Glassjaw – Material Control ALBUM REVIEW


Post-hardcore veterans Glassjaw return with their first album in 15 years.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Fav Sounds says:

Cant dig this guy at all

Cody Turner says:

I’m just glad you reviewed this album. I personally love Glassjaw and, more so, Glasscloud, which Travis and Chad were formerly a part of. So. YEAH!!!

Flynn Papandrea says:

hahahahahhaah that crimes moment!

John Snow says:

What is he talking about for 6 minutes? Tommy doesn’t like Daryl’s vocals, not a big post-hardcore fan, not a fan of band’s earlier works either. Why the fuck bother and listen to the album in the first place? Go back to reviewing your shitty rap and posing as a Sun O))-elitist.
– I am Tommy: Look at my broad music taste. I can constructively critic any music genres, score them on a scale from 1 to 10 and be right about it.
– No you cannot.

-_- waitingDAY says:

Hell yeah big black and DLJ. I’m a huge post hardcore fan from all generations honestly but I love Steve Albini. Shellac and Big black are so good. And as a engineer “producer” I love the first three Jesus Lizard album. But I bet we have a similar record collection for late 80s to 90s. Unwound. Chavez. Drive like Jehu. At the drive in. CapNJazz(I love that album not for everyone). FugaZi. (And both guy and Ian’s other bands from the time).

Hell yeah.

Groove Killer Music says:

You just dissed Worship & Tribute?…FUCK YOU ANTHONY YOU HACK!

damien grant says:

Damn he just ripped on glassjaw you gonna do something about it

spcphd says:

There’s some great reviews here, and I largely agree with your assessment of Glassjaw’s stuff. Since you have reviewed this, Pissed Jeans,  the Melvins, and Nirvana, I thought I would recommend you review the emergent and increasingly popular Atlanta noise rock band WHORES., which is very much in this tradition. You might also consider the band ’68, which is touring with WHORES. They both put on a great show.

Peter Saladino says:

The new Glassjaw record is the worst 18 Visions record I’ve ever heard. WTF. I thought they were maturing with those online-only EPs… but they haven’t. Boring.

jayofdajungle says:

Neither of which are highlights…credibility lost

Drive off a cliff says:

Like a, cheesecake lasagna?

Ethan Rose says:

Plus the former rhythm section of Glass Cloud are on the record. So good.

Vincent Remember says:

I’m giving this review a 5/10.

Last First says:

A man who can’t become an artist, becomes a critic.

Ya Boy says:

Ok but At the Drive-In still had the superior post-hardcore comeback record this year

Mike Fine says:

Review Lithuania – White Raindeer!

Victor Villegas says:

No mention of the two EPs in between albums. You didn’t like em?

noro__ says:

Disagree, you’re a cunt

KvatchIsInDanger says:

This album is growing on me so much right now. I’d give it a 8/10 for the bass tones alone. Every instrument is so sharp though. The production was the hardest thing to get into and now that I’m past it this album is incredible.

noro__ says:

Your voice is horrible. How can you review this when all your facts are wrong? Silly man

jim winters says:

Darryl sounds the same. Maybe less animated…but still has the HR in his vox.
ALOT of early Die 116 references, musically.
Drums seem slightly stifled, like everything was written around a click or machined ideas first.

Overhaul says:

Does this mean we’ll get a head automatica third album

Zach Helton says:

Old glassjaw was waaay a head of its time, In my opinion a lot of bands in the mid to late 2000s wanted the sound glassjaw had produced. This album is definitely different from where they came from but I won’t hear slander as to “over the top vocals” thats kind of a weird thing to say considering the genre i suggest listening to early glassjaw demos if you want some on point vocals.

Twig Destroyer says:

Long time Glassjaw fan here: fully agree with this, I wouldn’t give it more than a 6 either. Sounds like most of it was written in a day and hardly any was refined. Could have been another good EP if they’d shaved off the filler.

eMaN dRuMz says:

I think everything about this album review is terrible! The first 2 LPs are AMAZING! And the EPs that followed were great too. Being a hardcore GJ fan since day one and even knowing Daryl and Beck for a long time this album is Fire! Billy Rymer on drums did an amazing job as always and Beck doing both bass and guitar in the record he made the tones heavy as hell and sound amazing on my studio speakers you can hear everything loud abs clear. Daryl will is one of the best and unique vocalist there is. You know how many bands wouldn’t be around If it wasn’t for GlassJaw! Anyone who thinks this album is below an 8 is obviously deaf and not a GlassJaw fan.

Hondo Turbulence says:

I believe I have reached the point of subconsciously despising mr. melon, no more apologizing for your bald ass

chris S says:

Everything you….
Is the greatest CD. This one is okay I think better than worship

Tango Delta says:

Are you too prideful to revoke this, listen to coloring book and redo this or add coloring book review?

Adam Coffey says:

Daryl’s vocals have always been compared to chinos, it’s not like he’s changed that much, difference is Daryl can sing live lol. I loved the album, shira is my jam.

LeGeNDM0De says:

Dear Anthony,

Don’t fuck this up.

– anonymous

Groove Killer Music says:

I totally disagree with everything you said. Like everything, music is subjective so I suppose we don’t have the same taste. But seriously Glassjaw are the shit.

Bill Hoffman says:

Would be curious to hear your take on Apex by Unleash the Archers. I love love love it but you don’t seem to be a power metal head like me 🙂

DomnulSarb says:

This album is fucking awesome. Go back to lil’ peepee or what the fuck his name is.

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