Five Finger Death Punch – And Justice For None | Album Review

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►My review of the woeful seventh album by the over the top hard rock & metal band Five Finger Death Punch, “And Justice For None”. Bad right down to it’s title, eh?

“And Justice For None”
Prospect Park Records
Release: 5/18/18
Rating: 1.5/5

►Favorite tracks: Bloody, Fire in the Hole

►Least faves: Oh boy, where do we start… Rock Bottom, Fake, Sham Pain, It Doesn’t Matter, Gone Away (The Offspring Cover), Will the Sun Ever Rise

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Kev Mait says:

FFDP is complete shit! This whole “Anger Metal” thing they do is getting old so very quickly!! I couldn’t care less if I EVER heard another song by FFDP.

Fernando Cedillo says:

Also please review Sevendust’s new album..:it’s godtier

Brett Wodon says:

They have a few substantial songs. Coming Down has a great sentiment and Wrong Side of Heaven is a great song imo. They’re fun sometimes but in general they are pretty shitty. This album though, I didn’t think it was THAT bad. Got Your Six was awful but this I am enjoying to a degree.

TrustNoOne 622 says:


Mitchel Januszka says:

Good album

Ninekills says:

FFDP is meant to be heard while working out. ‘nufd said

Michael Mclaughlin says:

Ive only heard the first 2 songs but i think the lyrics are shit.I liked them up to WSOH part 1 but everything after that is rubbish.Maybe I’m just getting old but i think todays metal music is crap compared to late 90s and mid 2000s.Ive also quit listening to slipknot,korn and Marilyn Manson But i still listen to their earlier stuff.

Zoran Juric says:

Please review Raye – Side Tape EP and Kyle – Light of Mine

wolverine cecil says:

I actually love this album
But its your opinion and im cool with it 🙂

Kenneth Austin says:

Never will understand…if you dislike the album, why do a review in the first place?? I use to really enjoy these videos until you starting trashing bands. Not like it matters but you just lost a fan.

Robert Tumlinson says:

Five Finger Death Punch is just one of those bands that I have to occasionally listen to because it’s just pure energy sometimes

david Swenson01 says:

Love ffdp, not a massive fan of this album. Especially w/ 3dg, Breaking Ben, & Disturbed comeing out w/ albums. Wouldnt say this album is better than got your six, but I also think gys was dramaticly better than what you rated it as

pigebear says:

If you want to hear generic riffs and bad singing. Try Ghost

Bogdanov XD says:

Comercial shit,ffdp sucks,they have good song tho “wrong side of heaven”,and thats opinion BTW

wolverine cecil says:

Personally I love this album imo

Sam G says:

I want to know who the hell would ever approve the lyrics for ‘Rock Bottom’. The ten year old me would’ve written and dig this crap. They’ve outdone themselves with such horrendous-ness. All the strengths they had with their flawed style has dissipated. They truly Digged Their Own Grave.

Collin Smith says:

Fair points. I like the band for workout music, gets you pumped. That being said, from an objective stand point they are pretty trash.

jordan bermudez says:

FFDP i never got in to. The angry metal shit that they do is getting old really Fucking quick.

redhotchilifan98 says:

Ive never understood why people genuinly even like this band theres nothing special about them nothing original they try way to hard

Gecko w/ a Bowtie says:

The only song i really loved off of this album was I Refuse, but then again i really love their soft stuff in general

take_away says:

Disappointed af with this album, they just keep repeating same 3 riffs and drum transitions from first to 7th album, if u will take back all ballads about soldiers then it will left one massive song “Under and over it” that repeating 7 albums over and over again under different lyrics. Also for me FFDP is most poser band ever because some of emocore bands have really ok musicians that can really play live unlike “groove metal” band FFDP, which have 2 garbage guitarists, listen their lives, they can’t really play a song without ton of work thru computer and autotune, fake poser musicians. To me, they just made songs on this album for quantity, this band stopped their evolution in 2010-11.

Zachary Fletcher says:

In it ain’t broke don’t fix it, simple as that

assar henden says:

i actually liked their house of the rising sun cover but thats about it

Kohler Wilcox says:


sneakyMCR Howlter says:

I love it.

Sascha Milde says:

Can you review the Green Day Albums 39 Smooth out slappy hours, 39 smooth, international superhits and shenanigans you said you review every green day album

Son of Jesus says:

I thaught he was gonna give it a 1 fake motherfucker out of 5

Alex says:

Im a 16 weak little shit and FFDP my #1 favorite band cause its relatable for me. Had being in an on and off abusive relationship for 3 years I can relate to most of FFDP songs because of the hatred I have for my ex

I agree, the lyrics dont mean shit but its cause they’re relatable for people that have anger and/or hatred

Collin Price says:

I love 5FDP but nothing from the last 2 albums stands out that much. Compared to Am Cap and Wrong side, nothing stands out. I like their music but nothing was unique. Top of the World is a fun tune to bump to, but nothing stands out. I want them to keep their sound but reinvent their lyrics.

Jon 'Coke' Jones p4p #1 steal your hoe GOAT says:

My opinion on Five Finger Death Punch is that they’re basically Slipknot, but if Slipknot lost their entire lineup and replaced them with a bunch of douche bros who chug Monsters daily and wear Tap-out/American Fighter shirts.

joey vapor says:

Or smash the dislike button cuz he sucks at reviews of good music

Vladimir Delta says:

Okay, so
-I can’t really critique the lyrics (I simply can’t do any lyrics, not just these)-My choice of best tracks would be (on the first listen of the album): Sham Pain; Blue on Black; I refuse; Gone Away; Will the sun ever rise.- I like the covers, they feel somehow different from what the band’s usual.-Sham Pain is mostly retarded, i know, but somehow i find it enjoyable. As much as you ‘laughed’ at this in your Got your Six review, I really think the chorus of Sham Pain touched me and stood out to me.-I refuse felt ok, I dunno-Will the sun Ever Rise felt country-ish like Blue on Black (I didn’t know it was a cover)

TheFameMobster says:

There was a guy at my gym who matched your exact description of the typical douchey bros who’d be super into this kind of music. He always brought his own speaker in to blast this and other horribly generic alt metal or whatever you call this (and I could hear it even with earbuds in), throwing his 90+lbs weights down, and carrying a massive gym bag around. A worker at the gym tried to move his bag out of people’s way, and apparently he lost his shit on the worker. He was banned and now I never have to hear this shit at the gym, or ever, again. Just thought you might enjoy this random story. Awesome, entertaining review for an album I’ll never listen to in my life. Well done, Jon!

Samuel blinne says:

Five finger death punch sucks

Brettbdm4 says:

I agree I like Bad Wolves better, even the vocalist for Bad Wolves filled in for Ivan and he did arguably a more superb job.

Jaedon McCulloch says:

Now I’m gonna make a song called Sham Poo

Riot Propaganda says:

Johnnnnnn!!!!!! Pleace talk about Keane, surprised about the fack you dont have a single video talking about them, one of my favourite bands and i want to hear your thoughts on them

Z-Soul 512 says:

“Let’s roll bitchesssss!”


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