Harry Styles – Self-Titled ALBUM REVIEW

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Harry Styles’ solo debut falls way short of its quality singles. Also HOW IS THERE DAD ROCK ON THIS THING?

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Jekkedaman _ says:

“hey guys we still want you to be our gurllll.”

Stefano Memolis says:

I almost agree with anything you said, but I’m giving a 7-
Partly because of the happy surprise I had listening to it, partly because I like the pop rock genre he did (but yes, it’s true, that wasn’t so original). I think he can do better and I think he will, I just hope he doesn’t become a new ed sheeran, good guy, but way too much of him and his music

intotheflamesoficeandfire says:

cumthony ontano

MABOY _ says:


SuperLuigi22 says:

How the heck did this get lower than Justin Beiber?

PoweredUpPIZZA says:

cumthony ontano

Max Mitchelson says:

Dad rock? John Mayer and Eric Clapton are dad rock, this was more like derivative garage rock .

João Passarinho says:

more like a solid 2

Maya Subramanian says:

You’re reviewing this album as though Harry was trying desperately to earn some “indie cred.” Harry’s lyrics and his incredible voice lack pretentiousness and he’s not trying to pretend to be an artist that he’s not. Not everything has to be ultra cool and trendy to be good, and it’s irritating that you’re judging this album from that perspective, as though it’s lacking coolness because it’s by Harry Styles of One Direction. Music doesn’t have to be extremely experimental and/or from a non-mainstream artist to be of good quality.

Chris Doerksen says:

Still think you underrated this one buddy <3 love you anyways though

Zaira Diaz says:


Ethan Concors says:

Actually really like this album ngl

Allison R says:

Sorry but I’d give it a ten

Waleed Adam says:

Neel horan

Blayne says:

I don’t know how I feel about Anthony saying “flaccid” and “sexy” in front of an album cover with a toddler on it.

Sebastian Lacroix says:

I think it’s fair to say Anthony has the worst comments section on Youtube. I don’t actually know how he carries on, after reading them. He must have nerves of steel.

VANTE. says:

um…. listen to this album again, melon

Redox _x says:

Agree with you, the songwriting is not there.

Dixie Gould says:

i give it a solid 8 but…………..okay

Call it Friendo says:

I find 4/10 to be quite harsh, tbh.

DpoProductions says:


mandralyne says:

On any given day, I’ve found 4-6 tracks skippable on this album.

Dale r says:

So this is a onlylistentothesingles/10?

M.A says:

DO NOT come for Woman, that song was amazing. Yeah nah, this album was beautiful, so idk what you were listening to lmao

London says:

Yes it isn’t the most amazing album I’ve ever listened to but damn id give it a 7 atleast a 6

Peanut Butter Pikachu says:

What the fuck is dad rock?

big dingus says:

i respect your opinion but your opinion on Only Angel is the wrongest thing since giving Damn a 7

Jarin says:

This record felt worse than zayn’s album because atleast you could turn your brain off and enjoy that one, this one felt pretentious like his dad rock is hipster and superior but it was bland and uninspired. I didn’t like signs of the times it felt SUPER generic, Katy perry level of depth but with the egotism of lady Gaga

TheUrbanSoldier says:

0:07 Hairy Styles

JAY-E says:

I’m just going through every review where Melon is wearing his Red Flannel Jacket©™

luis gutierrez says:

damn melon, I Thot you would like dis

Jordan Smith says:

Bullshit man, bullshit, come on Fantano

Lucas Serrato says:

yeah you’re wrong here

Monica S says:

I just found you today!!! I am so glad you reviewed this album I literally felt the same way you did about his writing and how old the music sounded! I will be watching more of you!

Molly Porter says:

carolina is my favorite song off of this!! plus im from north carolina so its 100% my favorite
but i definitely agree with a lot of your opinions of this, loooootta dad rock. ever since new york is a song i can’t remember a single like for. i didn’t like from the dining table at all either. ‘comfortable silence is so overrated’ can’t ring a good chord with me. he definitely played super safe. the second half was too dad rock and bad.

Anne says:

Solid 7.5 outta 10 here.

tom spalding says:

I would have to disagree, I think he took a huge risk in the direction he was taking. He was forced into the pop culture world and this album shows more of his true colours to the fact he tried to make a Soft rock album and I think it really works. Being from the U.K dreading One direction most of my childhood and finding it annoying n shit. I went into this album with open head and enjoyed it. I think it was very well done. Deffo give it’s ‘strong’ 6 or 7

Vicky munay says:

Great voice but the lyrics mmm he can do it better.

Johnny DeCastro says:

Dude it’s frkn Harry Styles, he does want to get serious but it still needs to sound likeable to directioners… And there you are complaining that it is too friendly, god damn you death grips fans!!

Alexis Doesn't Care says:

wait 1D is only on hiatus? I thought they were done for good?

Josh Trudgeon says:

ill cum on your tano

Daniella Tuesta says:


OX XY says:

i felt the lyrics were totally lackluster and cringy as well, making it a much harder listen. even the tracks you mentioned as being the best sound like decent mainstream pop. the lack of lyrical content or a good unique performance make this album a 3/10 for me. its sad how much the instrumentals outshine harrys performance.

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