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►My review of the fourth studio album by Swedish metal/rock band Ghost, titled “Prequel”. This is the first Ghost album to be released after several of the former nameless souls named lead singer Cardinal Copia (Tobias Forge) in a lawsuit, alleging that he mistreated the members and saw Ghost as a solo project with hired band members.

Loma Vista Records
Release: 6/1/18
Rating: 4/5

►Favorite tracks: Pro Memoria, Miasma, Rats, Faith, Life Eternal, Helvetesfönster

►Least faves: See The Light

►Killer thumbnail designs by Infinity on Hannah:

►Opening riff “Swimming Pools” covered by Rob Scallon:

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Devon Sterling says:

you like ghost? I didn’t know this

Sc**ty S******r says:

Jon, why do I have to agree with everything you ever say!?

GenesisJames says:

Glad to hear it was good! I’m still waiting for mine to come in the mail but I really loved how the keys were complementing the guitars and other instruments in the two singles. It’s like they found a harmony between Infestissumam and Meliora’s sounds. Really looking forward to giving this a listen!

giovanni fiorini says:

Starts kinda nice, then after miasma the sogna are hot garbage. And im not saying that bc it’s not metal, they are compositionally crap and unimaginative. Rats faith and miasma are bangers tho.

The Mim Mim Brothers says:

Damn that chorus in Witch Image is awesome. Almost as good as Square Hammer.

Lizeth Ordonez says:

His voice sounds deeper

Mr. U says:

A light to decent 6 for me

Chazz Thompson-King says:

Very good, in depth and insightful review man! Subscribed!

The Negan Guy says:

Yep 4/5 for me

Ophelia C. says:

Congrats, Jon, you just won best intro of the year award.

ilikemusic says:

Personally i dont think Ghost are metal, i refer to them as ‘Black Rock’ i dont even know if thats a genre but thats what i feel they are, they are a satananic rock group

Rand Wulf says:

2.5/5. I am underwhelmed. Half the album is boring and meandering. Only 3 songs out of 12 made it to my Ghost playlist. Pop music fans will eat this repetitive shit up, and Ghost will gain heaps of new fans while shitting on the heavy metal fans that made them famous.

redhotchilifan98 says:

Fantastic review as always man this album is fantastic this is the best they’ve sounded in my opinion musicially having 2 full instrumental tracks was an interesting decision and it worked very well faith is easily my favorite though that riff is just beyond killer pro memoria is one of my other top favorites

Varun Modak says:

Hey Jon, are you planning to do Owl City’s Cinematic album’s review (as planned earlier)??
Would love to hear your opinion on it (as you thoroughly disliked All My Friends)

RealGamerManz says:

There’s some pretty cool songs on here. I really like Miasma. I wish there was vocals on it, it would have been amazing but still it’s great. It just feels less consistent to me. It could use a few more rocking, upbeat songs imo like rats and faith. It just feels like the pop outweighs the rock on this one.

Britton Thompson says:

I honestly can’t bring myself to stop this album’s loop/repeat cycle whenever I have it on. I’m completely consumed by it. A few points though….

•The Satan/Lucifer thing was a little much for me when I first discovered Ghost also, but I’ve since come to realize there’s no inherent ‘evil’ or genuine Satanism to Ghost’s music*. Rather, Forge refers to Satan/Lucifer as a figure of rebellion & independence. If anything, I consider Ghost’s style a subversion of original biblical storytelling. Whereas scripture used stories of human nature as stand-ins for God & Satan, Ghost uses stories of God & Satan as stand-ins for human nature.

•During the years when the Bubonic Plague was raging, the accepted scientific theory on it’s transmission was a miasma. They thought the disease was spread through inhaling poisonous vapors seeping up from the Earth below. This is why Plague doctors wore those hideously frightening masks with the very long beaks on them, appearing more like demonic crows instead of altruistic doctors. On the undersides of the beaks they stuck herbs in them as a way to filter/decontaminate the supposedly toxic air that was all around them. The “Miasma Theory” is what led people to begin burying their dead 6 ft deep because 6 ft of dirt was supposedly enough to keep the odors of the afflicted corpses from continuing to rise up and infect the living.

•The album overall is sort of the ultimate “optimism/pessimism” Rorschach test. The lyrical content is actually very morbid. However, the sounds are very bright and melodic. It’s all about which you choose to take from it since, according to Tobias Forge, “…the Plague was a very dark time in which half the population of Europe died. But that also means the other half survived.” In other words, the half bright/half dark composition of this album symbolizes the half lived/half died summary of the Plague. Which will you focus on?

(*Genuine Satanism is rooted in blaspheming against God and Christ. For all of Ghost’s imagery and bluster, they never curse God and Christ)

The Mim Mim Brothers says:

That 1st 45 seconds of Pro Memoria…Goosebumps

Cutty Nichols says:

Good review. Enjoyed.
….sharing a room with his little brother..

Bud Dean Langley says:

Ghost is amazing

Tye Sullivan says:

this album is incredible.

Yr. T. says:

A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one!

palmtree palmi says:

I love witch image

Fred Pilon says:

I feel like the lawsuit stuff was a way to trick people into think Forge was actually leaving and they were getting someone new. Yeah the problem is how he sounds. I doubt you’re gonna get two people that sound exactly the same

Vincent Wang says:

Prequels…Hello there!

Ja'Crispies says:

I was surprised after hearing this record. Usually I’m not one for a song without vocals but the 2 instrumental tracks were the best tracks on the album by a long shot. ‘Rats’ is another highlight.

Jake S says:

Nice to see you’ve made a friend in the word ‘sardonic’

2yoil says:

that intro was FANTASTIC

Brett Wodon says:

I love Dance Macabre so much because the chorus “i just wanna bewitch you in the moonlight” the play on words is so fun

daniel simpson says:

Owl city’s new album is out now, can’t wait for your review

you cant leave this empty says:

Perhaps it’s not so shocking how many youtube reviewers can’t pronounce ” Macabre”. SAD!

Viktor Lima says:

Please, review Black Labyrinth by Jonathan Davis, I would like to hear what you think about it

Keith Ammerman says:

You sound like you read it off a fortune cookie.

Sal OC says:

I preordered.

Sean Arey says:

don’t you forget about YOUR FRIEND JEFF!!!

Justin Neeley says:

Great work on the review ARTV! I can’t wait for you to reach the 100k sud. mark. You earned it. You do a awesome job on your videos.

The Smartest Idiot says:

I saw you in the comment section of rats

Anthony DeLizio says:

Only 2 thousand more subs and you’ll hit the big 100k!!

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