Ghost – PREQUELLE Album Review

Ghost has become one of the biggest rock/metal acts of this decade and this album comes with major hype swirling it. But the narratives and conversations heard spawned the need for this review. Ghost is a band that feels like a function of time, they don’t remain stagnant and are always moving away from something toward another idea. Prequelle really displays this, as their decade of influence feels like its shifted toward the 80’s, and maybe toward one of the biggest pop music phenomenons of all-time. Is this a bad thing? Let’s look, then also discuss some recent events post-review.

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stuart9534803 says:

I completely dig Prequelle. It’s a great album to throw on headphones and get lost in.

BEast Sauce says:

After listening to this album, I can strongly say:

1. Meliora
2. Opus
3. Prequelle
4. Infestissumam

Erica Sigwalt says:

I love this album…It just really leaves me wanting more. Faith and see the light are fucking fantastic; I just wanted more of it.

Christian Royal says:

Are you going to do a review for the Kataklysm album too?

Brandor Elfrink says:

I’ve never called Ghost metal . They are so much more than that

james staggs says:

Ghost isn’t a metal band. The first few times I heard songs like Sqaure Hammer I hated them and I hated the band. With the imagery that Ghost has I was expecting something more than rehashed 70s rock, but then I noticed something, after I figured out what they were doing, I started to enjoy the songs. When I didn’t have the expectation of “this is gonna be metal”, I could allow the songs to be what they are, which is hard rock/prog rock. Ghost writes good songs and when I saw them with Iron Maiden I was impressed with their live show.

I generally tend to listen to the meanest, heaviest most inaccessible metal I can find, but that kind of music starts to sound very much the same after a while. Sometimes I just wanna hear a song with a good melody, but I can’t stomach any of the pop songs of the past 15 years. Ghost is a good “palette cleanser” and a counterpoint to growling and double bass drums which really do skirt the line between music and literally just noise.

A band like All That Remains or Metallica that start as metal and continually soften their sound to appeal to a larger audience strikes me as cynical and off-putting (not to mention the fact that they’re just not very good at writing radio friendly stuff). Ghost never had any pretense of “we’re metal, we’re mean and we don’t care”. It’s really difficult for a bass player, drummer, a guitar player or two and a vocalist to do anything truly groundbreaking anymore since so many avenues have already been explored. Ghost isn’t doing anything “original” but what they are doing is entertaining people. Ghost is what KISS would have been if any members of that band had any talent.

…..and hey man, I know it’s been said time and again, but you’re not the only one that struggles. I’d say many people that are attracted to metal suffer from similar bouts of hopelessness, so you’re in good company. You give honest, thoughtful insights into this genre without any fluff. I’d say “killer no filler” describes this channel. No cute intros, no stupid logos, no bad sketch comedy, just a fan giving his thoughts on what’s happening. We want you to keep doing this but if this becomes a hindrance to you don’t feel like you owe any of us anything.

Fuchsteufelswild says:

Question: the poster on the left of his head- what band is that?

Johnny Metal says:

that Secinf Intstrumental should be featured on Game of Thrones..

Johnny Metal says:

I really like your take on this album man.. You said manyu things I was feel ECXACTLY.. THanks bro

Johnny Metal says:

GHOST is amazng THis album is AWESOME>… Thats it,,, DONe No conversation to be had

Rob Brown says:

I like the entire album its very solid. The 2 instrumentals I think are there because of the Huge Shows he changes his outfits so much so I think they were done so ppl will recognize them doing those times .

a name says:

This album took a few listens before I truly fell in love with it definitely not their best album for sure but definitely not a bad album

theMVisconti1 says:

This album is a smooth listen.

Reid Kuelz says:

This album is garbage who’s with me

Daniel Champion says:

Watching this before i listen to the actual album.

Bloonman123 says:

I was quite disappointed by this album, I don’t quite feel the same
atmosphere as with Meliora and I just hate the heavy rock/pop influence. It might be a decent album, but not a good Ghost album as I expected much more from them.

tominatorxx says:

It’s an ok album. Definitely not as good as Meliora in my book (which is still my favourite by them). Overall the style of the album worked for about half the album. Then it felt a bit too much of the same imo.

