Green Day – Revolution Radio ALBUM REVIEW


Green Day’s latest release isn’t quite as cringeworthy as I was expecting, but there are still plenty of cringes to be had.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


J Kellan says:

Dookie was a great album… Insomniac was pretty good too.

nick supreme says:

THREE? out of TEN?
When they make an album that’s themselves and not pop, and when a lot of tracks are hard hitting and quite well written?

I’m no Green Day fanboy, and this album isn’t something like a 9 or 10 either, but come on.

iKE Wuelfing says:

Rev Rad is a fan album to me, where dookie is for everyone

Jorge Guzmán says:

Is Fucking Happy Punk !!! Not “pop punk “

A R says:

fucking cunt

Paige Murphy says:

Green Day is my favorite band :/

themikeyway215 !! says:

I stopped watching after he called Green Day pop punk

Angry Matt Watson says:

I love this melon but sometimes he’s a moron.

Mirko Žaja says:

*billy joe singing edgy songs* “Jesus, Billy is 44 and still acting like a teenager”
*Chester stops singing like an edgy teen* “Omg linkin park is no longer screaming wtf”

Meme Man says:

Poor Green Day, you should have bowed and ridden off into the sunset after American Idiot.

Two Dollar Bill says:

I know its just your opinion but let me tell you that your opinion sucks

Jack Brown says:

what the hell, this is the band’s strongest release since American Idiot, what the hell, theneedledrop

Nick Voyack says:

Over the years I’ve come to appreciate the early eps and 39/smooth kerplunk and dookie even more than when I was younger. To me they really perfected a classic punk influenced dynamic and vulnerable pop punk with impeccable bass and drum playing. Unfortunately when talking Green Day I can’t avoid the “ they’re earlier stuff was better cliche” but the early 90s and late 80s stuff still holds up really well which is super impressive given the punk inspired music that came out since then and how young they were when they wrote it

Caleb Likes Stuff says:

It was a decent enough album for me to purchase. But, It will never surpass Nimrod, American Idiot, Insomniac or Dookie.

mark bates says:


Jladimir Céroline says:

Serious regrets here

Coby says:

This is the cringiest thing ever. He gave no valid point of criticism and just said they were old and making “kids music”. I’d like to see you make an album buddy.

Andy Brown says:

i started out kinda liking this guy . . . then just realized he is a self-aggrandizing idiot

Widowedkitten 45 says:

I like pop punk

William Smith says:

Still Breathing is the shit, one of their best tracks ever in my opinion.

Mac Cave says:

Also Billie likes to say the opposite of things in his music btw bro.

Ricardo Mendez says:

Well, it seems Weezer forgot what they learned with their new album…

Insomniac Kid says:

Why does he have 1 million subs When his review is a fat piece of shxt. Get your facts straight. Green Day is political. They have a voice. Bang Bang is my FAVORITE. Youngblood is a PERFECT song which is better than you. Still breathing is my favorite song. It reminds me of my cousin. And they are not POP punk. That is the worst term. Lyrics are perfect. And Billie probably is a better singer than you. Never subscribing to this asshole.

fried chicken says:

Green Day’s been around since the 80s. Their most popular album came out in 1994. They came back with American Idiot but it wasn’t their biggest hit. (2nd biggest yeah). P.s Youngblood was about his wife, the lyrics are references to her and her personality. But regardless, music is subjective.

TKO Ted says:

It’s called adding a whole new generation of younger fans. Go to a concert and see for yourself. Young, middle-aged and old Green Day fans enjoying ALL of their music. The new album has catapulted them to another level while increasing their total concert revenue. Green day is selling out stadiums and attracting another young demographic just like they did in 95. What band does that TWICE in their career? Rock hall baby! The new album is fantastic!

biniyam mekonnen says:

say what you want but this album is good, there maybe a couple of songs i dont like but songs like revolution radio, too dumb to die, somewhere now and bouncing off the wall are amazing

muy thai says:

is demolicious good?

Dale r says:

So another listentothesingles/10?

Mac Cave says:

My favorite song on revolution radio is forever now, always how I’ve felt about life. Love that fucking song.

Liam Rorer says:

My man you give everything decent-good a fucking 3 and everything that’s actually subpar at 9-10. Does death grips really deserve high reviews when half their songs don’t make sense?

Rich Baritone says:

lost me at American idiot… fuck em…

Xavier El Masrur says:

“Owl City quality lyrics”, I’M DEAD.

Matt Skinner says:

I love Fantano and usually agree with him but I feel like he’s framing his subjective opinions as fact more so than usual in this review, idk. Like his critique of BJA’s singing, for example. I don’t understand what’s wrong with his singing; I’ve always thought he has a great voice. I agree with the jarring volume shift problems and the lyrical weakness but I think the album is super catchy and well-produced for the most part. It just feels right to me (which I realize is also subjective). Also I don’t give a fuck about what genre they advertise as or the death of punk or whatever

Bob Of The Light says:

S t o p f u c k i n g w i t h m y b o i s

Scsigs says:

I really don’t get how you can’t have any amount of fun with this album. It’s both a return to form for Green Day, as well as a great album in of itself &, if you’re not having at least a bit of fun with it, you’re doing something wrong with your life. I mean, what kind of sad fuck are you? Then again, I’m not someone who obviously hates the slightly poppier & more accessible version of Punk known as Pop Punk.
And, just for those who don’t actually check out the albums or songs & just blindly trust reviews, ‘Youngblood’ from over a decade ago is a song Billie Joe Armstrong recovered from their lost album, Cigarettes & Valentines, & is an ode to his wife, as well as a throwback to his younger days. If you actually listen to the song, it becomes more apparent to you that the lyrics are more than just random strings of words with that context.
Again, if you’re not having any amount of fun with this album, what kind of sad fuck are you that you can’t appreciate a more positive & uplifting album like this? Because, it is probably Green Day’s most straight forward & uplifting albums since Warning, excluding the trilogy because the trilogy’s not that great & more middle of the road. You’re doing something wrong if you can’t enjoy at least a few songs off this album.

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