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►My review of hard rock band Halestorm’s fourth album, “Vicious”. Bare with me as I work on re-tooling my album review format, working to make a lot of these reviews shorter, and more to the point to improve watch time.

Atlantic Records
Release: 7/27/18
Rating: 3/5

►Favorite tracks: Black Vultures, Conflicted, Do Not Disturb

►Least faves: White Dress, Painkiller, Skulls, The Silence

►Killer thumbnail designs by Infinity on Hannah: http://bit.ly/InfinityOnHannah

►Opening riff “Swimming Pools” covered by Rob Scallon: https://youtu.be/Wm-H2d_5FSg

►Every review I’ve ever done: http://bit.ly/ARTVarchive

►Try it out: https://open.spotify.com/album/6hIMdrqgLXY73T9411Y7Ux?si=JaEhPb6CQPOuSWbX-12VHA


moldycheeZ says:

Have you checked out ded jon

Garry Williams says:

Killing Ourselves To Live and Black Vultures are live essentials. Love ’em

Musikallitee says:


OtakuMetal 17 says:

i thought it was really good but the rest to me felt like there trying too hard

Shy B says:

Saw you and Hannah on the pop song professor

Bud Dean Langley says:

Nice shirt Jon

FWFranchise says:

First album was best by far… familiar taste of poison, innocence, i get off, its not you, im not an angel, bet u wish u had me back, nothing to do with love, better sorry than safe etc… all better than anything on the hyde album or this new one

Ophelia C. says:

I personally don’t think they’ll ever be able to top The Strange Case Of…. But this was definitely a lot better than Into The Wild Life. Lzzy Hale is still an incredible vocalist though. Also, I love your new album review format!

DazedAndConfused says:

I like their sound and Lzzy’s voice BUT I really think they should work with writers. They are talented, it shows in their cover EPs and live performances but their lyrics really are repetetive and I’d argue that Lzzy didn’t evolve one bit theme-wise (“I’m a girl but really into sex”, “I’m a rock chick and don’t want to wear your fluffy skirt”) since their beginnings.
It’s ok but I expected more.
EDIT: I should have commented after the video, seeing how you said the same. Great review!

Dri .-. says:

When Lizzy hail did that colab with Lindsey Stirling on the song Shatter Me, That’s how I got into Hailstorm.

tommy bawse says:

Hey i know you typically dont review or talk about heavy stuff but if you wanna hear something new and not-generic listen to Powerwolfs new album “The Sacrament Of Sin”. I think you’ll find it pretty interesting

b jp says:

Are you kidding me?
I ALWAYS agree with you, except here.
We pretty much hahe opposite ideas about every song.
For the record, I LOVED this album, but I felt conflicted was quite underwhelming.
But there are SO MANY great songs on this record. Black vultures, white dress, the silencer, heart of novocaine, et cetera.
The ONLY song we agree on is Do not disturb.

As such, I gave the album a 4.5/5

tba says:

I love The Strange Case of… & Into The Wild Life. I was expecting a lot with this album but at the same time, I’m not very surprised that I was very disappointed with the ending result. The first four tracks I find to be okay, except for Black Vultures, which gave me massive Scream vibes, so I immediately dug that track. But the best track to me was the closing track, The Silence. Otherwise, I was mostly bored throughout the album, & I found it to be really lazy; lyrically, vocally & instrumentally. I hated Uncomfortable at first, but it grew on me because musically, it sounds like they rewrote Love Bites (So Do I). Overall, this is my least favorite Halestorm album.

Boric TPPE says:

I don’t mind the new format, also check out the band empty

AjB Gaming says:

Lzzy has all the raw talent in the world. it was completely wasted on this dumpster fire of an album. Lyrics might as well be weekly top 40. Only considered Rock because the guitar and drums. a very very weak album.

AwesomeFilmsOmega says:

Love your channel, you have shaped what I listen to today and have inspired me to maybe start reviewing albums myself

WellDressedGypsy says:

I just listened to the rest of the album today since I had already listened to the previously released tracks. I actually loved the album, out of all their albums this is one where I could play it through without skipping any tracks. I got into them when I first heard I Miss the Misery before the release of the wildlife and that was my least favorite album from them.

Mr. Drown_73 says:

Conflicted and Heart of Novocaine are the best tracks in my opinion. The singles aren’t bad but they didn’t blow me away. Do Not Disturb is cringe level 1000 and Painkiller is painstakingly average. The rest were perfectly fine. Nothing special but it’d be something I listen to perfectly fine in the car. Although I think I didn’t mind the album more than you did, I’d give it the same rating: 3/5

(Also Into The Wild Life is easily my favorite of their albums ❤)

Jacob Carson says:

conflicted is the only song on the album i dont like. it reminds me of everything i hate about women in my past relationships. i like a woman that knows what she wants. it sounds like a song written by a teeny bopper 16year old.Other than that, i actually like the album though i admit that its an album that grew on me over a few listens. and i wouldnt call her fast singing rap lol

Shawn Moon says:

I have the album but haven’t listened so I hope this review helps me decide weather I do or not

Carter Boggess says:

I like this new format! Really well organized!

Croftger. says:

My faves on this album in no particular order: Skulls, The Silence, Black Vultures, Killing Ourselves to Live and Conflicted is pretty good too. Overall I was expecting more matured lyrics and themes (The Silence had it down pretty well) but it didn’t really.

Matthew Maher says:

Please do Daughtry!

Zainab says:

This album was very disappointing

Eric Belmont says:

painkiller is an obvious rip off of muse stockholm syndrome

Serj Hetfield says:

Avenged Sevenfold ranked?

jc1424 says:

Do No Disturb was rather awful in my perspective, but I listened to a few of the songs from the new album today. Lyrically it seemed weak here and there, but musically it’s all quite captivating for me.

I’m betting you’re looking forward to that Alice in Chains record btw. I actually loved that lead single “The One You Know”.

JakePM30 says:

Speaking of the shirt…

Top 10 A7X songs?

Harry Cox says:

Killing Ourself to Live is a rip off of Killing Yourself to live by Black Sabbath. Is this a cover album?

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