And yeah the second part of the album is weaker imo. No problem with a more pop style song. But I started to zone out. It lost my interest. Now this not meant as a dig against pop music but to me that style of music gets repetitive quickly. And I think this album sufffers from that as well. Dance Macabre and Pro Memoria are some of my least favourite songs by them. It’s a smooth listen I agree but that’s also the problem with it, apart from some songs (Rats and Faith most notably) it isn’t that memorable which Meliora was imo. 7/10.

shawnking2255 says:

I agree 100% with most of what you said. Miasma and Faith have become two of my favorite songs of theirs! Dance Macabre reminds me of Scorpions, but thats not a bad thing. And I too find myself skipping Rats. I give the Album a 8/10.

BanticRaider says:

Ah Ah Ah Ah Oohh ooooohhhohh oooohhhhhh



I love this Album , “Prequelle”, it is rock, Dark Metal theatre. TF wanted to progress into “Large, big arena, theatrical songs.” Like Queen, Kiss, The Who. Loved the album, love the Epic feel. I can picture, “Ghost- On Broadway”, like “Mama Mia!”or, “Jesus Christ Super Star.”

jude Blackman says:

Great review

Juan Bautista says:

douche bag

GoDDamnHosTile says:

I wish there were more songs on this album like faith

Zenith says:

On Helvetesfönster Mikael Åkerfeldt was on that track which I thought was pretty cool 🙂 Just thought I would throw it out there as it wasn’t in the video 🙂
Glad you have done another album review 🙂

Brandor Elfrink says:

Rats and Dance Macabre are just enough to sell it to the average Joe and keep their mainstream appeal growing but Tobias certainly did not pander, he made the album he wanted to make and I still think the best album of his career as Ghost is still to come

frank unodostres says:

I had high expectations and I think it’s ghost’s worst album so far. I know opinions differ but prequelle sounds very uninspired and almost all the songs sound the same. I like their doom side more while this album is almost completely hair metal. I don’t wanna play the stupid “they sold out!” card, but overall there is less grittiness/evilness in this entire album. with ashes and pro memoria being the exceptions. pro memoria feels the least cheesy of all the songs with lyrics on this album. and I know they had cheesy lyrics in the past but idk… on this record, the songs are missing something. “faith” is a good example. good song, easily the best on this album (next to pro memoria imo) but on every other album it wouldn’t even be in the top half, quality wise. I must admit the instrumental tracks on prequelle are really good. in general I am very disappointed by this album but I wish ghost the best and hope they can infiltrate the mainstream with this sound. which some might say it’s what they were going for.

Turtle Reed says:

It’s a great solid album, that’s why it’s called prequelle because it’s a pre quell to another album because under the guise of papa nill cardinal copia needs to train before he becomes a actual papa

Billy Barbier says:

The songs on this album are great songs individually. I don’t like the “playability” of the album as a whole. There are simply too many ballad style songs after Faith. I have found I like all of the tracks once I added them to my Ghost playlist and set it shuffle. LOL!

Khyren Hoskovec says:

Don’t need 14 minutes to review it, it’s this easy

Ashes- weird creepy intro, not everyone will like it.

Rats- neat, fun, super cool

Faith- really cool, heavy song

See the light- cool sounding but possibly Tobias being butthurt about the lawsuit

Miasma- epic

Dance macabre- neat but sounds like 80s dance music

Pro memoria- it sounds like Tobias wanted to make something like old ghost lyrically but new ghost musically, I think it works well

Witch image – somewhat forgettable, also sounds like the 80s

Helvensnofter- odd

Life eternal – pretty

Arto Hietala Music says:

Agree with pretty much everything you said. The songwriting is a tad below the previous works but overall musicianship is exceptional, way better than before. I guess it pays off to kick your friends out and hire some quality musicians instead.

Ocean Sage says:

Ghost’s first 3 albums are perfect, Prequelle is alright. Some cool riffs and melodies, but other songs are underwhelming. 8/10

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