pigments for his flannels, as seen in the video, releases another NOT GOOD to siphon more life force into his dresswear. Fall Out Boy, you’ve been warned.

Jack Brown says:

it is a good album, stop hating on this album!

Tim Tom says:

get a better camera

bob carlson says:

How come eminems album wasnt rated not good?

not really Ulfric says:

I actually loved the album but this was a very fair review

Your Local Nimrod says:

welp, pat, it’s been real. thanks for the memories. rip…

Jack Hosein says:

His face at 1:25

Doni Anthony says:

I started laughing as soon as I saw this pop up in my sub box

Laura Montalvan says:

Guys, listen to me, I’m a HUGE HUGE HUGE Fall Out Boy fan and I can tell you this album…..is bad.

wow says:

If you cut out Y&M and Champion, this is honestly a really solid album

Ryan Tops says:

I was so mad that I bought this album and it’s basically the same fucking song over and over again

BouncingEel8 says:

Their fate has been sealed

James Siegert says:

Will you ever run back an old album? Maybe take this to your grave by fall out boy?!

Cosmic Centaur says:

All these comments about one of the band members dying shouldn’t be so hilarious, it’ll make me feel guilty for laughing if one of them does die

Sam Gehman says:


yee zus says:

As a fan myself, I agree with you.

El Capitanios says:

Aye! I see that ‘Mott The Hoople’ Up in there! Can’t hide it from me

Neemus says:

Fall Off Boy

Lisa Zoria says:

I always got Fall Out Boy mixed up with Panic At the Disco. Lol

rckstr1123 says:

Does this mean Pete Wentz is going to die?

Mona says:

Folie a Duex was the final good album from Fall Out Boy.

sophia says:

rip pete wentz

Jay Bauer says:

Looks like pat is gonna die in a few weeks

Thewonderjam says:

Im a fan, but this album really isnt that great. I enjoy it, but I was hoping for something more and getting more of that rock sound back, but on the other hand Im satisfied with the sound as long as its just beefier than in the previous two albums. It is in MANIA, but the songs are pretty hit or miss for me.

Blake Wurtzler says:

One of the rare instances where each album was worse than the Prior One

Steven Rowcliffe says:

Fall out boy has always sucked

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